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The Fertilizer  Setup
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Image Title The Fertilizer Setup
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Description: I automated my fert dosing using Litermeter 3 dosing pumps. The main pump will dose the micros and the secondary pump will dose the macros. I am dosing using the pps-pro method and am mixing my own ferts. For my Micros i am using plantex csm+b and for my macros i am dosing kn03, kh2po4,mgs04, and k2s04. Inside each five gallon container is a small 80gph pump to circulate and keep the mixture disolved properly. I add a little Malachite green, and a little seachem excel to keep from getting fungus in the mix. Both additives are mixed in very small amount. It is important to vent your container and to put a check valve on your vent to keep your solution from evaporating and becoming more concentrated. All entry ports to the container as well as the lid are airtight, so other than the check valve letting air in no air comes out only thoroughly mixed fertilizer through the dosing pump. feel free to email me if you want detailed instructions on putting together one of these systems. This system works, and works very well. total system cost is a little over $600, but it can vary depending on the pumps you decide to build your system with. I chose the litermeter 3 due to its excellent reviews as well as clean overall clean look, it is also great because you do not need any additional timers and can run up to 3 dosing pumps with one electrical connection.
Date Uploaded: 2nd July, 2012

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