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04-07-2014 03:45 AM
Rush3737 Well, the tank looks great with the Dutch, but I've never seen the 10k in person to compare it to, so it's tough to give you a definite recommendation.

I actually have two drop checkers in the tank now to double check my readings and make sure CO2 is where it needs to be. I use KNO3, and I think that would do the same thing as Urea, yes?

Anyway, I've spent so much time worrying about things I wanted to post a picture from today and comment on the one thing I'm VERY happy with finally.

I had tried several plants, with very little success to make something that resembled a carpet. Finally I now have one I'm happy with. Sure, it takes some trimming, but the Hydrocotyle that you see in the picture started as I think 10 tiny little strings.

I've also removed, cut back and re-planted my Scarlet Temple to fully remove the algae it had. I also took out the worst of the Aromatica. That back corner will look a little empty for awhile, but if everything grows back in well the tank will really start to look how I've hoped.
04-02-2014 08:08 AM
Positron Hey man. Nice looking light. I currently, like you did, have 2x diamond plate lights. I'm right now about to upgrade to a BML...either the dutch or the 10k and I can't decide. I really like the look of the dutch on that 75, though.

Also, I know you have probably heard it before, but have you pushed co2 to it's limits yet? With that much light good co2 is very important.

I've also added 0.75ppm Urea to my 75g to address some nitrate uptake issues and things have freaking exploded. BBA is turning red!
03-31-2014 05:51 AM
Rush3737 Thanks guys, I'm really liking the light. I've already raised it about 2" to get better light across the top of the tank, which was the only thing really missing. My biggest issues at the moment are fighting BBA, and figuring out why some of my plants aren't doing well, most notably my frogbit and red root floaters. The former I've grown pretty much as long as I've had the tank to a degree that I didn't think it was possibly to kill them. However now they are looking tattered and not really multiplying much.
03-29-2014 08:10 PM
burr740 Yeah that new light is sweet, great colors. Tank looks really nice.
03-29-2014 05:46 PM
longgonedaddy Wow that new light really brings out the colors in everything!
03-28-2014 09:47 PM
Rush3737 Been having some major issues with BBA and other algae, likely related to too much or too little of something in my water or fert regamine. If you have any advice to help please visit this thread:

Also, just got myself a Dutch Build My LED fixture... nice unit, and lots of light.

03-12-2014 11:55 PM
Rush3737 Fish came this morning!

All the fish were swimming around, Dwarf Chain Loaches blended right in with their current brethren as the ones I've had over a year really haven't grown much at all. Otos looked OK, but in the acclimation process one must have been a little overwhelmed, as he only made it two hours in the tank. I've always heard they were very sensitive to transport and new tanks. Hopefully there are no more causalities through the night. The Rasboras have been very active since being added to the tank, and you can tell how well they recovered from the transport stress. In the bag they were practically see through, and 10 hours later look great.

And finally the Otos. Not a picture of it happening, but the first one out of the bag went and immediately layed on the Auromatica.

03-10-2014 11:45 PM
Rush3737 Well, I guess I'm going to need to build a trap. Was able to get out 1 Flying Fox. Tetras would have been super easy to catch, so I think I will end up moving them to the other tank. And I've decided the Red Tailed Shark is definitely getting too aggressive and will be removing him as well.
03-10-2014 12:56 AM
Rush3737 Okay, so here are some issues with my fish change ideas. First, here is the idea for this tank I posted earlier:

1 x Angelfish
1 x Raphael Catfish
2 x BN Pleco
3 x Pearl Gourami
6 x Roseline Sharks
6 x Otos
10 x Harlequin Rasboras
10 x Dwarf Chain Loaches

I actually forgot to list one potential problem in that, my Red Tailed Shark. Now, there's a story here. When I first got into fish, I had (and still do have) a 29g tank. Not knowing much I went through 3 of these guys rather quickly, with no luck. Always loving them, when I joined here and started learning more and more I changed some things and decided to give it one more chance. He did really well, and then the move to the 75g. One of the first fish in after the fishless cycle, and has done great in it. Well, as I often hear people saying can happen, he's getting more and more aggressive. If someone eats algae near him, he chases them clear across the tank. When I get the new fish the tank will be stocked full. I'm afraid he'll be constantly chasing other fish and stressing them out. And moving him to another tank would be tough because... we'll get to that.

The second problem is I have 5 Tetras and don't know what tank I will want them in.

For starters, here what the other tank will have for sure.

1 x Pictus Catfish
4 x Bronze Cory's
10xSnakeskin Barb

This tank I plan on converting to a low-tech planted affair. I know the Pictus and plants might not get along, but he's another sentimental value fish. I'm finding it hard enough to give away all the barbs currently in the tank to do this. Anyway, I'm afraid there won't be much algae in this tank for the Red Tailed, and it wouldn't really solve any aggression problems anyway. On the Tetra front, 4 were a gift, and 1 was the only fish my gf picked out. In either tank they would make things overstocked, but I'm not sure which would be best. I'm leaning towards the 29g to give it more character. The Snakeskin barbs are, btw, much more peaceful than other barbs.
03-09-2014 07:18 PM
Rush3737 Yeah, he's always been a wonderful part of the tank. And let me tell you, with how he begs for food, I might as well have a dog.

03-09-2014 05:15 PM
longgonedaddy Looks like a good plan! I love how the angel has matured.
03-09-2014 05:11 PM
Rush3737 Busy day for the tank today. Did a 60% water change and cleaned both filters, replacing the foam on my HOB, and starting one of the Purigen packs in my canister soaking. An hour after the remaining purigen again has the tank crystal clear, and as always the plants are pearling like crazy.

Now the scary part. Knowing I must have been going overboard on ferts with the standard 60-80 gallon EI dosing I didn't do any ferts the two prior days (one day of macro, one of micro), and did that big water change today. My nitrate still sits at around 40ppm, and my Phosphate is still above 5ppm.

My plan is to cut out the next two days of ferts, and then go to a reduced dosing. Normally for macros I would do .75 tsp KNO3, .1875 tsp HS2PO4, and .25 tsp K2SO4. The first step is reducing those levels to .7, .1, and .25 tsp of each, which should give make the levels more even with each other. My next step is mixing up liquid ferts (just got the stuff for this), making up the bottles as if to dose 30, 45ml portions. Then I will simply start of dosing at 30ml instead, increasing if needed. I will use this second step on micros as well.

Then fish come Wednesday...
03-07-2014 09:28 PM
Rush3737 Well, here is the tank after a slight plant move.

Java fern doesn't seem to be doing much in the front right corner. Really wish I'd see those leaves at least start to improve in quality. The Red Ludwigia in front of the Red Tiger Lotus seems brittle, and is not rooting quickly, but maintains a very nice color. Giant Ambulia behind that is 100% weed, but a very nice looking weed.

In the back right half, the Rotala grows very weird, but very quickly. The aromatica might be my favorite green plant, takes up a good bit of space and grows well. Love it. And of course the sword is staying well and takes up the corner nicely.

In front of the DW is a little Cabomba, and then the HC.. doesn't seem to do much, but hasn't died yet, so we'll see. The Hydrocoytle on the other hand is growing nicely, and whenever it gets too high I plant it more and that will likely be my main carpet plant for that big open area in the middle. BBA is on my scarlet temple, but between removing doomed leaves and spot treatment I hope to save all the plants. Finally, behind that is the Ludwigia ovalis. Seemed the bottoms were dying away, so I cut them down a lot when I replanted, hoping for the best.

03-06-2014 11:58 PM
Rush3737 Well, I set up my order today, with a few minor changes in numbers, and here is what the tank will look like when fish arrive on Wednesday...

1 x Angelfish
1 x Raphael Catfish
2 x BN Pleco
3 x Pearl Gourami
6 x Roseline Sharks
6 x Otos
10 x Harlequin Rasboras
10 x Dwarf Chain Loaches

Plant wise I am very happy with my growth, but need to take some time battling the BBA that is hurting many plants. Spot treatment is helping, I'm doing 8ml of Excel every other day. Unfortunately I only do two spots with that amount, so my fert levels need to decrease and that just has to continue.

I've eliminated one plant and properly ID'd some others (thanks to people here), and tomorrow I will try and get an updated layout uploaded with proper plant IDs.
03-04-2014 08:25 PM
Rush3737 Got my Phosphate test kit in today and it goes to 10ppm... well, I'm a day after a 50% water change and it's well above 10ppm. So I'm going to cut back on ferts for awhile.
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