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75g Planted
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Image Title 75g Planted
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Description: 11 plant species (too many...want to limit it to 5 species), 20 cpd, 20 pygmy cory, 12 o. cats, and 2 veiled koi angelfish. All the plants were grown up from a single stem cuttings, propagated and replanted other than the Staurogyne repens and dwarf hairgrass which were done from sprigs. Lighting: 2 old, yet refurbished coralife fixtures. one houses two 65w 6700k compacts and two 65w plant grow compacts. the other is a 36" housing that holds one 65w 6700k compact to add light to the far back of the tank. Filtration and Circulation: not ideal but working...2 Fluval 305s and an aquaclear 20 powerhead for the slow moving left corner. need 2 Koralia 750s.
Date Uploaded: 13th January, 2011

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So very pretty. It looks so soft and colorful. Nice job.
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