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Tank mounted to DIY holder
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Image Title Tank mounted to DIY holder
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Description: This is my tank mounted to my DIY c02 tank holder. Please ignore the piece of crap AP.COM regulator thats on the tank. that will be off shortly after this post and replaced with a GLA 2 stage version. The regulator will not work for high pressure aplications, and will not give you a proper sized bubble. If your a beginner and our going to use a PH controller on a low pressure setup its ok. but if your gonna go pro in no way is it the best c02 regulator they claim it to be. The regulator has a sticker right on it saying made in China. The gauges are very cheap in quality as is the little black box that does all the work. This is not only my opinion but my observation after over a years use. GLA for quality all the way!!!
Date Uploaded: 13th July, 2012

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