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Marineland 60g Cube
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Image Title Marineland 60g Cube
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Category: Tank Shots
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Description: 24x24x24 AquaticLife and Nova Extreme T5HO Fixtures x4 Bulbs..utilizing Aquamedic Flora..Geisseman Power Chrome Midday and Aquaflora. (Alternanthera reineckii var'roseafolia'), Water Sprite, Wisteria, Green and Bronze Wendtii, Baby Tears, Pearl Grass, Rotula Indica, Amazon Sword, Myaca, Jungle Vals. Co2 injection. EI Ferts and Seachem Root Tabs, Community Fish including Apistos and young Angel Fish, Nerites and Amano Shrimps.
Date Uploaded: 31st July, 2013

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