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03-24-2014 06:30 AM
Monster Fish I used it to kill some pesky spirogyra tangled in my mosses no problem. However, I did notice that older bottles of the stuff don't really work so well even after six doses. So I picked up a bottle with a more recent production date and it killed the spirogyra after three doses.

Anyways, after treating some moss, how can I make sure that it's safe to return to my shrimp tank? I've rinsed the moss about ten times already and I just want to be sure there's no Algaefix residue left over.
03-23-2014 06:57 PM
DarkCobra Busan 77 is the trade name for poly-yadda-yadda-dichloride, one of many names for the same thing, just much easier to type.

I agree with [Plantbrain], Algaefix alone has no useful effect on BBA/staghorn, at least with recommended dosage and method.

Some of the Metricides contain an undisclosed surfactant, and people generally avoid them for that reason. Ironically, the surfactant is likely Busan 77, or something very much like it. Such combos are well-documented in medical and scientific areas, the surfactant improves cell absorption of glutaraldehyde, and therefore makes the combo a more effective sterilizer.

So in principle at least, there is a synergy between Algaefix and Excel.

Though I've been using Metricide 28 for about a year, simply because I ordered it by mistake. The amount of surfactant is small, and the dosage even smaller, so the additional ingredient is too dilute to have any noticeable effect.

Dosing Metricide and Algaefix together, I may have noticed a small synergy. But it's too small to say for sure. Nothing like the obvious synergy between H2O2 and Excel.
03-23-2014 03:40 AM
Originally Posted by DarkCobra View Post
.....The active ingredient of AlgaeFix, Busan 77, is a surfactant. In more familiar terms, it's similar to soap; though this isn't a perfectly accurate comparison.
I'm confused, as usual. What is Busan 77? The bottle says the active ingredient of AlgaeFix is Poly[oxyethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene(dimethyliminio) ethylene dichloride].

03-18-2014 10:57 PM
plantbrain Note, it does kill the green hair algae, it does NOT kill Caldophora.
Another alga that it did kill was a brown, likely diatom covered green brown hair algae that infested moss and aerial roots.

I've not seen any other species of algae that it kills, so it's highly specific.
Amano shrimp seem a bit more sensitive than RCS. Fish do not like it, but they seem pretty tolerant.

It has no effect on BBA I've seen in any tank.

It targets the cell wall channels and if you add enough of it, it'll kill plants too.
QAC's is another general name for the active compound.
03-18-2014 07:18 PM
Originally Posted by BruceF View Post
10g with mild BBA 10drops of algaefix two days later the algae is dead.
Did you directly apply the algaefix via syringe to the affected area or did you just drop the 10drops directly into the water in your tank?
03-13-2014 08:41 PM
BruceF 10g with mild BBA 10drops of algaefix two days later the algae is dead.
03-14-2013 07:43 PM
Originally Posted by DarkCobra View Post
If you have your own experiences, experiments, and thoughts, please share!
I got hair algae growing in my moss wall and it was pretty bad. Everytime I pull them the moss goes along.

After asking Tom Barr I decided to try from a small bottle. After 2 weeks I can see hair algae dissapearing. I lost one juvenile endlers.

I bought 2 more 16oz bottles. Good product.
03-14-2013 06:55 PM
Originally Posted by jester56 View Post
After reading the extensive information on this subject, I picked up the Frankenstein, "Fire Bad!" operating principle.

Originally Posted by jester56 View Post
The bad boy of the algae killers seems to be anything copper. It is indiscriminate in flora or fauna.
No doubt. Never bothered to experiment with it, by itself or in combo, and probably never will. Some of the other commercial algae killers are almost as bad. One common ingredient works by blocking photosynthesis. I don't think I need to say more..
03-14-2013 05:00 PM
jester56 I use it once in a while. I have a fifty with java fern, swords, giant red royals, hc, anubias and others. I have two gouramis and ten black longfin tetras.

After reading the extensive information on this subject, I picked up the Frankenstein, "Fire Bad!" operating principle. The bad boy of the algae killers seems to be anything copper. It is indiscriminate in flora or fauna. The AlgaeFix does not have that. I go by the bottle dosage - for my 50... One teaspoon. I measure the exact amount and slowly drizzle, (as much as you can drizzle a teaspoon), it right into the spray bar flow. IMHO, the key is following the instructions to the letter.

I watch the fish close with them showing no excitability or stress. The water gets white-smoky for an hour or two, and clears. It puts a pretty good slap on the "easy" algae. BBA I have to either cut the affected leaf or remove the rock and scrub the Hell out of it. I do all this in separate combination of the 1-2 Punch. There always seems to be SOME small bit of algae. But it's maintenance that makes it easier to deal with.
02-19-2013 10:05 PM
ckraft I've used it without adverse effect on fish and not too much effect on algae. I wonder if the different experiences might be due to dissolved substances in the water, either hardness or TDS. My water is rather hard, 55 GH, 12 KH, and about 1000 ppm TDS, If AlgaeFix does work by making the algae cell membrane leaky, then the higher osmotic tension of my water might make it less effective.

I've recently used it against chara in an outdoor container, the chara had a setback but returned as if nothing had happened. I need to try periodic repeat treatments, I guess.
02-18-2013 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by Fishmommy View Post
I wish I had googled before I used AlgaeFix. I killed about 10 fish with it using the full dosage.
I have continued using it at half dosage but the fish seem to dislike it (you can tell when they taste it in the water they go crazy) and it doesn't get rid of the ugly black algaes in my experience. I am thinking of throwing in the towel on this chemical band-aid.
Sorry to hear man. I used reccomended as well, but i didn't get any fish loss. Not even my inverts died. And yea, red algaes like BBA arent affected at all. It works well against green algaes like spiro and clado.
02-18-2013 03:56 PM
Fishmommy I wish I had googled before I used AlgaeFix. I killed about 10 fish with it using the full dosage.
I have continued using it at half dosage but the fish seem to dislike it (you can tell when they taste it in the water they go crazy) and it doesn't get rid of the ugly black algaes in my experience. I am thinking of throwing in the towel on this chemical band-aid.
02-18-2013 03:48 PM
AlgaeFix: Experiences, Experiments, and Thoughts

Sorry if I missed it. but has anyone tested PH before adding and after adding the stuff?
01-18-2013 11:34 AM
DarkCobra And the follow-up.

Weekly water change and trimming performed.

Staghorn was slightly reduced. I didn't expect much, since its a red algae like BBA, which is considered resistant to AlgaeFix.

The guppy that was severely affected continues to do well, apparently no worse for the wear.

But another guppy that took longer to stop gulping at the surface than most has developed dropsy. This is an extremely rare occurrence in my tank keeping history, so it's hard to write this off as coincidental. It's currently being treated with Kanamycin medicated flake.
01-15-2013 07:14 AM
Another test

I decided to perform one more test. This time taking a bigger risk by doing it in my main tank with more diverse population, instead of smaller ones. It's a 46G, high light and heavily planted, with 30ppm CO2.

A bit of staghorn, mostly on old and deteriorating vesuvius sword leaves that should be removed anyway; a little more on lower light plants that got too much light and flow. I'll be interested to see the effect (and will definitely trim the plants later). But this is primarily to validate my earlier results in regards to the suspected respiratory effects of AlgaeFix; and the utility of using smaller, more frequent doses to give fish time to adapt.

I removed the bamboo shrimp and Marimo balls. Remaining livestock is guppies, swordtails, cories, neons, otos, cherry barbs, many red ramshorn snails, a golden loach, and a juvenile Ryukin.


4:00pm: Measured out a full dose of AlgaeFix as recommended on the bottle, 4ml. The plan is to add it 25% at a time, with three hours between each fractional dose. Added first fractional dose with a dropper, 1ml.

7:00pm: No adverse effects observed, added another 1ml.

7:15pm: Almost all guppies now staying at surface of water, some gulping air. Clear respiratory distress. CO2 is still 30ppm, oxygenation should be fine since I'm already seeing heavy pearling. Also, the swordtails are hiding. Did not see this in any of my previous tests, with fractional doses spaced further apart. Too much, too fast?

8:00pm: Quick recovery. Most guppies and swordtails now behaving normally. But one guppy is looking worse.

10:00pm: All now behaving normally except that one guppy, which is now having severe trouble maintaining normal orientation and buoyancy. It seems to want to stay at the surface, but it only goes periodically in bursts of effort; then soon sinks back down. This is a known weak strain, I previously lost two of its siblings due to a 70% water change. I hate to abort the test on account of this. I also hate to lose this guppy as it's extraordinarily beautiful. So as a compromise, instead of adding the next fractional dose, I turned off CO2, redirected wavemaker to water surface to more quickly reduce the level, and called it a night.


2:00pm: Turned CO2 back on, and returned wavemaker to normal orientation.

4:00pm: Lights on. The guppy has seemingly made a full recovery and adapted; it just took extra time, plus a reprieve from CO2 to help it past the crisis. Knocked on wood, and continued with the test. Added fractional dose #3 of 4. The staghorn looks very slightly diminished, could be my imagination. But also see some fish picking at it, which doesn't normally happen.

7:00pm: No adverse effects. Added final fractional dose.

1:00am: Lights out. No adverse effects seen at any time today.


Well.. It didn't go exactly as planned. Respiratory distress occurred, despite spacing the fractional doses by what I thought was an adequate amount of time.

It seemed to be species specific. Only the guppies and swordtails were affected. Basically, all the livebearers. None of the egglayers were visibly affected, even the scaleless ones normally considered sensitive.

Had I dosed the entire amount at once, I expect the instantaneous stress would have been enough that I'd need to abort entirely with a large water change to prevent many deaths, maybe losing some anyway. And then my lady probably would have killed me, too. Dosing fractionally saves lives!

Will take a few more days to see the effects on algae. I'll post a follow-up with that, and anything else that might occur.
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