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07-11-2016 06:21 PM
Karackle This tank continues to do quite well! Bolbitis is already filling back in and it's probably time for another trim, but so far it doesn't seem to be shading out the crypts at all, so that's good. I'm thinking of moving the very large crypt from the 5g to this tank to fill in a little more space at the front as well, but we'll see.

Really the only new thing is that I finally rigged up a different way to hold my powerhead in place, it's not super pretty, but in my opinion it's better than the big white suction cups I had before that started out clear and turned stiff and white in a matter of days or weeks!
(NOTE: will add these pics soon, photobucket isn't letting me upload right now....that site has really gone downhill)

Though I did notice my lava rock seems to have tipped to the side because I don't think I used to be able to see the powerhead quite so well, so I'll have to get in there and fix that too.
(NOTE: will add this pic soon, photobucket isn't letting me upload right now....that site has really gone downhill)

So here are a few FTS as well as the left / middle / right side




And here are some fish pictures Got some decent ones of the pencilfish, my old man black neon, espeis, and guppies (including my albino? juvenile, and some of the pink & yellow tailed not-so-little-anyore "babies")
04-03-2016 11:19 PM
Karackle Jamo33 - Thanks! It took a long time for it to become this jungle-like, but I am loving it now, I am a big fan of the jungle look myself

EndlerGame - I think it is an Anubias Frazeri based on a comment in my local forum, but I am not sure I ever got multiple opinions on it
04-03-2016 11:14 PM
Jamo33 Thats an awesome looking jungle!
I have a tank set up very similar to this and I love the jungle effect, however your's is in much better condition than mine!
04-03-2016 11:07 PM
Originally Posted by AquaAurora View Post
What do you do with the removed bolbitis? Also what is your tank's pH?
RAOKed it on my local forum for planted tank hobbyists, would have done the same here but I was surprised I got a lot of interest over there. Next time I trim, I'll come here first and RAOK it for the cost of shipping most likely

Originally Posted by EndlerGame View Post
Nice looking tank!
Thank you very much!

Originally Posted by EndlerGame View Post
I bought a tube of that exact same Anubias species you got a few wees ago and was wondering what it what is. How's yours growing? Ever figure out anything about it? Looking at pictures, it seems similar to Anubias frazeri or A. afzelli, but it would be nice if they would just put the name on the container...oh well.
Yes I got some opinions on what it probably is, unfortunately, I do not remember and can't find the thread I asked in! Sorry! LOL I will keep searching though and see if I can figure it out It has not died, but it isn't really growing yet, there might be one new leaf just finally peaking out. So it might take a while for it to settle in and grow new leaves, but as long as it's not obviously dying, I'd just be patient with it

Originally Posted by EndlerGame View Post tank, plants and fish look great. I love a group of healthy pencilfish, some truly underrated species. Also loving the bolbitis...that's one of the lower light species I haven't yet had access to.
Yes the pencilfish are awesome, I'm a little overstocked at the moment or I would increase the size of the school of the pencils and the espeis because I love them both! And thanks on the bolbitis, it's a great plant, I think it looks cool and it grows well in low light / low tech conditions. Keep your eye on the RAOKs cuz I'll probably post my bolbitis on there next time I trim it!
04-03-2016 06:59 AM
EndlerGame Nice looking tank!

I bought a tube of that exact same Anubias species you got a few wees ago and was wondering what it what is. How's yours growing? Ever figure out anything about it? Looking at pictures, it seems similar to Anubias frazeri or A. afzelli, but it would be nice if they would just put the name on the container...oh well. tank, plants and fish look great. I love a group of healthy pencilfish, some truly underrated species. Also loving the bolbitis...that's one of the lower light species I haven't yet had access to.
04-03-2016 01:56 AM
AquaAurora What do you do with the removed bolbitis? Also what is your tank's pH?
04-02-2016 06:23 PM
Karackle I like a black background, yes, because it sort of disappears. I will go check our your tank soon, but my guess is you will like it better once the plants grow in, as you mentioned Edit: I think you linked me to the wrong thread by accident, I'll see if I can find your journal, but if not, feel free to post it back here for me and I'll take a look!

And yes, the tank is lush now, but the growth was (is) slow, it took a while to get this full of plants, that's the draw back of the super low tech, but it works for me. I don't have time for the maintenance of a high tech, dosed tank. But the plants are healthy which keeps the water quality good which keeps the fish happy and healthy and that's really what I care about, I got into planted tanks to make a more natural habitat for my fish :-P
03-17-2016 12:25 AM
Coasty Very low tech and yet it looks so lush! Are you happy with the black background? I just finished setting up my 46 gallon, you can check it out here,

I spray painted the back of mine black as well and I'm not sure if I like it.. But your's looks amazing! I guess I just have to wait for my plants to grow in :/
03-16-2016 07:55 PM
Karackle Hey Coasty, thanks! I appreciate the compliment

All of the equipment information is in the very first post if you just go to the first page, I keep that updated (mostly) when I change anything. I just double-checked and it's all up-to-date. I can appreciate not wanting to read through the whole thing, I have been part of this forum for a LONG time, and was very active the first 5 years or so, so the journal is quite long

As for fertilizer, I just rely on root-tabs and fish poop. My tanks are all super low maintenance.
03-16-2016 06:31 PM
Coasty Hey super long journal! Lol, can you post the equipment you're using, lights, filter, and anything else you do as far as ferts? Sorry I didn't feel like looking through all 106 pages haha. But you're tank looks amazing
03-16-2016 06:18 PM
Karackle Well, I removed some Bolbitis on Monday after work. Not as much as I probably need to, but I took out the runner growing up the front glass, the one coming over my lava rock, and I removed a little from the front to make some more space and available light for the crypts. I really love the look of the bolbitis, but I think I still need to thin it out some to make room for other plants, especially on the left side of the tank. The Javas and Anubias are holding their own on the right side, but mainly I think that's because the hardscape is keeping the bolbitis at bay over there....sort of. I am wondering if I should get some more lava rocks and make sort of a baricade to keep the bolbitis in the back after I think it some. But that's going to be part of a larger rescape that I don't currently have time for and probably won't until the summer. For now, I thinned it a little.

Here are a few full (or almost full) tank shots I took before the thinning :

And a couple of murky ones I took after

And a couple quick iPhone shots I took last night of the cleared tank:

Edit: Forgot to post how much bolbitis I took out:

Bump: That was a long post, so I figured I would leave the FTS to their own post, and post some close-ups in a separate post.

Old-man black neon in his spot (he was NOT happy with me when I thinned out the bolbitis and it effected his little territory)

Some happy fish

Fishies out and about after I messed with their environment

Old-man black neon sharing his space with one of the old-man shrimp

Happy shrimp (though probably not so happy with me using the flash in the first one, oops)


Munching on all the detritus after I uprooted the plants, all the shrimp were running around but this was the only good picture I managed to snap

Oh, and also, happy plants! These bolbitis are always pearling

01-10-2016 07:31 PM
Karackle Whoops! meant to post this back in October

Here's the tank with cleared water

I realized that it was about darn time I got a new background for this tank (the tape on the edges indicates at some point in time there WAS a background on this tank, but darned if I know when or where it disappeared)! So I headed out to the pet store to pick up a background (and new suction cups for the heater). Came home with a background, suction cups, 2 amano shrimp, and this:

I have never used one of these tube plants before, I have no idea what species of Anubias this is, I also know sometimes these tube things contain plants that are NOT aquatic but this does seem to be some form of Anubias and as far as I know they're all aquatic? I hope?, but I liked the elongated leaves, and the front right corner of this tank needed something (that said, I realize the leaf shape may changed because I'm pretty sure these are grown emersed, so we shall see).

So I got home, tied the anubias to a rock (after rinsing it off)

and set up the shrimp to drip acclimate

Then I repropped up the large rock (I had apparently just knocked the "prop rock" out of place), put the plants I had knocked out of place back where I wanted them, and then I went to get my root tabs. I couldn't find them at first, but then I found a whole baggy full with the stuff for the 60g, woohoo! (These are DIY root tabs made for me by a friend and they are awesome) So then I placed those in the gravel

WELL then I went to put the background on and realized I should have done that FIRST since I wanted to decide between the blue and the black BUT replanting / propping the rock / root-tabbing stirred up some dust again, duh. Oops, not enough coffee I guess. It wasn't nearly as murky this time so I did my best. Was pretty sure I would end up using the black, so I tried the blue first

and then the black, and settled on the black.

By this point, the Amanos were in mostly tank water, so I scooped them out and put them in the tank. They seemed pretty happy right away:

They're much smaller than the oooollllld guys I have in there already, here's a comparison shot (for whatever reason it looks like the big one is much closer to the front of the tank, he's not, they were almost right next to each other, he's just much bigger :-P)

Those are the updates for now! Will get some better shots with the good camera once the water clears again
10-05-2015 12:54 AM
Karackle Well I managed to get the rescape done today! That's the good news, the bad news is the tank is still pretty murky, I snapped a quick shot of the murk, will post more later once the dust settles Enjoy!

10-04-2015 05:16 AM
Karackle Yikes! Well it's been almost 2 years since i updated this thread. I find I have a little more time these days, so I am trying to get back into the forums, and I certainly have a little more time to be more active with tank upkeep. This tank has just been (mostly) left to grow and do it's own thing since my last update. I still need to rescape and I am HOPING to have time to do that this weekend (assuming my HW doesn't take up my whole 2 days off (Sun & Mon)...stupid grad school).

So we broke down our 60g tank, I only mention this because you will see a LARGE rhizome with a couple leaves from an Anubias Barterii that I salvaged from that tank (the rest of the plants were sold). It also means the remaining mean zebra danio moved back into this tank. But that was temporary, there were still bullying issues and he now resides in my 5g tank. I also have 2 amanos and 1 black neon tetra in this tank now from the 60g. Anyway, here are some updates shots of the tank as a record before rescaping (at least slightly). The large A. Barterii may or may not stay in this tank, right now, I'm just trying to keep it alive

Anyway, pictures!

Full tank shots (playing with settings on my new camera but I think these all basically look the same?):

Left side:

Center (anyone know what species of Anubias I have here?):

Right side (with Anubias Barterii):


(please excuse the blur)

Amanos (settling in nicely to their new digs):

And a snail eating? on the surface of the water :

02-24-2014 02:35 AM
Karackle Actually, I hate to break it to you, but it's just Bolbitis with some algae on it that looks red with my second light on that has a pink hue to it, I use it for pictures because it brings out the color of the fish, but it makes that algae look at reddish for whatever reason.
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