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My FIRST 10gal Planted Tank!!!
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Image Title My FIRST 10gal Planted Tank!!!
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Description: My first ever tank has been set up since September 2010. It has tap water and pressurized co2. There is Crypt Wendtii, Crypt Parva, HC, Riccia, Subwassertang, Anubias Coffeefolia, and some peacock moss that has since been removed. Manzanita driftwood and some colorful rocks so you know it's a girls tank ;) It is home to over a dozen Yellow Shrimp, 4 Celestial Pearl Danios, 6 pygmy corydoras, and one lonely Chili Rasbora. We have been breeding Dward Neon Rainbowfish, so I house a few of the juvie's throughout their growing stages. They get moved on out once they're too big for my 10gal. The Chili Rasbora seems to enjoy their company :D
Date Uploaded: 22nd January, 2012

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