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11-27-2012 06:48 AM
In.a.Box will be hard for me to work at a pet store ... ^^ i most likely will tell customers *you can get cheap tank on craigslist and find the same filter/heater on ebay for half the price here.
can you get fired for that? LOL
11-27-2012 06:09 AM
JoeGREEEN very interesting thread here

I guess living down here in Florida (plenty of fish farms) I am spoiled with choice and value on both plants and fish.

I have glanced aquabid a few times, but I have great rapport with a few lfs owners/managers down here & they have made special orders knowing that I may only purchase a small handful of the species I requested.

As mentioned before its good to see the stock before you purchase. I have gone to a lfs with lets say a particular schooling fish in mind but leave the store with the acquisition of a bag of fish i originally did not have in mind.

and maybe I am a bit old fashioned but I do enjoy the personable exchange you get face to face. Now a days it seems like some cant be bothered to look away from their phones.

Funny the more technology provides us with conveniences & distractions, the more we multi-task our ways out of social exchange.

!oh pardon me my cell phone buzzing an email on new netflix releases.

11-27-2012 05:08 AM
fishyjoe24 it's a trade off, lfs you get to see the fish first hand. but online they are cheaper but doesn't always mean a better fish. whats said is some of the lfs work on comissions and are told to sale sale sale, or how's going in to petco's and petsmart "That fish is dead aha it's just laying on it's side sleeping, or oh im sorry we will get more on X date. the allen petco knows there stuff along with a few other petsmart. it sucks the planted seen is not big, or some of the plants are over priced. just up the road from me a lfs wants 8.99 for potted plants, and a small 3 leafed nana anubias for 15.99
10-30-2012 04:54 PM
LB79 My LFS is a great one. Not really local, but it's the next best thing to a public aquarium. 800 tanks, the second largest cichlid collection in the USA, the largest shop on the West Coast... and boy would I give anything to work there. I'd probably even volunteer. It's one of those that has an online site and a separate holding facility. Pretty well-though-out business.

I think it's really too bad that most LFSs are going out of business. They need our support, because we need them.
10-30-2012 02:03 PM
Silmarwen I would love to get a job at my LFS. Personally, I'd never buy fish online. I'd go to my little place I've got. I'm big on "local economy", and I'm willing to pay a tiny bit more to support it. Even with bus fare to and from, it still often winds up cheaper than shipping costs. I haven't gotten so deep into the hobby yet that my lfs dosen't stock what I need. I hit petco for some of the cheaper dry goods--my little suction-cup thermometer, for example--but then I swing by fish doctors for a peek at their livestock, plants, driftwood, filters, etcetc. I go just to look around, honestly!
10-30-2012 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by acitydweller View Post
Exie, by the first week, you get a sense of what the more popular fish are so learn about them, their environment, what their compatible with, their temperament and care requirement. These should be a minimum... Then you can branch out on the breeds and expand your knowledge that way as you would be building on what you already learned. Good luck. A new job is always exciting.
Unfortunately, the most popular fish are salt. It's a whole other world on that half of the fish room :p I am building on what I already know quite a lot, but salt is a different subject entirely.
10-30-2012 11:06 AM
acitydweller Yes, shopping online is pretty impersonal. Great for some things but not for others.

In livestock, being able to select by gender, coloration, finnage, and other signs of quality may not be appreciated by the average price and having someone pick a mix of good and not so suits them fine. Personally indent have hundreds of gallons of tank space to spare so selecting a few fine specimens are a plus for me, more so with inverts... As I would happily see beautiful shrimp breed and not have any ugly ones have offspring. Sort of defeats the purpose. Lfs is my preference in keeping these businesses and buying options around...

Exie, by the first week, you get a sense of what the more popular fish are so learn about them, their environment, what their compatible with, their temperament and care requirement. These should be a minimum... Then you can branch out on the breeds and expand your knowledge that way as you would be building on what you already learned. Good luck. A new job is always exciting.
10-30-2012 10:25 AM
Razorworm I try to get to one of the two LFS near me once a week or so. Even if not buying, I go to look and every time , I walk out having learned something. I NEVER walked out of a "big box" feeling like I learned anything. I happily go way out of my way to patronize my LFS. As for the internet, if it dried up and went bye bye, I would not loose a wink. I would however miss this site
10-30-2012 04:07 AM
Ebi I'm a college student, 3rd year. An worked at LFS's for the past 5 years..
One in hawaii and currently now in Utah.

Yeahh.. Although we have a decent selection of fish and the best aquatic plants in the state, the internet will take its % of customers away from us.

It's cool how we're getting the community to support "Local" then these big trade mark names.
10-30-2012 03:54 AM
Zuni The variety of fish at my LFS is much better than any petco or petsmart, although its also more expensive.
I try to buy most of my stock there but sometimes their. prices are too crazy.
8 dollars for ONE cherry shrimp. For the price of 5 shrimp there, I got 40 shipped to my door for less.
Thats the only thing though, most of the fish are reasonably priced.
10-30-2012 03:34 AM
ScholasticSpastic I just got a job at an LFS in Oregon. Prior to that worked at a Petco in the aquatics department for over a year. We don't have so many rules.

I do think fish stores are likely to survive the internet, though. People want to look at their fish before they buy them. A pet of any sort isn't something you're likely to want to purchase anonymously from an unseen collection. Also, as stated earlier, shipping adds a LOT to the cost. It's almost always cheaper to buy locally than to get a heavily discounted internet fish.

Fish stores are also a great place to get the sort of product help that you absolutely cannot get online and are unlikely to get over the phone from a vendor's phone bank of English-fluent Philipinos.

I did just order some shrimp online, but that's because I couldn't find a local source for them. I'll probably wind up selling their offspring through the store.

Very proud of the fully planted display tank the owner let me adopt. I completely re-aquascaped it and it's looking fantastic. 180 US gallons of water, CO2 injection, fantastic wood, and I had my pick of plants. Unfortunately, I've insisted on quarantining all fish to go into it and we don't always have a spare tank for that. So it's currently stocked with seven corydoras and a betta.
10-30-2012 12:54 AM
Exie Well like I said, I'm new to the store (but not the hobby) and we sell fresh and salt; so I often don't know. I'm also super poor, so unless its something you'd see in a budget build or my specific tank (heavy plant loach tank), I'm not going to know the equipment.

And I'll tell that to my customers. "I'm sorry, I only know basic information about X; I'm new to the store and still learning information outside of my specialty. I can go find Bob for you, they're our specialist on X."

If you went into a store that has 500+ varieties of fish on hand at all times, hundreds of corals, thousands of pieces of equipment by hundreds of brands..... and someone said they knew it all, would you believe them?

Well there are 3 people at my store who know everything, but one is the owner and has been doing the fish thing for 50 years, and the other two are his relatives.

Also, I don't think that speciality, high end shops will ever go out of business (nor will mega stores like Walmart, but thats a different can of worms), because they offer something specific to a generally upper-class patron who can spare the extra 15% or whatever is tacked on by the LFS vs online. And its an emotional experience. You can walk down an isle, hundreds of items on both sides of you and maybe take in 10% of them - it would take hours to get that kind of product immersion online. And then you pick one up (emotional attachment), someone explains its perks (more emotional attachment), you feel like "wow this is MINE" because your'e holding it; and its suddenly more superior to the others. There's a lot to be said for shopping in person.
10-29-2012 11:30 PM
acitydweller personally i feel LFS fall short of being passionate about their products they sell. i suppose the same can apply to most retail shops. lack of expertise, depth of the hobby or the simple act of admitting you simply dont know are all problems i find.

I have covered a majority of the LFS in the tristate vicinity over the past few years and see this all the time. its the same when shopping for cars, gadgets and even home renovations when youve already planned out projects and meet contractors explaining only "old school" methods...

Personally, i would buy a canister from a LFS if i were sold it... and i mean having the enhancements and comparison betwen other makes explained to me rather than me scouring the internet for all these facts then reading dozens of reviews, which inevitably will be the case anyway.

The economy is in the pits now and businesses cant rest of the laurels of products selling themselves anymore.. people actually have to start working and selling if they are in retail. hello?!?!
10-29-2012 11:15 PM
VivaDaWolf I work at said chain pet store...expect to explain your heart out on things like nitrogen cycle, stocking density, tank size recommendations...

..and have 90% of people listen to none of it.
10-29-2012 08:41 PM
PinkRasbora Thought about buying an existing LFS once then I moved and the idea didnt seem good anymore. Working at a chain fish store I think would drive me and the owners nuts because I would want to fix all the misgivings.
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