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Image Title First planted tank
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Category: Competition Entries
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Description: Specs: 78 watts HO light ~4" Flourite substrate 38 gal tank mix of DIY CO2 and a Sicce CO@ life system that my LFS swears by saying they removed their pressurized CO2 because this was doing a better job. KH ~4 Ph 7.3 Slowly increasing CO2 to achieve 6.8. Flora: Anubias Barteri, Bacopa Monnieri, HC, Hydrophila Difformis, Red Nesaea, Ludwigia Repens, Dwarf Sagitaria, Cryptocoryne wendtii, and a moss ball. Fauna: 15 x Cardinal Tetra, 5 x Amano Shrimp, 1 Nerite "Zebra" snail, 1 clown pleco, and one cherry and one gold barb that were left over from my 3 gal tank
Date Uploaded: 24th September, 2010

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