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Topic Review (Newest First)
12-20-2014 04:08 AM
Maechael I for one am Glad Dk is alright and well, even after having suffered such heavy losses in the shrimp area.

Wish I could be of use, but not able to shrimptern sadly.

Keep us informed Dk I'm sure there are hundreds of strains and morphs out there because of your gene factory, and I'm sure some will find their way back home.

Best of luck friend.
11-30-2014 09:31 PM
wicca27 so sorry about all the losses you have been though. i could not even start to imagine all the water issues. must have really been a pain. i hope your number on shrimp start to climb soon and your well issues will be good from now on.
11-30-2014 04:20 PM
DKShrimporium Well, helloooooooooooo, all y'all.

DK has been far, far away from the shrimp world for a while, and this, unfortunately is going to continue for at least the next 6-12 months, but it has come to her attention that a buncha peeps have been pinging her so this is (sorry! sorry!) a generic response.

Due to a bunch of non-shrimp related - uh - issues, she is not focusing on shrimp until these other things are not so prominent. Not to worry, nothing disastrous or non-fixable is a-happenin' here, EXCEPT...

Um. Yes. The ONE disastrous thing that is not easily fixable is actually related to shrimp.

DK could really, REALLY use a shrimptern, or two, or three, ASAP. If you are housebroken, a non-smoker, and eat chocolate, you could apply.

DK's well started acting up several months ago, during the summer. Over a two month process there were lots of consults and, to make a long story short, her well pump was over that time slowly frying and in the process of problem solving there were crashes, extended outages of service and decontamination issues, and whatnot. The good news is she has an awesome kickin' new well pump. And she herself put in a kickin' new well system, including a wel-x-trol tank, all stainless fittings, etc. and her water is now good to go, having also undergone an extensive maintenance of Wet Wedding after the new system was in ('cause the fried system fouled Wet Wedding).

DK's shrimp world sustained about 90-95% losses due to water issues. Uh, yeah. DK likes to do a thing up, in spectacular fashion. Turns out she has spectacular failures, too!

Shrimp have made her tough, though, and she WILL prevail. She began a course of correction several weeks ago, and she now has berried in most of her tanks, of the stock she has left. But it's gonna be a year before there are any numbers of note.

So, to those of you pinging me about shrimp, no go. So sorry. And she won't be aiming that direction for a while, due to the overall circumstances.

And, so this is not totally debbie downer, here's a picture of something that crawled out the the weeds today. Mebbe these are already out there in the shrimp world; DK has NOT been following anything shrimp for a looooooong time so has no idea what is a-happenin'.

Golden eyed red-striped blue tiger juvie from one of her project tanks.

Fried well pump. Pretty good trick, BURNING up a well pump that is submerged, but see the burnt band.
09-13-2014 01:42 PM
Maechael Has anyone seen or heard from Dk?
07-29-2014 04:11 AM
larcat Hope so, and wondering the same thing!

Originally Posted by Maechael View Post
Is DK all right?
07-28-2014 10:24 AM
Maechael Is DK all right?
07-23-2014 06:31 PM
larcat Here I am, bumping this thread.

Yo DK, my better half and keeper and I are still waiting on your special sort of OEBT awesome for our two tanks.... Which are down right *mature* at this point.

Hit me up via pm or email:

Hope all is well!

07-08-2014 10:48 AM
Maechael Now DK we all like to hear projects and such, but I know I speak for at least 65% of myself when I say I wanna see some shrimps!

Also, I have a theory as to why your shrimpies and shrimpettes no make with the making for you. If you wish I could pm, or post here next time I check in.

Best of luck on all endeavors, and hopefully in the near future I'll be caught up on all your learnin's.

Minor note, took a year but my shrimp finally bred for me enough to not just remain steady but to actually grow in numbers.
06-30-2014 12:17 PM
DKShrimporium Well, DK has some ACTUAL SHRIMP NEWS, finally.

Last week she got really, really bizzy a-makin' her the Man Crate, and her juice for the Sulawesi system ran out, so she lazily turned off Wet Wedding and just went on about her werk.

When she went to re-fire the system a few days later, after makin' her another magic batch of Sulawesi juice, she anally checked her TDSes on Wet Wedding. Her second filter shot up from TDS 7 to 50-something.

Now, she's been wonderin' how long the filter life would be in this system and has stubbornly been waiting for a sign. She didn't just want to replace filters until she had an idea of the lifespan. So she's been checking her TDSes quite often because the shrimps have had proper TDS a few months but at the same time ALL the tanks are a-doin' nuttin' in the breeding department this spring, so she's had a suspicion that her filters were at the end of their usefulness, but being a biggo nerd she had to follow the cycle once.

So, she can now say her filter life is about now minus, say six months. So now she has to back calculate when she put them in and now put her system on a schedule for changing them. The lifespan is pretty darned good, considering Wet Wedding runs 5 hours a day making RO at very high output (150 GPD output on the system).


She still hasn't changed them out, as she spent the weekend re-doing a 17 year old shower from a framed, gasketed, triple slider door FULL of nooks and crannies every which way -- which was a mold farm -- to a frameless, VERY SIMPLE extrusions door. Her reverse engineering of silicone caulk removal worked very well (she was waaay too cheap to fork over the $14 a tube for the actual silicone remover product so she did a little research and reverse engineering and made her own system).

Gone are the moldy door frames and extrusions and 17 year old caulk. Installed is the new system, sleek. Now we'll have to re-train ourselves, because the new doors slide so easily you have to hold them to keep them from slamming into the side wall when you push them open!

A couple weeks ago she also built a new tub skirt (from what else, her trusty PVC) to replace an ugly one.


And Man Crate is on hold until more parts arrive, including a welded gate. She's been a-bizzy hammer drilling a lotta monga holes in concrete to make sure that man don't escape.


Carry on, now.

06-25-2014 05:20 PM
wicca27 glad to see all is still well with you DK. i was even thinking about emailing ya to know your still alive and kicking lol. project looking good.

just a bit or assembly required huh i like that makes things more fun lol
06-25-2014 12:38 PM
DKShrimporium Remember pet rocks? Bottled water? Thigh master? They made somebody very, very rich off ideas that naysayers said were ridiculous.

DK's a werkin' on the Next Big Seller. An overwhelming proportion of at least half the population is going to find this the Next Big Gotta Have Accessory. And then some.

Now, the first ones out will be plain. Then, we start adding embellishments, over the years, as the "new versions" come out. Eventually, we'll add electronics. Then the fun will really take off. But we start plain, to get the idea out there, into the consciousness of the folks, until our name becomes like "Xerox" or "Kleenex" - iconic. One just wont be enough, gonna have to have a collection of 'em.

For now, DK just calls 'em: The Man Crate. She's waitin' on her welded door to arrive.

She's still werkin' on makin' them DIY friendly, for assembly. They can be rather awkward, to assemble.

06-23-2014 10:33 PM
DKShrimporium The word of the day is: Seven Sixteenths Chucking Reamer

06-21-2014 02:49 AM
Originally Posted by larcat View Post
I am totally bumping this thread.

How's things, DK?

Um. Well. Yeah.

DK's been off in other realms, lately. She's kinda been ignoring all those tanks in the Shrimporium days at a time while she does all sorts of other projects, construction principally.

She figures people come here to read about SHRIMP stuff, so she's stopped posting unrelated stuff while she has no shrimp-news.

At the moment, she's pondering the massively upgraded concrete anchors she's about to drill 52 holes for, and install (poor grammar, I know). On the left is the factory spec'd anchor, and on the right, the glorious 410-hardened-stainless 3/8 inch wedge bolt that will withstand hurricane-grade forces that she told the factory she MUST have. Her circular saw blade for non ferrous metals has arrived, and her masonry and reaming bits are en route as she types. She likes to build stuff robust. Y'know, not mess around. Do it once and (over)do it right. Plus, monga-macho is just more fun, when yer doin' a project.

Well, that's the theory, at least.
06-20-2014 09:21 PM
larcat I am totally bumping this thread.

How's things, DK?

04-05-2014 03:38 AM
pKaz This makes soooo much more sense now.
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