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Thread: Johnson18's Emersed tanks! New plans for expanded rack system! Input Welcome! Reply to Thread
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Topic Review (Newest First)
03-27-2014 03:02 PM

New plants have arrived! I'm super impressed by the sellers packaging.

Just went to grab some pots to plant these and realized I only have a couple 2" net pots. Whoops! Guess I'm off to the local nursery a couple miles from the house!
03-25-2014 03:57 AM
johnson18 Several new spathes all from the same plants that have been active.

Got the following plants on the way:
Cryptocoryne cordata var. cordata 'Blassii' (super red variant)
Cryptocoryne longicauda 'Seri Aman'"Rosanervig"
Cryptocoryne affinis "Metallic Red" 'Pahang Barat'
Cryptocoryne ideii

I've also inquired about a few more species.

Recently got the ok to start figuring out the required supplies that I'll need for an IBC tote aquaponics set up. Not sure yet if it'll be one or two containers. Super stoked about this. I've been slowly hoarding supplies, reading and watching youtube videos about aquaponics for the last year to build a small indoor set up for myself. Now that I'll be living with several people, we are going to scrap the small system for a more usable size to provide for all of us.
03-21-2014 06:12 PM
johnson18 Just waiting to pay for the following plants that should hopefully be here next week.

Cryptocoryne Cordata var. Cordata 'Blassii' (super red variant)
Cryptocoryne Longicauda 'Seri Aman'"Rosanervig"
Cryptocoryne Ideii

I also noticed when I put in the pot with the C. Affinis 'Metallic Red' that I'm gonna have a hard time fitting many more pots into either of these tanks. I may have to go ahead and take out the Schefflera pre-bonsai that has been living in the 55 to encourage the growth of areal roots. That plant is sitting on a piece of wood to keep it out of the water, once removed it should provide room for 3-6 more pots.
03-21-2014 04:48 PM
rajah_22 Sounds like great idea. I would post the care sheets around online as well, so lots of people can find them.
03-21-2014 04:40 PM
johnson18 So I've been looking at some of my plants and I need to thin out a few pots pretty badly. Most of the crypts are pretty basic: a couple wendtii variants: Green gecko, FL Sunset, lutea, pontederiifolia & probably a few nurii, though that may not be all of them. I'm thinking about maybe putting together a few emersed crypt starter packs as a RAOK. I always pack different species separately & labeled as I personally cannot stand ordering several different species of plants and getting them all tossed in a bag or rolled in a papertowel/newspaper together with no way to fully ID half the plants species. I was also considering putting together a simple How To/Care sheet with maybe a few basic pointers, substrate suggestions/idea, misting tips, etc... Maybe some moss or riccia for you to chop up and top your substrate with. I'm hoping to have it aimed towards the folks that may have just started an emersed tank or are interested in crypts but have been holding off on the emersed growth. I just know how much I love growing Crypts and seeing spathes pop up! I would really like to help some others who want to get into emersed crypts too!

I would like to try and get some input on this idea!

If you are an experienced Crypt keeper, what were some essential things that helped you when starting out? Got any recommendations or thoughts?

If you are part of the target group, what would you think you'd like to see or get in a pack like that? Just plants? Maybe some root tabs that could be used whole or opened and mixed with substrate? Also would a How To/Care Sheet actually be of use or just a waste of my time as you can find all the same info either here, the Crypt Club or any number of great emersed crypt journals on here or APC/BarrReport/HydraForum/etc....

Anyone wish to chime in on this?

As a side note, I've got two Affinis 'Metallic Red' that have yet to be planted. They will be split between emersed and submersed.
03-19-2014 04:43 AM
johnson18 The plants are loving their new lights! I've had spathes from C. wendtii(3), usteriana x walkeri(2), nurii(1) & pontederiifolia(3) as well as several different Anubais sp. inflorescences(6 total) since installing the new bulbs! Unfortunately I had surgery to removed kidney stones last Monday 3/10 and spent all of last week either asleep or highly intoxicated. Just when I was finally starting to feel better I started experiencing a new pain from what's most likely some sort of kidney infection. No worries, I live, but it's made digging around in tanks and pulling plants to take pictures a little more difficult than usual.

The stem plants seem to like the new lights. Hygro sp. 'Brown' has started going crazy in the 55. I added several nice rooted stems of Hygrophila sp. 'araguaia' in two pots to the 20L, looks like it's adjusting well.

I've not seen anything from the two crypts added 3/5. They both totally melted and have shown no sign of returning.

Here is the Cryptocoryne usteriana x walkeri spathe that opened today, took this just before lights out. This is the second spathe in two weeks.

H. 'Brown'. You can also see two of the three pots of C. parva I recently added after pulling close to 30 individual plants out of my 20L Riparium.

My A. barteri has seen an increase in the size of it's most recent new leaves. It currently has two inflorescences at the same time, actually the second opened today.

Here is a mostly fts of the 20L.

03-05-2014 05:20 PM
johnson18 Added C. nurii Pahang mutated and C. noritoi "Wongso" from Han today. They look a little rough from shipping but I am hoping they will bounce back. The Anubias nana 'Snow White' for my 55 didn't make it, very mushy! The 'Stardust' was in a little bit better shape than the white but not much.

C. nurii 'Pahang mutated'

C. noritoi 'Wongso'

I'll add pictures of them planted over the next few days as they aren't much to look at right now.

The C. 'Flamingo' is doing well, it has put out two leaves since it was planted. Not pink but they seem to get a little lighter with each new leaf.
03-05-2014 04:39 AM
johnson18 Got the rest of the Geisemann bulbs installed this morning. Definitely adds a lot of pink to the visual light on these tank, which doesn't bother me as they aren't display tanks. The pink isn't nearly as noticeable on the full tanks. I also knew that Aquaflora was pink when I ordered it!

I've got three different crypts that have spathes developing & a few Anubias inflorescences forming too!

Here are a few full tank shots of the 55! A couple of these look way more pink than they really are. My red duct tape holding the plastic wrap on certainly doesn't help.

03-03-2014 05:19 PM
johnson18 Rajah, I will definitely post some pictures of all the new plants as I get them!

The first part of my Drs. F&S order arrived this morning. It was the 24" Geisemann bulbs. I've already got them installed over the 20L. I really like the look but I'm very interested to see what they look like over a filled tank!

If anyone has been reading my 20L riparium journal recently, you've probably seen the info about the BuildMyLED light I'm getting for my riparium. I'm going to talk to BML again today to see how they think the same light spectrum will work for emersed crypts. It is very likely that I will order two BML lights & install one over an emersed tank.
03-01-2014 12:49 AM
rajah_22 Post some pics of the new plants when you get them!

I'm curious what the C. noritoi looks like.
02-28-2014 11:44 PM
johnson18 So I've got some new plants on the way.

Cryptocoryne Noritoi "Wongso"
Cryptocoryne Nurii 'Pahang Mutated'
Anubias 'snow white'
Anubias 'stardust'

There are several more Cryptocoryne species that I am currently talking with other hobbyists about acquiring. I think we have decided to wait until after the cold weather of this weekend/next week. Currently looking at 6 other species all of them on the less common side of things.

I also got a few Anubias cogenisis?? This is what they were labelled, but I think one is probably a barteri and I picked it up with this is mind. These aren't an Anubias species I know much about but I figured a few more plants never hurt. That's part of the fun. I'm definitely enjoying collecting new plants.

There are a few other Aroids I would like to add to my emersed collection once I've moved.

I've also ordered new bulbs for the t5ho fixtures over all of my tanks. I am hoping they will be here Monday! Other than the 30" fixture that is currently hanging on my riparium which is getting 2 coralife 6700k bulbs, all of my t5ho fixtures are getting the same bulb combo. I'm going with a Geisemann Midday & Aquaflora bulb combo on these fixtures. I can't wait to have all my lights back at full strength.
02-23-2014 06:23 PM
johnson18 I think using a greenhouse for this would be more complicated than it's worth. They live on the edge of town with property basically backing up to Saguaro National Park. Lots of wildlife around the house, all of which I'm sure would love a drink/new home. Rattlesnakes require removal and relocation almost weekly during much of the year-often enough my sister got the appropriate snake handling gear and does it herself instead of calling the fire dept every time. A greenhouse would require a proper base, would have to be sealed extremely well, along with having its own heat and cooling/ventilation. I think a greenhouse would be great but I don't think I would be able to effectively use one of the inexpensive versions in the desert. I will certainly be an advocate of building a nice greenhouse on the property while I'm there, but I doubt it will be a huge priority.

20L's are great tanks, don't get me wrong. I will probably keep several of the ones I currently own. I'd actually like to set up a few 20L & 10s on the upper shelves of this system for other things. Like, maybe, actually have some fish or shrimp?!? Hahaha.... I have actually been using a 24" t5ho on my emersed 20L for some time now. I just figure if I'm going to take the time to plan and build a nice set up I should plan to give it the best possible components I can. **** Edit: Not necessarily the "best" as I may not buy the fanciest lights I can find for all tanks. I just want to try to be thorough in each aspect of the project and not try to cut corners on easy things like light length. lol...**** The biggest problem for this setup is the height of the tank. I've always got stems hitting(and rotting) on the top of my 20L. It's just easier to switch the 20Ls out for something more functional at this point rather than waiting.

I will have to look more into the plumbing aspect of things, although I've been spending a lot of time lately reading about sumps, sump plumbing, overflows and such. I would think if I do plumb several tanks together I would want to build some sort of overflow for each and drill the tanks to plumb the system. At the same time I think I would like to have the option to flood the tank, even if it was temporary such as over night. I fully understand that once drilled for the low water levels required for this project these tanks will probably never function as fully flooded tanks. I would probably put the sump/filter tank on the bottom shelf and have the other tanks on one of the higher shelves. This is definitely the most complicated part of the build. It is also probably the biggest expense other than adding more lights to the ones I've already got.
02-23-2014 05:31 PM
rajah_22 I'm no crypt expert, but here's a couple quick thoughts on your plans:

1) Have you considered a small greenhouse? Kits for a 6 x 6 or 6 x 8 are actually not that expensive. Overall it would mean no expenses for lighting, you could maintain humidty within the entire greenhouse with some serious humidifiers (perhaps a challenge in AZ, but people certainly do it), and all of your plants could be easily accessible without being inside an aquarium. Just a thought.

2) 20 gal longs are actually pretty well lit with 24 in T5 bulbs. I did this on a reef tank for years and 3 inches of low light coverage on either end isn't a huge deal breaker in my opinion. You could potentially have species acclimated to high light in the middle and newer plants on the sides.

3) The idea of adding flow through the bottom of the tanks sounds like a really good one. It might be a bit complicated in terms of plumbing and added expense, but from some pics I've seen, crypts are very often growing in relatively high flow streams rather than stagnant waters. Adding flow could help with root growth, etc.
02-23-2014 05:07 PM
johnson18 So I've been looking at the equipment needed to expand my emersed collection. This post is pretty much all planning a bigger, better system that I would like to work towards building/setting up this year. Somewhere to put down all the brainstorming and random [censored][censored][censored][censored] that has been going through my head. Got an opinion, idea, thought, suggestion, criticism, "hey dumbass, you're f'n up!" or anything else, let me know! I would love to make this an open discussion with several of the crypt addicts and resident experts chiming in!

If you don't already know, I'm in the process of transferring to the University of Arizona as a plant sciences major. I'll be moving in May & would like to have much of this enlarged system already in my possession, ready to be built and the plans for the rest in place. This larger expanded system will be built at my older sister's (she's 35, I'm 29) house, where I'll be living for a few years. She knows the plans and is cool with me setting it up. I'll also have the access to any tools I need, plus my dad (also a Tucson resident) is really good with building things! With any luck this system will provide me with the room and proper set up to play with for a couple years and continually increase my plant collection. I'd like to end up with somewhere between 5-8 tanks total, I think a nice goal would be 6 dedicated emersed tanks in the system.

I think I'd be better off ditching the 20 long tanks, that I've recently purchased. They're just too short. I like the overall dimensions of the 40 gallon breeder tank much more. The larger footprint allows for more pots than the 55 and the additional height provided by the 40b is a huge advantage over the 20L. Since I plan on building a rack type stand once I've made the move to az, I can build to suit the tanks I'm using. I'll probably switch things so all tanks to the same size.

My other concern about using a bunch of 20 longs is availability of 30" lights. I was trying to find high quality replacement bulbs for the 30" t5ho over my 20L riparium, not an easy task. 36" is a far more common size. Hell, if I really wanted to go big I could run 3 40b side by side and hang a couple(or 3) 48" lights above them. I'd like to get some LEDs running on part of this over time too. I may explore building some of my own led fixtures once I'm moved and settled in. I'd like some of these tanks to be fairly high light.

For things like heaters, the same small adjustable heater that will heat a 20l will easily do the same job in a 40b. It's less than 10 gallons of water in these tanks at the very most, even when you mess up and put way(WAY!!) too much during a top off! Haha... My 55 probably averages 5g or less! Even if I plumb several tanks together, I think every tank will need a heater to maintain the necessary humidity, especially in the super dry climate in Tucson.

I've also been thinking about adding plumbing to a portion of the system, so that the water would be recirculated and filtered between a number of tanks in the system. This would allow all of the tanks that need a slightly acidic pH to be connected. Just a guess on which of the tanks would be connected as there seem to be way more plants that fit those requirements versus the hard water or super acidic species. A hard water and an super acidic black water tank would be kept separate. The water could then drain into a sump or a full tank with one end turned into a filter/pump(such as in Dogfish's aquaponics system!) This might also provide a space that some of the species that don't do well emersed to be grown out! I would imagine that if you plumbed everything correctly you wouldn't even need to run the circulation system nonstop.

Well those are the basic plans and the ideas I've got! Like I said, I would love this to be an open discussion with input from my fellow Cryptocoryne/Aroid fanatics and the experts that have been keeping these plant way longer than many of us! Help me put together the best system I can!
02-06-2014 05:46 PM
johnson18 Well I just added a small submersed grown Crypt. sp. 'Flamingo' from AaronT into this tank! Hopefully it'll adjust well! I'll be keeping a close eye on the plant for the next week or so!

The actual little plant!

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