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Image Title My filter :)
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Description: Ok as promissed here are the pics of my freshly completed filter system for my 180 gallon high tech planted tank. Yes it is a bit of overkill!! but so is driving a sports car, and i wouldnt mind driving one of those either. the components are as follows, 3 nu-clear canister filters with extensions. starting with 100 micron, then 25 micron, then 6lb bio balls. after that it goes through two whole house filters modified to hold about another 2lb of bio balls and ceramic discs. the pump for the unit is a Iwaki 70rlt flowing about 1500 gph. I am using toms aquatic flow meters and the flow is very impresive even after going through the filters. A 15 watt lifeguard aquatics uv sterilizer keeps out the algea and micro crap! An C02 reactor with a 10lb co2 bottle takes care of the c02.A Milwauke ph controller keeps the ph in check. A 180 gallon per day r/o system takes care of the daily 4.1% auto water changes. Please feel free to ask questions and post comments on my system!!
Date Uploaded: 12th June, 2012

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