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Blissfully NoWhere
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Image Title Blissfully NoWhere
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Category: Competition Entries
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Description: 48" x 16" x 18" Fauna: 8 Black Skirt Tetra; 8 Red Minor Serpae Tetra; 4 White Skirt Tetra; 6 Panda Corydoras; 2 Sterba's Corydoras; 8 Siamease Algae Eaters; 3 Assasin Snails; 1 Amano Shrimp. Flora: Rotala macrandra; Anubias barteri var. nana; Blyxa japonica (Dwarf Asian Grass); Glossostigma elatinoides; Ludwigia arcuata; Nymphaea lotus var. rubra; Christmass Moss; Moneywort; "Prinze Klien."
Date Uploaded: 1st August, 2013

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