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01-27-2013 07:41 PM
thenameless i really like your set up. i just got 6 bolivian rams 2 weeks ago for my 40breeder. I see yours pop up that yellow color. my rams seems to have darker spots. I dont know if its because of the darker substrate i have...i hope some of them will mate soon.
01-26-2013 03:33 AM
Catie79 I just stumbled across your tank and love it. What a find! I also got my first Bolivian Rams recently and I have to agree, everything is better with Bolivian Rams.

Where did you find females? I've only been able to find males. I love my group of bachelors, but I'd like to set up a harem type situation if I can find the right ladies. Thanks!
12-28-2012 05:22 AM
halffrozen Thanks so much ladies and gents!

I have been VERY busy in the last few weeks!

I had recently did a MAJOR re-scape, flipping and moving the driftwood over to the other side. I am also really considering ditching the wood for awhile and going with large rocks that can act as large mountains... and attaching quite a bit of Nana's to them...

A few other updates:
Plants are doing great, think I may have killed about half of my Blyxia* though when I used a lead weight to help weigh them down. And a few vals melted after being moved so much, but they have all grown several inches. The Anubias are very ready for propagation... Can probably split them into fourths.

Fish, I got 4 Firemouths! They look fantastic!

Another reason why I want to get rid of the wood, least when they get bigger. I think they will be great with the Bolivians... If I don't change it up again to a tank that is more active with some larger fish.. maybe Mbuna's... again.

We will see!

Ohh and I will get a picture tomorrow!
12-28-2012 04:21 AM
LittleBee You have a beautiful tank! Love the Bolivians and that driftwood! It adds a lot of character to the tank!
12-14-2012 08:45 AM
BoxxerBoyDrew P.S.

I have never had a Eheim 2217, and I see it is rated at 264gph w/media, so in the 75g it is turning over the entire volume of the tank about 3.5 times a hour! I am wonder how much the flow is restricted with different kinds of media you can put in a Eheim of that style? I don't know what the flow rate is on the Fluval C4 hob you have, but I bet it isn't enough! With the small bioload you have I would say you have enough filtration, but not enough circulation. Normal power heads have to focused of a output, so I would either put a spray bar on the Maxi-Jet 600, or get a circulation kit for it (if you can for the model you have) so it will spread the flow out! By circulation kit I am talking about the newer MJ power heads can be switched over from a power head, circulating, and another setup too. I have seen them packaged with all 3 options or you can buy the kit to change the output type! IF the MJ you have won't switch over, then I would build a spray bar for it, so you don't have to spend to much more on it, or buy 1 or more of the Circulation style pumps, and forget about it!

If you plan on adding more fish then I would go for a second canister filter, and be done with it!

I hope this helps Ya out some!

I have 2 Fluval 205 canister filters on my 55g, and they are just about right! They put out about 206gph. So I am turning over the water about 7.5 times each hour. But I have a Co2 Reactor on one of them so I know it is a bit slower! I am going to build spraybars for both outputs to keep everything stirred up, because with just the 2 "normal" outputs I have dead spots still, even with that much water flowing!
12-14-2012 08:16 AM
BoxxerBoyDrew What a HECK-of-a-Find! A 75g for free!!!!


O liked it the other way with the suggestion of changing the rocks, BUT the teaser pics of the wood standing up like that with the rocks around it looks like it is going to be FREAKIN SWEET!!!

The sand looks pretty darn good too! It is bright, but not too bright with the lighting you have on the tank! I prefer darker substrate to give the fish something to stand out against! I have Black Diamond blasting grit in my 55g and it is good, but not very natural! I WISH there were more natural sands/ small gravel out there!!!

Anyway Awesome deal on the free swimmers! Sorry they got eaten though!!! Are the Bolivian Rams known for eating their young? Never had them myself. I like the German Rams a bit better.

Since you got rid of the Angels are you going with something else?

I am Subscribed here 4sure!

Keep up the GREAT WORK!
12-14-2012 03:13 AM
halffrozen So the babies all got eaten today... of course.. this morning I was in such a rush I forgot to feed all 3 of my tanks.. But I think the parents may had been bickering before hand anyways.

Since that all happened, I did a MAJOR re-scape.

These are just teaser photo's... :p

12-13-2012 09:07 PM
Originally Posted by junglefowl View Post
I would move all the rocks on the left to go along with the driftwood to see how it looks. You can add anubias and long java fern to the DW to make a focal point in the tank.
I know it would be hard to move stuff in the tank since you have sand, just a suggestion!
Ohh... very good idea.. so have rocks all along the front of the dw? Sounds very cool! Will try that for sure! Hoping to order about 25 Anubias Nana's to attach to the dw.. which will be so much fun doing... lol

Sand is easy!

Thanks for the comment!
12-13-2012 08:51 PM
junglefowl I would move all the rocks on the left to go along with the driftwood to see how it looks. You can add anubias and long java fern to the DW to make a focal point in the tank.
I know it would be hard to move stuff in the tank since you have sand, just a suggestion!
12-13-2012 08:29 PM
halffrozen Swimmers as of yesterday!

I am guessing 20+

Excuse the Eheim pipes.. I am trying to get away without using my power head that turns my tank into a mess.

Will be getting some black string to tie the vals to a mat I have to keep them in a nice consolidated area.

FTS from this morning:

12-12-2012 02:39 PM
halffrozen Crappy cell phone picture of it in the morning.

I REALLY need help on what should do with the driftwood... lol

Should I cover it in Anubias Nana's, if not Nana's then what? Get it out of there? What?

12-11-2012 03:10 PM
halffrozen Thanks guys!

The wood is making my tank water quite dark(tanis* color), and proving to be a PITA to work with! Having second thoughts on it. :/

It has created a lot dead spots for crud to build up, and for some reason it seems my filters are having a hard time picking up particles... my Eheim 2217's output is VERY weak.

Even with my Maxijet-600(which is most likely overkill for a planted tank, it sends my tank into a tornado. lol) All I can do with it, is point it towards the surface to keep the tank in some type of circulation.

All this leads me to a few questions...

Do I even need to have a decent circulation in a 75 gallon planted tank?

Would taking out the Substrate Pro and replacing it with foam help with my 2217's output?

What would you do with this piece of wood? It really looks the best in its current position, otherwise it doesn't have that much character.

Sorry for no picture updates.. BUT!

The Angelfish were sold a few days ago.

And the eggs made it! The parents had moved the wigglers into the roots of my vals, and it has been a few days now with them down there.. I am expecting swimmers any day now!
12-11-2012 01:38 PM
tharsis Hey, good to see you over here at plantedtank haha. I love bolivian rams, they are really cool fish. I miss mine. The tanks look really great!
12-11-2012 04:43 AM
Love this setup

I really like this set up. Its so simple but effectively beautiful. I saw the white sand substrate and was like man thats cool and read that it was quikrete from home depots and was like sweet. I've been looking for a cool substrate that proved cost effective. Love the videos and photos of the rams. Keep us posted. I'll be staying tuned
12-03-2012 07:46 PM
halffrozen Some videos I took of a pair guarding a rock.

Part 1

Part 2
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