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01-10-2016 08:31 PM
Karackle Whoops! meant to post this back in October

Here's the tank with cleared water

I realized that it was about darn time I got a new background for this tank (the tape on the edges indicates at some point in time there WAS a background on this tank, but darned if I know when or where it disappeared)! So I headed out to the pet store to pick up a background (and new suction cups for the heater). Came home with a background, suction cups, 2 amano shrimp, and this:

I have never used one of these tube plants before, I have no idea what species of Anubias this is, I also know sometimes these tube things contain plants that are NOT aquatic but this does seem to be some form of Anubias and as far as I know they're all aquatic? I hope?, but I liked the elongated leaves, and the front right corner of this tank needed something (that said, I realize the leaf shape may changed because I'm pretty sure these are grown emersed, so we shall see).

So I got home, tied the anubias to a rock (after rinsing it off)

and set up the shrimp to drip acclimate

Then I repropped up the large rock (I had apparently just knocked the "prop rock" out of place), put the plants I had knocked out of place back where I wanted them, and then I went to get my root tabs. I couldn't find them at first, but then I found a whole baggy full with the stuff for the 60g, woohoo! (These are DIY root tabs made for me by a friend and they are awesome) So then I placed those in the gravel

WELL then I went to put the background on and realized I should have done that FIRST since I wanted to decide between the blue and the black BUT replanting / propping the rock / root-tabbing stirred up some dust again, duh. Oops, not enough coffee I guess. It wasn't nearly as murky this time so I did my best. Was pretty sure I would end up using the black, so I tried the blue first

and then the black, and settled on the black.

By this point, the Amanos were in mostly tank water, so I scooped them out and put them in the tank. They seemed pretty happy right away:

They're much smaller than the oooollllld guys I have in there already, here's a comparison shot (for whatever reason it looks like the big one is much closer to the front of the tank, he's not, they were almost right next to each other, he's just much bigger :-P)

Those are the updates for now! Will get some better shots with the good camera once the water clears again
10-05-2015 01:54 AM
Karackle Well I managed to get the rescape done today! That's the good news, the bad news is the tank is still pretty murky, I snapped a quick shot of the murk, will post more later once the dust settles Enjoy!

10-04-2015 06:16 AM
Karackle Yikes! Well it's been almost 2 years since i updated this thread. I find I have a little more time these days, so I am trying to get back into the forums, and I certainly have a little more time to be more active with tank upkeep. This tank has just been (mostly) left to grow and do it's own thing since my last update. I still need to rescape and I am HOPING to have time to do that this weekend (assuming my HW doesn't take up my whole 2 days off (Sun & Mon)...stupid grad school).

So we broke down our 60g tank, I only mention this because you will see a LARGE rhizome with a couple leaves from an Anubias Barterii that I salvaged from that tank (the rest of the plants were sold). It also means the remaining mean zebra danio moved back into this tank. But that was temporary, there were still bullying issues and he now resides in my 5g tank. I also have 2 amanos and 1 black neon tetra in this tank now from the 60g. Anyway, here are some updates shots of the tank as a record before rescaping (at least slightly). The large A. Barterii may or may not stay in this tank, right now, I'm just trying to keep it alive

Anyway, pictures!

Full tank shots (playing with settings on my new camera but I think these all basically look the same?):

Left side:

Center (anyone know what species of Anubias I have here?):

Right side (with Anubias Barterii):


(please excuse the blur)

Amanos (settling in nicely to their new digs):

And a snail eating? on the surface of the water :

02-24-2014 03:35 AM
Karackle Actually, I hate to break it to you, but it's just Bolbitis with some algae on it that looks red with my second light on that has a pink hue to it, I use it for pictures because it brings out the color of the fish, but it makes that algae look at reddish for whatever reason.
02-23-2014 02:47 AM
du3ce looks like pinnafitida
02-23-2014 12:54 AM
raptor87 whats the plant in the back with the red leaves? can you get it locally?
02-10-2014 03:15 AM
Karackle Update time! The tank is doing well, the Beckford's Pencilfish and the CPD have adjusted very well to their new home. I removed the Zebra danios to the 60g tank. They are doing very well in the 60g tank and I see everyone in the 30g tank out and about much more often now. So I think it was the right decision.

I rearranged the DW with the Java ferns on it that I moved to this tank from the 10g but I am not sure I love it still. Let me know what you think!


01-12-2014 07:49 PM
Karackle Uh oh, I think I have a bully in my tank.

So I have always enjoyed just watching my fish tanks from time to time as one might watch a TV. At my old apartment, my roommate used to think I was weird because she would come home at lunch time and find me there sitting in a chair in front of my fish tank eating a sandwich sometimes. Over the past few years, I have barely managed to keep my tanks running smoothly (luckily for super low tech tanks, they mostly take care of themselves). More recently, I have been working from home a lot to finish my masters thesis, and have had some time to get the tanks cleaned up a bit. I have also been very stressed out between trying to finish up my thesis and find a job and apply to another graduate program (a part time one). So, I have been making time to pull up a chair and just watch the fish, because I have always found that very relaxing.

Anyway, the point is, I noticed I have a bully in my tank. I think. I have 2 zebra danios in my tank to help with guppy population control. I have been noticing that the male likes to chase all of the fish. Relentlessly. He will pursue them round and round the tank. Mostly he chases the female zebra danio, probably trying to mate with her. That doesn't bother me. But he also chases the female guppies a lot (I assume because they look very much like the leopard print female zebra danio). Sometimes they look rather stressed after a bout of chasing. Occasionally, I see him chase one of the male guppies, and a couple times I saw him chase the Beckford's Pencilfish (newer members of the tank, they got moved here last week when I broked down the 10g).

Should I move him? I can put him in my husband's 60g tank. Currently the only inhabitants are 3-5 black neon tetras, 2 albino blue-eyed bushy nosed plecos and 2 amano shrimp. He (we) will be restocking the tank soon with some kind of black and white fish. He will either go with some kind of tetra again, or possibly some black and white Mollies and / or Platies. If he goes with the livebearers, we will probably put a few zebra danios in the tank for population control anyway. Anyway, sorry I digress, the 60g stocking is not really the issue here.

Should I move the bully zebra danio to the 60g, or is some chasing relatively harmless?
01-10-2014 06:26 PM
Karackle Just a quick update, so far all the rest of the fish seem to have adjusted well to their new home. All 6 pencils and the CPD are still doing well.

I also noticed there are a TON of baby guppies right now, and they are all a bit bigger than the "just dropped" stage. I hope a few of them survive, and at least one or two are males that get to adulthood. I need some more color in this tank.

My current stocking is:

2 zebra danios (population control)
6 Beckford's pencilfish
1 Celestial Pearl Danio (CPD)
5 adult guppies (2 male, 3 female)
Handful of sub-adult guppies
10-20 baby guppies (I counted 10, I assume there are at least 2 for every 1 I saw )

I would love to get some more CPDs for this tank and some shrimp. I am thinking some Amanos and a Bamboo shrimp.

I am pretty understocked but heavily planted so I would love opinions on stocking possibilities (are my stocking ideas good? would you suggest something else? etc.)
01-06-2014 08:43 PM
Karackle Unfortunately, one of the pencil's didn't make it through the tank transfer, though it is the one I had noticed had a bit of a sunken belly anyway, so I think he would have passed soon anyway.

It did make me realize it had been a long time since I dewormed the tank so I went ahead and did that and hopefully everyone else stays healthy.

I can't believe how often I see the little CPD in this tank! He swims with the guppies and the pencils. It's pretty awesome. I am going to try to get better pictures of him.
01-05-2014 06:41 AM
Karackle Ok I have some more 30g updates AND pictures.

My tank glass was a MESS and getting in the way of taking good pictures

So I bought a magnetic algae scraper when I was getting a few other supplies I needed and got to work, I think it looks a bit better (also windexed the front glass)

And was able to get some better fish shots. Wanted to get some better ones of my 2 pretty adult male guppies (better shots of the pink and yellow one anyway, to showcase his colors better) and they were conveniently hanging out with the pretties girl I have too

hey why you keep putting that camera in our faces?

And the one CPD is comfortable enough with "his school" of pencilfish that he is already out and about and I tried to get a pictures, but this was the best I could manage

As for the other supplies I needed, when I was cleaning the tank I noticed my secondary small internal filter was not working, when I went to find the clog in the impeller I noticed the whole body of the motor was deformed. Yikes. Needless to say, I needed a new one. By sheer coincidence, I ended up with an almost identical one. I only use this filter for added circulation in the tank.

New filter

Looks familiar

Since it was the same filter (though probably 7 model years newer ) I saved the carbon in case I ever decide to use it and put the emptied carbon container turned filter floss holder I had been using in the filter instead.

And it went in the tank

but it's well hidden by the Bolbitis forest

And a clearer picture of the DW covered in Java ferns I transplanted here from the 10g yesterday

Enjoy, and thanks for looking!
01-04-2014 04:01 AM
Karackle Was accidentally in a video mode that allows taking still images while filming and ended up with some video footage of the tanks. Figured I might as well post it

01-04-2014 01:23 AM
Karackle Here are the pictures, as promised! Enjoy!!!

Full tank shots:

From the short ends:

And some close-ups of the plants added from the 10g:

And some other close-ups:

01-03-2014 11:01 PM
Karackle Wow, I can't believe it has been over a year since I last posted here. It was a very busy year though, between school, working for my fellowship, and planning my wedding I have had a lot going on! This tank is doing well despite being mostly neglected other than the occasional pulling out of some algae (the green hairy / string kind) and removing the excess of floaters, I have mostly just let it be. The bolbitis continues to try and take over and the crypts and javas are doing very well.

Today I did a bit of an overhaul because I broke down my 10g tank, we needed the space to move some shelves from our desk there to make room on the desk for our new desktop computer. I regret to say I totally forgot to take pictures before the overhaul.

I removed as many of the floaters as I could, and took out some of the bolbitis that had creeped to the front of the tank. I then put my Java fern covered driftwood pieces from the 10g tank into this one, along with the large anubias that nestles nicely in the U of the DW. I also transplanted a few of the crypts into this tank.

This tank now has the 7 pencilfish and 1 CPD from the 10g as inhabitants along with the 2 zebra danios, guppies and oto or 2 that were already inhabitants.

I will pull out the new camera and take some pictures once the dust settles and post them up.
09-04-2012 06:13 PM
Karackle Woops! Life got a little busy again!

Hahahaha no Vicki, you are definitely NOT the only one that does trimming on a spur of the moment basis....there are at least 2 of us

2 huge high tech tanks, I can't even imagine!!! too much work for me! I am amazed by those of you that pull it off though!

Few more weeks and it should remain cool enough for shipping!
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