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!shadow! 03-10-2010 01:12 AM

Reviews on fluval g3/g6?
l'm thinking about getting me a g3 and was just curious as to how it performs and if it's worth the $$. Also how the water flow is strong/slow, how clean it keeps the water and etc.. Thanks!

!shadow! 03-19-2010 05:02 AM

Everytime l look at them at the store it just makes me wanna dish out the money :)

HEINEKEN357 03-19-2010 05:27 AM

I know Prototyp3 has the G6 check out his post I know he talks about it in there :) 46bowfront

!shadow! 03-19-2010 05:29 AM

l did that's the only source i've gotten i'm just trying to get more than 1. lf it's not that "great" then i guess imma have to stick with a good eheim. l'm just really excited over getting me a g3 since it's all high tech and more convenient. i'm setting up a 48g rimless and i'd appreciate any other suggestions in case l don't end up getting me a g3. thanks guys

HEINEKEN357 03-19-2010 05:36 AM

Yup tech wise its sweet I would like some comparisons vs Rena, Eheim, Sun so on and so on hehe. Good luck on the search I tryed all the sites I know nothing about it :/.

!shadow! 03-19-2010 05:43 AM

lt would be awesome it they compared it to eheim. That'd be really interesting such as water quality, flow, and so on.

crossbow 03-19-2010 02:49 PM

Well one thing I'd suggest right off the bat, is to avoid the G3. The G6 is only 50 dollars more. If you're already spending 400 dollars, an extra 50 for a significantly larger filter is a no brainer!

!shadow! 03-19-2010 06:47 PM

l gotta agree with you on that, there is only one problem. From what i've heard you can't proggram the flow so a g6 would be insane inside a 48g don't ya think?

HEINEKEN357 03-19-2010 07:09 PM

Why can't you install a ball valve to lower flow? Also I had a xp3 on a 24gal tank for a few weeks flow wasn't to powerful with some diy lily pipes. But If I was you I would go for the G6 send the extra cash its always better to have more flow.

!shadow! 03-19-2010 07:25 PM

l've always used a hang on the back canister filter for my larger tanks such as a magnum HOT 350. l'm just less experienced in dealing with hoses and how to regulate them. i'll have to check that out heineken. l appreciate the info and if i ever decide to get a larger tank, well my g6 would be perfect than my limiting g3.

crossbow 03-20-2010 09:29 PM

If the G6 also comes with a spraybar, you could increase the size of the holes with a drill. Lots of ways to control flow. I just think the G6 is a better buy, even if you don't need that flow. The larger cartridges will increase the time prior to needing to be serviced. as well as maximizing replacement costs.

I'd consider the G3 a viable option if it was a few hundred dollars less...but it's only about 10% cheaper then the G6. The pricing scale of those things is so messed up right now. I don't really see the point of the G3 currently.

prototyp3 03-20-2010 09:33 PM


Originally Posted by !shadow! (Post 1025393)
l gotta agree with you on that, there is only one problem. From what i've heard you can't proggram the flow so a g6 would be insane inside a 48g don't ya think?

It's not insane in my 46g. I would highly recommend the G6 over the G3, More flow, more media room, for maybe $50 more. It's almost a no brainer. Remember that as the plants grow in they're going to block and slow a lot of the flow anyways.

Also, the outflow is split into two nozzles. That already cuts down on any blow-the-plants-over jet stream factor.

!shadow! 03-21-2010 01:49 AM

Damn well now l feel kinda retarded..... the only reason l didn't get a g6 is if i install a ball valve it would restrict it in a way and since everything is all computerized controlled it would probably tell the filter that it's clogged up or something and bring out some alarm about some restriction thinking it's the cartridges. And about drilling the spraybars, wouldn't that void my warranty if something were to happen and i'd have to return everything back? Also l'm putting ada nile sand and didn't want there to be too much agitation and stir it up. l still haven't used the filter or anything tho... l wonder if i can exchange it for a g6....

Craigthor 03-21-2010 04:00 AM

You can send me the G6 and go buy yourself a G3. :) I'll atleast cover the shipping, consider it a RAOK. :)

!shadow! 03-21-2010 04:06 AM

deal! just throw that 150g riparium :)

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