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My two 7.5 gal Mr. Aqua Cube
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Image Title My two 7.5 gal Mr. Aqua Cube
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Description: Here is a FTS of my two cubes. Equipment list (the cubes are identical): -Aqua Clear 20 (now replaced with a AC50 box) -DIY Home depot lights hung on 90 Degree bent conduit and auto on/off timer with 13W flood lights (soon to be replaced with LED) -Aquatop Pro 50 watt heater -Eco-Complete substrate (with some river rocks) -Mr. Aqua 7.5 gal high clarity glass cube (12inx12inx12in) FAUNA LEFT TANK: -20 or so RCS -1 Oto -1 Albino Cory -some Ramshorn and MTS RIGHT TANK: -3 White Cloud Minnow -2 Guppies -2 Sunset Honey Gourami -3 Ghost Shrimp -Ramshorn FLORA: To be continued...
Date Uploaded: 26th April, 2013

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