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Windowsill garden
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Image Title Windowsill garden
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Description: This is my first tank I set up a few months back. For flora, I have water bamboo (from Home Depot), Mexican Petunia (it keeps getting big and I have to cut it back, Fanwort (I think, lol), a moss ball, and decaying oak leaves (to feed the daphnia). For fauna, I have algae shrimp, a male dwarf gourami, and some snails and daphnia.
Date Uploaded: 31st August, 2010

Algae Grower
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Clever, interesting and unique idea. Beautiful. (not sure if you know this.... here is link to "bamboo" plant fyi.) The common name Lucky Bamboo is deceiving, this plant is not a bamboo at all, but actually a member of the Dracaena genus. Lucky bamboo is typically sold growing in water. If growing in water, the water should be changed frequently, so that rot does not develop. Dracaena sanderiana can also be grown in soil, just like any other houseplant. When grown in soil, it is usually known by the common name of the ribbon plant.
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