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04-10-2017 06:18 PM
Malakian Just did it to my 55g tank after a restart.

Aprox. 3tbsp pr 10 gallon. Dosed 220ml 3% H2O2 to my tank. Added 4000L/H worth of circulation pumps + my FX5 without media.
15-20min, then 70% WC. Dosed 30ml Excel after WC.

No deaths. Fauna include, Cardinal tetra, C.Sterbai, B.pleco, platy and cherry shrimp.
All plants seem unaffected this far (24hr after) HC, L.Glandulose, Buce. "Wavy green", weeping moss, Microsorum "trident", H.Siamensis, H. sp "compact", AR "mini", S.repens, P.Erectus.

GSA mostly gone, all BBA and staghorn pink/red/white. Just recently had a slight staghorn outbreak, never had a issue with it before. But I'm contributing that to the new Tropica aquasoil which gave me a slight Ammonia spike @ 0.25ppm for about 4 days.
11-17-2016 09:42 AM
Swee All inhabitants made it through even a Nerite. The tank is looking pretty good again so thank you very much once more. I did lose an Otto but I mean literally. I had 3 in there but can find the third one anywhere. He must of jumped ship as I have been through the tank multiple times with no luck. Awesome technique
11-03-2016 09:00 PM
Swee Correction, it was 3 Tablespoons of H2O2 and 7.5 mL of liquid CO2, apologies
11-03-2016 08:15 PM
Swee I have a few tanks. I have a Planted +24/7 Finnex on one and a UGF. It's a 12 gallon bookshelf 36" with one half non UGF with a Fluval Nano on the opposite end of course. Had a major cyano breakout that I had clear up on its own by reducing the 24/7 to moonlights at night and midday sun the rest of the time. From what what I gleaned, the orange and reddish spectrum help fuel the cyano. I also increased the ferts a little.

I also have a 20H with the slimy hair algae, the really long and flowy kind, light tricks didn't work. I have a HOB Whisper 20 and a sponge filter PH combo so there is always lots of bubbles on all of my plants. Oh this tank is dirted an inch with inert on top. Anyway, I pulled the trigger and did the One Two Punch last night. All of the bubbles were white within 15 minutes. I dosed at 7.5mL based on 15 gallons. Lots of rocks and wood and 2.5 inches of total bottom. 50% change and replaced the biologicals and hit it with Carbon. I saw the stringy stuff starting to lose its hold. This morning everyone was still alive RCS, Nerites and Otto's. I will post a follow up in a few days but thanks for pioneering this method! Greatly appreciated indeed!
10-03-2016 11:11 PM
InfiniteGlory I dosed at 2ml per gallon, with the filter OFF and had bubbles. The results didn't happen until I started to dose Excel after I stopped using h2o2.

I was only attacking BBA so I am not sure about BGA

Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
10-03-2016 06:23 PM
thimotheeyy Thanks for your reply!

Even when i dosed it correctly the BGA is growing again. I also see signs of diatoms forming. I know a cleaning crew could help but i really hoped this method would kill it instantly. Like a hard reset.

You say i dosed correctly but do you mean with 2tbsp or 4tbsp. I ment to dose 4tbsp.
Should i retry it and put a higher dose of H2O2? I always catch my livestock so that is not a problem...

Any others with BGA [Blue green algae or Cyanobacteria] succesfully killing it with the one two punch? If this does not work i will try the blackout method.
10-03-2016 01:01 AM
InfiniteGlory According to what I have found as a dose of 2ml per gallon of H2O2. You dosed the correct amount.

I think the reason why you didn't see any bubbles is because all the H2O2 was being moved around and not allowed to sit. I always saw bubbles with the filter OFF but never with it ON.

Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
10-02-2016 11:23 AM
thimotheeyy My algae problems where mainly diatoms and blue green algae [Cyanobacteria]. Spot treatment with H202 was successful but now i want to really kill the BGA.

I tried this method as following;
- Catched my twenty Rasbora Galaxy's
- Switched of my filter
- Added three pumps for sufficiŽnt flow.
- I have ADA's 60P which has 63 liters but with the soil, hardscape and not filled up to the top i count for 50 liter. I added 25ml of H202
- I let it circulate for twenty minutes and during that time i took one pump to move it al around the tank.
- Refreshed thirty liters of water.
- Added 15ml of liquid carbon
- One hour after that i placed the fish again
- No deaths so far.

I did not see any bubbles or sizzling as i used to see doing spot treatment. Can someone please read this and check if i pulled the one two successfully or i did something wrong.

Did i add enough H202?
09-05-2016 11:22 AM
lovingHDTV I did this last week as I have been fighting with algae for a few months. I made a lot of changes to my tank and it got out of whack. I was about ready to just start over.

All the green algae is gone. It took a few days as it would slowly cover my intake prefilter with a slimy goo. The BBA turned a bit grey, but I then noticed the snails and fish were eating it. It looks like whatever the treatment did to the BBA the fish are now eating it and it is almost completely gone as well.

I think I got my CO2 and lights aligned so hopefully it doesn't come back, but it is one more tool in my belt to fix things when they go badly wrong.

08-31-2016 09:50 AM
elisagrace This is really a nice information for protection against algae. Earlier I tried H202, but it was not much successful. Thereafter as per your direction I used Excel and it helped me a lot in protection against algae.

But this formula is not fit in the case of cleaning of algae in big water storage tanks. Here it will be better to use small amount of chlorine, as it will not allow to the growth of algae bacteria in the water.
08-30-2016 03:19 AM
Jaye I just blacked out my 29 gallon now-quarantine/formerly main/soon to be shrimp tank for a week to control green hair algae that had taken hold in the hairgrass, whicih is basically the only plant in the tank at the moment. Uncovered the tank this evening and the algae is basically gone. Will need to do a big vac tomorrow as there's dead algae everywhere, but dead is the goal here, so that's NBD.
08-24-2016 01:13 PM
BrassFinger I gave this process a try over this past weekend on my fully planted, low tech 20H tank. I've been battling with first some hair or thread type algae, but that went away only to be replaced with BBA that has been stubborn to get rid of but fortunately fairly slow growing. I have been battling it by cutting and removing the heavily affected leaves, but that only serves to keep it in check, not eliminate it.

I run the standard dose of Excel even though it is a low-light tank (2 8" clamp lights sitting on the Versa-top with 9W 6500K CFL lamps). I'm guessing there are medium to high-ish light areas directly under the lights, but overall it's low. Substrate is PFS, and I use Flourish root tabs and Flourish liquid for micros. I have 5 spotted corys and a BN pleco in there. I tried spot dosing once with the Excel but ended up burning half the tail off one of the corys. Fortunately, he's just fine and it's growing back...whew!

Anyway, I pulled the filter media, added another HOB with no media and a small powerhead, dosed with 6 tbs. of peroxide and waited 15 min. Did the 50% change, and added the starter dose of Excel. Corys and pleco completely unfazed by the treatment.

The next day the water clouded up just a tiny bit, but ammonia and nitrite were both zero. It appears the BBA took a significant hit, turning reddish and grey/white color. I'm hoping it's dead but if I need to I'll tread it again with no hesitation since the fish did so well with it.

03-15-2016 02:56 AM
usgetata Three weeks after I re-setup my ADA 60H planted tank I got crazy GHA, GW and cloudy water. I kept changing water but thing were getting worse.

Last nights I decided to do the One-Two punch. While dosing H2o2 I added a eheim pump and directed the flow to blow directly on the GHA.
Like 10 minutes after I added 2 capful of Excel the Amano shrimps started swimming around trying to hide...
Did a 60% water change, call it a night and hope for the best.

Today When the light turned on the tank is much cleaner! The water is no longer greenish. About 70% of the GHA is gone and the rest looked weaken.

Counted my live stock. Amano shrimps, Ghost Shrimps, CRS, Chinese alage eaters and clown killifish babies are all alive!

I added a bunch of floater just to see if it can help further improve the situation and keep it clear.

Thank you for the one-two punch method. It worked for me.
03-09-2016 11:27 AM
Max [Update] Within a week all staghorn was gone passing from black through pinkish to completely white and eaten. I have lost a fish in the process but that was not purely as a result of the treatment. The fish has been previously stressed and the treatment was probably the last stroke. Overall, I call this treatment a success and will keep doing this whenever there is a necessity.

Hi, I want to reconfirm that it seems to work, I am only ~24 hours since I have performed the treatment but I have noticed that the algae turns reddish. I can reconfirm as well that the water becomes cloudy afterwards. Probably to the massive bacteria death or bloom. Not sure at the moment. I have added this thread to my subscription list. Let's see how it would turn.
02-09-2016 12:47 AM
max88 Did the one-two punches on Feb 06, 2016. Most algae have disappeared. The side effects caused a goldfish's death.
This is the list of steps done on a 56G tank:
1. Move all fish (6 goldfish and 1 Siamese Algae Eater), and 20% filter media, to another tank.
2. Move the remaining 80% filter media to a bucket with existing tank water.
3. Turned on Fluval 306 canister and maxijet 300 power head, plus a pump for added water flow.
4. Dump 300ml H2O2 into 56G tank (50G water).
5. Wait 30 minutes. Redirected water flow a few times.
6. In next 30 minutes, pump out 60% old water. Refill with tap water, add prime, turned on Fluval 306 + maxijet 300. Remove pump.
7. Add 25ml Excel.
8. Wait 15 minutes, put all filter media back, move all fish back to 56G tank.
There were a lot of small gas bubbles in the tank for the next few/ten hours.

24 hours later, all the brown algae disappeared, the plants look much greener. Sadly, a pearl scaled goldfish died. Ammonia reading was 0.5+ppm at that time. Nitrite (NO2) was 0ppm. The rise in ammonia reading was probably due to the combination of reduced bacteria in filter media, and the spike of organic matter (dead algae).

36 hours later, ammonia reading was 2.0+ppm, nitrite (NO2) was 0ppm. I immediately added 5x prime, move all fish to another tank, and did an 80% water change (and added 3x prime). Ammonia reading was 0.5ppm, nitrite (NO2) was 0ppm. The goldfish had to be moved back to the tank, because tiger/rosy/odessa barbs keep nipping on them in the other tank.

There is still some BBA around the canister filter pipes and water return, not sure if they are alive or dead. Will wait and see.

Conclusion: this method works, but beware of the side effects to fish or other live stocks.
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