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05-21-2013 07:36 PM
jameshill247 spose I will be able to tell, if the peppering gets any worse when they are in my tank then it might have something to do with it. just have to keep up with everything and hopefully they will be alright have spent ages reading up about them do you remineralize or do you cut with tap water. my water here is very hard so RO is a must i guess. I have read about some people slowing acclimatising them over a long period of time putting less and less RO in and more tap to condition them to the water we have here. some people in my area have been breeding them in our local water so i guess the ones born in our tap water would be tolerant of our water?

you have probably answered this above but i think i might have missed it
05-21-2013 06:30 PM
ccbeauch I'm pretty sure that that background does not have so much to do with it as the hardness in the water does. I used to have white rocks (white clown puke as some would call it), the discus were very skittish and hid most of the time. I read online that they are from dark waters in the amazon and that the bright sand is very hard on their eyes. As soon as I made the change to black sand, within minutes they changed 180 degrees and were as friendly as the cats I have. Also, I've witnessed them as vibrant as others and as black as others too. I've found that how they feel is how they look. After a water change they are as bright as ever or right when I wake up and they are hungry. When the water is old and needs a change or when they are angry and fighting, or right when they fall asleep, they are much darker in general. But the peppering was there when I had bright white and blue background and substrate and it stayed when I made the change to black for both.
05-20-2013 02:31 PM
jameshill247 im just about to get 5 discus from someone i know thats shutting their tank down and they have the same peppering on the face that until reading through this i hadn't seen before

my tank also has black sand and a black 3d background but the tank they are coming from has white sand and a darkish background but not black

did you ever find out if the peppering was caused by the dark environment? i don't think it would bother me anyway cos they are so colourful but they do have the peppering in a tank with white sand? maybe its not just the environment that does it i have read something about genes?

i may have missed it reading through this thread seeing as its full of so much information looks good though!
03-21-2013 01:01 PM
Originally Posted by El Zilcho View Post
Great looking tank, always wanted to have discus. Maybe next year will actually try. Having the same problem with the same looking algae now so a free bump.
Thanks. They are awesome fish. You can feed them right out of your hand and even pet them like a cat if you want to and some of them like it and push back. Just make sure to do a lot of research before you jump into this part of the hobby because it can be sticker shock and frustrating if they start doing the back stroke over night... When I first started I had one jump out of the tank and then a year later one decided to "shoot" in the middle of the night and rupture his swim bladder. Other than that no real issues other than ich once when I bought a plant from a dirty LFS. Thankfuly they all lived and I didn't do that again.
03-19-2013 07:10 PM
El Zilcho Great looking tank, always wanted to have discus. Maybe next year will actually try. Having the same problem with the same looking algae now so a free bump.
03-18-2013 02:02 AM
Week 33!

So it has been a really long time since an update. I'm kinda embarrassed of how the tank has been looking the last 10 weeks or longer and that's why I haven't done an update. Some algae started to grow (should have crossed my fingers sooner) and since then things in the tank have been on the decline. I'm not sure what type of algae it is or how to get rid of it and was kinda just hoping it would go away on its own... dumb. So now I'm asking for help and looking around to what it may be. I didn't start dosing ever and I have no clue what caused it because Iím pretty sure nothing changed when it first arose. No fish have died (thank God) so I wasn't too worried for a while, but now my plants are starting to be killed off as you can see from the pictures. (Green foxtail is all gone, along with most of the hair grass and all of the red plant-can't remember its name right now) My swords just recently (2 weeks ago) sprouted offspring and now I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. I've ripped some off and replanted and still have a bunch (20+) just floating around on the stem.

I also think my bristle nose plecos have been eating my sword plants and that is why they seem so small. It also could be the small snails, but I pretty much wiped out there whole colony and the plants haven't changed with holes and such.

My fish on the bright side are doing great! The one pigeon blood has grown to about the size of the other 4 (which isn't saying much since I stunted all of their growth due to prolonged captivity in a 29 gallon tank). The other pigeon blood was a runt of the group and I knew he would fit in with my other discus and couldn't pass him up to be left for dead. He has grown a little but is still small compared to the others although they have accepted him into their pack.

I was saddened to find out that my LFS (local fish store) went out of business in the area 3 months ago (had been buying my blood worms and beef heart from petsmart...) and just found out this week. Now Iím left with just petsmart or a terrible local pet store that has half-filled infected fish tanks rampant and the overwhelming smell of ammonia that punches you in the face when you walk in the door, making it difficult to breath. Being a college athlete, I think that is kind of a big deal. Anyway, onto the pictures!

Please be nice about the comments, I know how bad it looks and am trying to figure out what to do to get rid of the algae and get my plants on the upside of growing again. I have been doing my weekly water changes for the past 3 months so it isn't as bad as it really looks, I hope.....
03-18-2013 01:41 AM
Originally Posted by whiptail View Post
Nice tank. The LFS has been pushing discus. Are they as difficult to reaise as I keep hearing? The feeding is what worries me, because I'm gone a lot of weekends.
Love the pics of your cat. We have a miniture Schnouser and she will sit and watch the bristlenose too. What's funny is when she tries to bite it. The bristlenose will stay on the front of the glass and just wiggle a little bit. It's like it's teasing her.

The feeding isn't a problem at all. When they are young they can go for about 2 weeks without food and at the adult age they can go for 2 to 4 months with out a meal, though I don't recomend it. I am gone most weekends too in the spring and summer and they are completely fine when I return. The biggest part is making sure you are up on your water changes if you are going to leave for a week or something like that. I usually do one right before I go just to be on the safe side. The more plants in the tank, the more problems can arise if you dose things, but also the longer the tank can go without a water change if need be. Right now I'm battling algea but the fish don't seem to mind one bit.

my tank still turns a tea color 8 months later and I'm not sure if that is because of the wood or dirt in the bottom of the tank, maybe both. good luck if you decide to jump in. There is a guy named Paul or discus Paul who gives good advice on discus and such. Learned some key things from him.
03-18-2013 01:36 AM
Originally Posted by Evilgrin View Post
I like your tank so far looking good. I know how you feel about the lack of replies I started a thread about my 55g about 3-4 weeks ago only 2 replies so far.
Going to subscribe as I'm interested in how your tank works out, I'm doing a dirted tank as well all the plants are in still stocking the tank at this point.

Thanks! It has been a while since I looked at this but I have been keeping up on my water changes. Problems arose with algea but I'm seeking help on fixing that now. The good thing is that no fish have died, just a lot of plant...
03-18-2013 01:33 AM
Originally Posted by Sethjohnson30 View Post
Your tank looks awesome! Where did you get that canopy? I have twin 72g's and I hate the blinding amount of light that comes out of my raised fixtures.
I can't find a premise canopy for less than 400$, and I live in an apartment so I can't build one.

My canopy came with the tank when I got it from a guy off of craigslist. It is actually plastic and super light. He said he paid 150$ from some online store but had to build it himself, which consisted of glueing 5 supports on the inside together to hold it up... good luck!

even though it is palstic, it looks perfect up there and doesn't look cheap in person or in the pictures at all.
01-20-2013 12:53 PM
whiptail Nice tank. The LFS has been pushing discus. Are they as difficult to reaise as I keep hearing? The feeding is what worries me, because I'm gone a lot of weekends.
Love the pics of your cat. We have a miniture Schnouser and she will sit and watch the bristlenose too. What's funny is when she tries to bite it. The bristlenose will stay on the front of the glass and just wiggle a little bit. It's like it's teasing her.
01-20-2013 11:49 AM
Saxtonhill Beautiful tank and discus! Love the way the cats appear in the photo narrative (and what an interesting hedge hog)

Very interested in the dirt-layer in the substrate...I'm going to subscribe
01-20-2013 03:25 AM
Mahlady Beautiful
01-20-2013 02:44 AM
simplicitysarah Great tank! What beautiful fish!
11-13-2012 02:03 PM
MikeS Beautiful tank!
11-13-2012 01:54 PM
StraightAddicted Wow beautiful setup and love the journey pics to see where you came from to where it has emerged to. The cats and hedgehog were good mix to throw in
Stinks to lose a fish or several, especially when you have them as little ones. But I'm sure your new colony will last for years to come. Once again, great job! and keep up the hard work
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