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75 Gallon Discus Project
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Image Title 75 Gallon Discus Project
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Description: flora: will list later substrate: black eco-complete, caribsea moonlight sand fauna: 1 pidgeon blood discus, 1 yellow marlboro discus, 3 blue discus, 20 rummy nose tetras, 4 bolivian rams hardware: 2x Eheim 2073 - both fully loaded, 36 watt turbo twist, milwaukee SMS122 pH controller, DIY co2 reactor, 4x54watt T5 light fixture controlled by timer, 10 pound co2 tank, milwaukee regulator, hydor ETH inline heaters, coralife digital thermometer ferts: will determine later pH probe and thermometer plumbed inline via DIY parts.
Date Uploaded: 13th February, 2011

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