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02-04-2016 07:00 PM

Well here is my tank
The tank is running for 10 month but the plants are there for a month to 2 weeks
All seem to develop nice and slow.
30 liter tank(6~ gallon)
Low tech with 8 watt of goq led(google if you want to, i really recommend them)
2 white and two yellowish(roughly 6500K. Average.) no co2 no ferts, just light and love[emoji1]
Currently the betta 3 ottos and shrimp. Plan to keep that way as im kinda moving out except weekend so no one is gonna maintenance the aquarium. Waiting for the carpet to grow and spread wich is currently about one new stem(is that the word?) every 5-7 days

If anyone have an ideas to makt that aquarium prettier or more 'natural' im open for hearing

Excuse my bad English and spelling mistakes as I am from a foreign country
02-04-2016 04:49 PM
Wilderman204 55 gallon
48" Finnex 24/7
Mineralized topsoil, my take on the Aaron Barr method. Capped with flourite black sand.
Hamburg Mat Filter planted with moss, anubias, and ferns
Mixed crypts
Dwarf sag
Giant hair grass
Nymphaea rubra
Brazilian pennywort
Hydrophilia augustifolia
Red Rubin sword
Mixed bucephalandra
Cardinal plant
Trying some bacopa
Large colony of Flag Killifish(Jordanella Floridae)
4 Thiara Cancellata( hairy trumpet snail)
Lots of pond and ramshorn snails
02-03-2016 10:16 PM
Originally Posted by lake985 View Post
Kylesaltandpepper--what did you do to combat the bga?
I first removed as much algae as I could manually then added chemiclean and continued the treatment for about a week.
02-03-2016 05:50 AM
Originally Posted by crusht View Post
This regular 10g tank will be hitting the 3 month mark in a few days. Very happy with it. Two 6500K 8-10 watt led bulbs on there. Plants as far as I know are Bacopa, crypts, rotala indica, rotala wallichii, Hygrophila, Alternanthera Reineckii and some Marsilea sp. Had some green spot algae on plants that went away after I changed to these bulbs and this fuzzy algae that was allover the rotala wallichii went away overnight and I dont know why... Still get some algae on the glass but not so much any more.

I was dosing Excel daily and Flourish+Iron once a week but I have cut down on those in the last 2 weeks and it seems to work even better. Eco complete substrate and cheap internal filter.
The reds look fantastic and without CO2, yah? How are the rotala wallichii doing, are they staying pink? I am considering adding wallichii, but it is always billed as a moderate/high light and CO2 plant. I would love to be able to grow it with excel and iron ferts.
02-03-2016 05:41 AM
Neatfish My spec II, Don't have a filter or heater only light is from a lamp at night. I'm not even sure how these plants are even growing.
02-03-2016 03:49 AM
lake985 Kylesaltandpepper--what did you do to combat the bga?
02-03-2016 03:06 AM
Kylesaltandpepper This is my 55g 48 by 12 by 18 low tech aquarium. I've had it for two years, but went through a bga battle for about a year when transitioning it to a planted tank. This tank recovered from bga about a month ago, so it's kind of "new". My plants mostly died from before, but now the ones which survived are doing better. I don't have many fish since they either died or got sold away.

Tons of java fern
Sagittaria subulata
cryptocoryne willisii
some type of amazon sword
rotala rotundifolia
ludwigia repens
anubias barteri
More to come

Black skirt tetra
school of rummynose

48 inch Beamswork 3300 raised 4 inches from surface
no CO2
aquaclear 70
some top fin or tetra heater
plain gravel
malaysian driftwood from another country

oscomote plus tabs
fish food and poop

Ei dosing:
I'm still figuring out the best amounts but for now,
1/32 tsp potassium phosphate
1/32 tsp plantex csm+b
1/8 tsp potassium nitrate
40% water change every week

Attachment 584626

Attachment 584634

Attachment 584642

I'm thinking about adding DIY co2 for a few months to get the rotala and ludwigia lush faster. I'm just worried about ph swings and getting it to be off at night.
02-02-2016 08:16 PM
Oracus Tank noob with 2 month old planted 10g
Excel and Flourish
DIY LED hood
No co2 yet
02-02-2016 04:57 PM
rushb17 My two month old first planted tank ever also new to the hobby
55 gal.
Lighting just a shop light with P/A he bulbs two 48" odno
Plants water lily
Apostrgomen I think is the name.
Lame excuse for dwarf hair grass
Several others that I forgot the names of lol
2 bala shark
1 red tail shark
14 mail standard guppies.
6 turquoise rainbows
2 platies
2 Mollys
Several leopard danios
Two gliw danios
02-02-2016 01:33 AM
Low Tech Tank Show-and-Tell (low tech can be lush, too! =)

My low tech non co2 / excel:

Light: 3 x 18w tubular led lamps ( 1 6500k and 2 4000k)
Filters: Jebo 839 canister an AC 50.
Inert substrate
Fertilization: Flourish 5 ml 1 x week
WC: 1 x week 10%
Ph: 6,6
Temp: 27
Kh and gh : very soft water

Higrophila corymbosa
Higrophila rio
Anubias nana
Java fern
New added Java moss
Cripto wendti

14 rodostomus
16 neon cardinal
5 corydoras sp
4 corydoras schwartzi
1 corydora sterbai ( 8 years old)
1 apistograma cacatuoides
2 dwarf rainbow fish
1 red tailed shark
6 otocinclus


Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk
02-01-2016 06:13 PM
Originally Posted by RWaters View Post
Nice tank, Tessa!
Thank you! For some reason I have never been able to grow any stem plants (even the supposedly easiest ones), that's why I mostly stick with ferns and crypts.
02-01-2016 05:42 PM
RWaters Nice tank, Tessa!
02-01-2016 05:29 PM
Tessa Here's my 33 gallon salad bowl. It's been up since August 2014, but I did a complete rescape (including a substrate change) about 2 months ago, so it's somewhat empty right now.

Tank: 33 gallon Eheim Vivaline 126 (with matching cabinet)
Filter: JBL CristalProfi canister, Eheim Aquaball internal for extra flow
Lights: 2x24W T5 (JBL Solar Ultra Tropic and Ultra Natur), homemade blue LED moonlight
Heater: none
Substrate: plain small grain gravel
Hardscape: rocks and man made sandstone "cliffs"
Ferts: small daily dose of Excel, Tropica nutrition capsules in the substrate, really random doses of Seachem liquid ferts

different java ferns
different crypts
red tiger lotus
nymphoides Taiwan
hornwort wrapped around the spraybar

large mixed school of rasboras (espei, hengel, harlequin)
neon tetras

01-31-2016 10:07 PM
meo21590 This is my first attempt at a planted tank. I had an aquarium with fake plants for about 9 years and decided to do live plants this time around!

Tank: 46 gallon bowfront
Substrate: eco-complete
Lights: 30 watts on for 8 hours/day
Filter: Aqueon quietflow 50 with carbon removed
No ferts, no CO2, no water changes (yet), just top-offs only so far

Amazon sword
Java fern
Java moss
Giant ambulia
Ludwigia repens
Hygrophila lancea

False spotted cories
Giant danios
Neon tetras
Pearl guarami
Amano shrimp
Clown pleco

The first pic is the day I planted it and the second pic is from a week later. Any tips or suggestions are welcome!
01-24-2016 01:53 AM
Godbee Hey y'all. I've got two tanks ones a 55 and the others a 30 gallon.

55 gallon

Substrate: pool filter sand and pea gravel

Ferts: excel daily and EI dosing. (2 ml of macros and 2 ml of micros once a week). I'm open to advice on this.

Plants: bacopa carolinia, crypt wentii green, tropica, bronze, red, undulata.
Alternathera reinikki, creeping Jenny, normal? Baby tears
Just started hygro pinnatifida, and dwarf rotala

Gear: 2x 48 inch current satellite plus, 2x emperor 400 power filter, jäger heater, koralia nano wave maker

30 gallon

Substrate: miracle organic, black blasting sand

Ferts: excel daily and a little less than 2 ml of micros and macros one day out of the week

Plants: all the same crypts as the tank above, Amazon sword, baby tears

Gear: 3x 13 watt CFL 6500k, 1 emperor 400, petsmart heater

First picture is the 30 gallon and the last two are the 55.
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