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Yesterday 08:09 PM
Desertsp Great idea!

I wonder if sensitive plants could be protected by doing the treatment while the plants are in a "dormant" state, so they're less likely to intake the chemicals? Thinking maybe this state (if it even exists) could be triggered by darkness, low CO2, or lower temperatures. Anything that would reduce the rate that the plants are exchanging molecules with their surroundings.
Yesterday 02:43 AM
Originally Posted by Orca2013 View Post
how much ml is 2 tbsp?
2 Tbsp. = 29.57 ml
Yesterday 02:05 AM
bpb I one two punch'd. Within 24 hrs I had 2-3 guppy deaths and one neon tetra death. In the week that followed I had another 10 or so guppy deaths (I have well over 100 of them), and an oto death, but I honestly attribute that to me gassing them because I really cranked the co2. Not bad overall. My problem is that I still seem to have a little stubborn bba that hung around. Killed off a good 90% of it, and have been doing a 2mL per 10 gal maintenance daily dose since then. Do you guys do multiple treatments? Like repeat the 1-2 punch every 2 weeks or monthly?
Yesterday 01:13 AM
Maryland Guppy 1 tbsp. = 15ml.

I hope I did not post in haste.
This is according to a strange measuring device I own.
Yesterday 01:11 AM
Orca2013 how much ml is 2 tbsp?
06-14-2015 10:55 PM
ichy 1 week check in...very impressed!

Not one fatality of livestock. All the stag horn is toast and my BBA is on its way out! I did follow up with a couple days of spot treating some BBA.

And I'm dosing Excel on a daily basis, but my algae problems are on their way out!
06-08-2015 01:14 PM
ichy 24 hr update. I'm seeing lots of red algae, My java moss has red streaks in it, lots of clumps of red dying algae. It didn't appear to hurt the BBA do badly, so I'm spot treating right now. But overall it looks like it set the algae back a good bit!

In terms of the livestock, all is good, my guppy is pooping out little ones through this whole treatment and they are all doing OK, which may be a mixed blessing!
06-08-2015 07:57 AM
Originally Posted by ichy View Post
read most of the thread but don't know if I saw the answer.
After the initial double dose of excel, do you keep dosing on subsequent days with a regular dose?
I would eventually like to stop dosing excel if my algae starts dying back.
i strongly suggest to continue dosing excel daily. it after all primarily actually is an algecide.
06-07-2015 10:14 PM
ichy read most of the thread but don't know if I saw the answer.
After the initial double dose of excel, do you keep dosing on subsequent days with a regular dose?
I would eventually like to stop dosing excel if my algae starts dying back.
06-07-2015 06:31 PM
Originally Posted by chiefroastbeef View Post
Wow, great thread, I had an imbalance in my 60p tank a couple months ago due to getting married and slightly losing interest in my tank. BBA started to grow on some leaves of my anubias, bucephalandra, crypt, bolbitus and driftwood (my tank currently is a low tech, low maintenance, slow growing tank). There isn't a lot of BBA, I'll have to look in specific places to see some, but it's there and they don't seem to be going away. Anyway, it's good to know there is a working solution to combat BBA should I decide to totally get rid of it.

I currently have 40+ fire red cherry shrimp, along with small tetras and some rasboras and pygmy cories. If I decide to do this down the road, I'll make a trap and get as many shrimp and fish as I can out of the tank before I nuke it.

Good luck to you guys, and thank you for sharing your experiences! BBA is the slithering serpent of planted tanks...

I did this method and my Rasbora's were in such distress that I had to make up an emergency 5 gallon bucket. They were easy to catch in their state. I lost 3 out of 8. The catfish and snails did OK. I lost a few RCS.
06-07-2015 06:12 PM
Diana You might see fizzing, but if you have a strong water current going then the bubbles might be getting blown off the algae before they are big enough to see.
06-07-2015 04:45 PM
ichy "punched" my tank this morning followed dosing directions, with 4tbsp per gallon. One hour in and fish look fine. you see any fizzing from the h202 during the 15min of dosing?
05-21-2015 05:29 PM
Originally Posted by bpb View Post
Does this plan look decent? What concerns should I have based on my flora and fauna listed above?
As I said in your other thread, I think you should just start with Excel as per the recommendations on the bottle. The one-two is a last resort, and I don't think you have exhausted your other options.
05-21-2015 05:25 PM
Originally Posted by bpb View Post
I also do the full strength EI dosing recommendation, dosing both csm+b and kh2po4 and kno3 all together, monday, wednesday, and friday.
CSM+B should be dosed opposite of your kh2po4 and kno3. If you do kno3 and kh2po4 on M,W,F then you's dose CSM+B on T,T,S. Something about one making the other precipitate out.

BBA is attributed to inconsistent CO2 from what I've read. There are lower flow powerheads that you could go with to create current throughout your tank. If you can't address the "why" of the algae problem then it's just going to come back.

Aside from that I did this treatment in my 40b with a BGA issue, lost 2 small tetras in the process is all. I followed the instructions to the letter and everything was fine, your plan sounds good.
05-21-2015 05:01 PM
bpb I read up through page 9, and skipped here to the end. That's alot of reading. Enough to where I'll start forgetting what I read previous. Forgive me if I skipped something and am asking an old-hat question.

I was referred here by someone on my tank journal listed in my sig below. My tank is a 75 gallon medium tech planted. I've been running it for years and years and years, but broken down and rebuilt several times after becoming bored/dissatisfied. The only filter on the tank is an Eheim 2217 which has been in operation now for about 5 years solid, cleaned about once a year or so. Knowing how pitiful flow they have, I'm on the low end at about 150 gph maybe (with the 4 foot head, and spraybar) so I've only got 2x total tank volume turnover. I had previously tried to put a koralia 750 on the tank years ago, and killed several dozen fish who were not adapt to handle those kinds of currents. I'll soon be installing a co2 reactor that will add a little flow to the tank. Considering adding the koralia again, and maybe just cycling it 30 minutes on/30 minutes off all day? Give the fish a chance to recover and build up their swim strength?

Anyhow to the root of the thread. I'm considering the one-two punch treatment. I recnetly tore down the tank and re-did the substrate with brand new floramax and Miracle gro organic choice potting mix, and ditched most of my plants but kept a few. I've replanted alot since then, but most my plants are still young and haven't quite filled out. Shooting for the dense Dutch scape look.

Tank is now at the 3 week old mark, but still using my same filter which is mature and working. I've had BBA off and on for a couple years now, usually just growing on the oldest leaves of my old amazon sword I used to have, and here and there on some of the older dwarf sag leaves. I would typically trim them off every month or so as it was at a pretty stable level.

Ever since redoing the tank, BBA has began to explode. Its starting to cover even the lower 1/2 leaves of the sunset hygro, all over the remaining dwarf sag, all over the crypts, covering the driftwood and filter intakes. It's even starting to form large patches on the back glass/acrylic panel. I've increased my co2 heavily after this rebuild, trying to get a healthy carpet going. Runs an hour before lights on, to an hour before lights off (so about 8 hours a day for 8 hour photoperiod) and turns off via solenoid timer. Drop checker is yellow and bubble count is about 4 bubbles per second.

I also do the full strength EI dosing recommendation, dosing both csm+b and kh2po4 and kno3 all together, monday, wednesday, and friday. 50% water change on a weekend day (whichever is convenient).

Light is coralife 2x54 watt t5ho with GE 6500k bulbs, directly on tank rim, bulbs about a year old


Synodontis Eupterus (featherfin catfish)
3 Otos
several dozen black bar endler/guppies
one tiger barb
one neon tetra
one clown pleco


staurogyne repens
pogostemon helferi
hygrophilia thai (brown)
hygrophilia polysperma (sunset)
dwarf sag
crypt wendtii
lobelia cardinalis
bacopa caroliniana
rotala rotundifolia
rotala occultiflora
alternanthera reineckii

Plan: on water change day (kill 2 birds with one stone right?)

Cut eheim filter entirely, put koralia powerhead in tank, at one end, top blowing across, this should essentially create a gyre bringing flow everywhere, but I can move it around if necessary

Dose 2 TBSB per 10 gallons (estimated 60 gallon water volume) = 12 tablespoons

wait 15 minutes

perform 50% water change. This will take about 30 minutes. I may buy a thicker diameter hose to help drain the tank faster. my 1/2" ID hose takes painfully long to drain

Refill tank, leave koralia in, turn eheim filter back on

Dose 30 mL of excel (5mL per 10 gallon). Leave koralia running another 30 minutes or so to ensure even distribution of excel

Does this plan look decent? What concerns should I have based on my flora and fauna listed above?
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