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12-08-2012 06:22 AM
theshadybird Been a while since an update, but here ya go:

Moved the driftwood, added a crap ton of jungle vals, removed a couple hygrophila, added cholla wood, added a couple Amano shrimp, and got an AquaClear 20 in there, which is working WONDERFULLY.

Puffers are being really picky though, will only eat bloodworms with some coaxing, but still prefer snails. Any ideas?
11-16-2012 08:28 PM
drazend OH, NICE! I like what you did with your DIY CO2 diffuser... I have mine running into a small fountain pump and the impeller "chops up" the bubbles and dispenses them into the water column. If I were to stuff some filter floss in end first, I could probably get more bang for my bubble.

Beautiful tanks, and that is one cute puffer
11-12-2012 01:21 AM
theshadybird This is really sounding like a journal now, what with only me saying anything ^^

Anyhow, here are pics of the lovely Miss Puff!

This is my absolute favorite pic of her :}

She is EVERYthing people have been saying about Pea Puffers: Cute, intelligent, tiny, and incurably curious! She was hunting the instant she was released into the tank!

Now, don't think there won't be Dario Dario in this tank; there will be!
However, my SO is thinking about getting some Pea Puffers (my fishyness is rubbing off on him!), so should he set up a tank, he'll get her and maybe another. Until then, I get to keep a fish I wouldn't have otherwise.

And finally, some pics of my DIY CO2. I really wasn't ever planning to have any CO2 in this tank, but eventually I couldn't say no to the part of me that wants to try everything.
It's ugly and bulky, but effective so far!

To diffuse the CO2 into the water column, I devised this:

Took a bit off the end of my water vacuum and pushed a good quantity of filter fiber into it. I then put that on the end of the tube connected to the yeast bottle, using a zip tie to tighten it on there. The floss makes the bubbles smaller, which then get sucked into the intake of my filter. I'm excited to see how it affects my plant's growth!
11-11-2012 05:28 AM
theshadybird Brief notes:
1. It is cycled!
2. There are dwarf Pea Puffers at my LFS, so I'm getting two.
and 3. added DIY CO2, because I wanted to try it. Got it aimed at the intake of my filter, and it's working beautifully. Going at 3 DPS right now, and the Zebra Danio that are temporarily in there are doing fine, so I'm not worried about it changing too much about my tank params.

SO VERY EXCITED ABOUT THE PUFFERS. So very excited. So many snails are going to meet their dooooms >:}
11-09-2012 05:19 AM
theshadybird Algae's been.... lessened? It's under control anyway, and the flame moss is really taking off now! It's 80% cycled, and I've moved the moved the light so that it is about 6 inches above the surface of the water. This'll help with the algae prolly, and my floaters will get aeration.

And here are some pics to illustrate!

The tank above it is a 10 gallon betta sorority that will be converted to planted within the next month. I've officially been bitten by the planted tank bug!
11-05-2012 04:23 PM
theshadybird Haha, thanks for the advice baracus, I'll be glad to know it the next time I do this sort of thing (which will be often, I just know it.)

And thanks to you too GMYukon!

Just found a bit of hair algae on the Flame moss, so I've kicked on the timer for 6 on, 6 off 12 hour periods. Curious as to what this'll do :]
11-05-2012 03:58 PM
GMYukonon24s Nice setup!
11-05-2012 02:33 PM
bB.A.Baracus Wish I had seen this 2 weeks ago. I've had no issues attaching driftwood to slate with superglue. Mine held for over a year before finally breaking, and by that time the wood was long since waterlogged. Gorilla glue would probably hold even longer. I know it doesn't help now, but at least you have it for future reference. Tank looks good, btw.
11-05-2012 02:41 AM
theshadybird Here I had the driftwood in. I never got a hold of a drill, so instead I used nylon thread to attach it and I'm not entirely sure how well that is going to work, but it functions for now.

For the substrate, I went with the quartz sand from Ace Hardware and some organic potting soil my school's farm makes so I know for sure it is 100% all natural. Bottom half of the substrate is 3 parts sand, 1 part soil, with an all sand cap. Hoping this will work in place of root tabs :]


Planted and being filled:

Filled first day:

And here it is now:
Trimmed the Banana plant because the pads were REALLY LONG. Also added the floaters. You can see the plants have stood up nicely, and AVN's flame moss is starting to bush up :]

Plant list:
Amazon Frogbit (there will be A LOT more of this, thank you acitydweller and HighDesert!)
Savlinia Natans (again, thanks acitydweller :] )
A few bits of Dwarf Water Lettuce
Hydrophila Corymbosa
Anubias Barteri 'Nana' (ty Layout420)
(what was laballed as) Echinodorus tenellus- Pygmy Chain Swords
Flame Moss (ty AVN :] )
Hygrophila Difformis- Water Wisteria
Egeria Densa- Anacharis
Amazon sword of some kind
A few stems of what I think is Creeping Jenny
Banana Plant
aaannnd.... Oh! A Pothos cutting hanging in the back.

Now I'm just waiting for it to cycle. The ammonia goes from 4ppm to .5ppm in less than 24 hours, but the Nitrite and Nitrate are still both sky high. I'm glad it's moving quickly though :]
11-01-2012 07:50 PM
theshadybird My tank is UP AND CYCLING! WOO!
These last two weeks have been crazy, for sure. I got paid, bought several fishy things, then was in Tennessee from Wednesday to Sunday of last week for a convention, then spent pretty much all this past week trying to fit putting up the tank around my classes and work (Doing this in a dorm room by the way, my roommate thinks I'm crazy, but she's thought that even before I was keeping three aquariums in a dorm XD).
I also have a new camera! It is a really nice happy medium between point and shoot and pro. Been taking pictures with it, and they are so very nice.

Still working all of this around school, work, and sleep, so I'll have a full update up probably tomorrow, Saturday evening at the latest. This is just to let you know that I haven't disappeared.

10-15-2012 05:18 AM
theshadybird Quick update!

I found a piece of slate here on campus! It's about the shape I like, being about 6"wx5"lx1"thick with down-sloping sides, and I believe heavy enough to hold down my driftwood, especially after I managed to hold it down in my 10 gallon using only the gravel in there.
However, I am stumped as to how I am supposed to attach the slate to the wood. That is to say, I know you can drill a hole through the slate, and use a stainless steel screw to attach the wood to it, but I don't have a drill. And if I did, I wouldn't know how to drill rock. My school has a tech department, with lathes and drills and electron welders and such, so I might stop by there some time and ask if they can try to drill the hole, but if the rock breaks, I'm out this lovely piece of free stone.

There is another option I read about, using silicone, but how secure is that, exactly? Especially since the part I would apply the silicone to is really rather... bumpy. Would only a few drops on the main contact points work? And what if I want to use the wood again, in a different position? Would I be able to remove the silicone cleanly?

Choices choices.
What do you think?
10-14-2012 04:48 AM
Blyxa Japonica needs Co2 injected.
Glossostigma elatinoides needs high light and Co2 injected.
Marsilea Quadrifolia would grow with your light.
Plant finder has been my dearest and closest friend on this adventure.
From what I've read, glosso will grow better and faster in a CO2 injected tank, but doesn't require it. As I said in my previous post:
[I hypothesize] it will grow slower but horizontal, but as the light gets less intense towards the sides due to how light works and an addition of Frogbit, will probably grow a bit taller and leggier and be something nice for the D. Dario and H. Jerdoni to root through and hide in.
But it is still just an option, and simply layering the bottom with leaf litter is sounding more and more appealing as I go. Thanks for the advice on the Marsilea though :] Plant geek makes me think even more it might be nice for my tank.
B. Japonica was just one of the contestants for the forest-y area I'm wanting in the back. However, after reading about how needy it is, and brainstorming the Water Wisteria forest last night, it is even further down my list of candidates.
Thanks though!

Been wandering the forum some more, and read about including Pothos in a set-up, particularly in HOB filters and the such. It intrigued me, but I didn't think much further on it, when serendipitously, a local cafe I haven't visited in a while had a sad little one in the corner! Asked for a cutting, and now I have a cute little pothos sitting in that Dump tank I showed you.
Might include it in the eventual HOB filter of this particular tank, but who knows.
Also, did a teensy bit more research on the Hara Jerdoni, and a) they are incredibly adorable and b) require about the same foods as the D. Dario, which made me quite happy. Getting live foods for only 2-3 tiny Dario just seemed like over kill, but if I'm getting live foods for 2-3 Dario and 2-4 Hara Jerdoni, it seems to me that there would be a lot less wasted.

Also, I created a thread asking about the plausibility of using natural bones in an aquarium, and the response was generally very optimistic, so a small set of deer antlers might make it's way into this tank, but more likely into another. Just thought to mention this, since it sounds cool to me.
10-14-2012 02:01 AM
Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Ordering plants from Asia like that is illegal. And they typically arrive in poor shape after being in transit for 5-15 days.
I didn't order from Asia. I bidded on Ebay. They came from Taiwan. I got a java fern v windelov that was as big as 2 ferns for 3.25 (shipment free). Only when I ordered when it was cold did the plant arrive in bad shape. It was wisteria, which is a weed thus the 5 small stems became a big bush.

If you order from someone on the forum you will get more for what you pay for. You have to pay for shipment too though.
Originally Posted by theshadybird View Post
updated plant list:
Blyxa Japonica is an option for the back of the tank.
Glosso (Glossostigma elatinoides) AND/OR Four Leaf Clover (Marsilea Quadrifolia)
Blyxa Japonica needs Co2 injected.
Glossostigma elatinoides needs high light and Co2 injected.
Marsilea Quadrifolia would grow with your light.
Check out plant finder and plant geek to find plants suited for your specs.
10-13-2012 06:35 AM

As promised, here are the pictures I've been talking about, though a bit late as the images and I had an argument.

First Picture-
Here is the driftwood I purchased. It'll be stood up in the tank about like this, with this side facing front. My tank is 16 inches long, and this is about 12, so it should fill it up nicely.

Second Picture-
And here is the back side. Not nearly as interesting, but still quite lovely.

Third Picture-
This is a basic shot of the 5 gal as it is right now. Houses one male betta (The lovely KT), an Apple Snail, a bunch of Ramshorns, and a Zebra Danio Fry that managed to not be caught when I took all of its brothers and sisters to my home in western KY to live in a 20 gallon long. Stupid Danio.

Anyway, here you can see what I was talking about when I said that the light is bright! As for a basic list of the plants I currently have in this tank, there is:
  • Hornwort (Ceratophyllum submersum)
  • Anacharis (Egeria Densa)
  • A couple Marimo balls
  • Water Wisteria (Hygrophila Difformis)
  • And a Banana Plant (Nymphoides aquatica)
Fourth Picture-
Here's a much better picture of the Driftwood again, compared to my hand.

Fifth Picture-
Here is the worst picture of the lot, as I tried to hold it up to the 5 gal itself, in order to better show the size relation.

Sixth Picture-
Here is a much better picture of the Banana Plant and the Wisteria. You can see how the new growth is a lot lacier than the older leaves. Ignore the dirty glass and the DERPIEST BETTA FACE EVER.

Seventh Picture-
Next is a better above view of one of the pads from the Banana Plant (with a hidden bubble nest under the ENTIRE thing), as well as a leaf that randomly decided to twin itself. Also gives a better perspective of the space inside the tank.

Eighth Picture-
Another above view. This one shows a tiny plantlet trying to sprout from a leaf of the Wisteria, if you can spot it.

Ninth Picture-
Here is my... 3 gallon dump tank? Plants I don't want, fish I don't want, snails I don't want. Got some dwarf water lettuce in here, creeping jenny, some more tiny wisteria, anacharis, hornwort, a few VERY TINY java ferns (under 1 inch tall, so tiny, they would take ages and ages to grow up), aaaand some Danio fry that were too young to send home. They're still tiny, only about half an inch long. Also some more snails.

Tenth Picture-
Top view of the same tank. As a note, the light in the desk lamp is the same as the one in the 5 gal.

As for the updated plant list:
  1. Pygmy Chain Sword (Echinodorus tenellus)
  2. Glosso (Glossostigma elatinoides) AND/OR Four Leaf Clover (Marsilea Quadrifolia), but I'm thinking the Glosso might work better, with the PCS growing with/around it. Since I don't plan on adding CO2 to my tank kind of ever, but with the light still as bright as it is, it will grow slower but horizontal, but as the light gets less intense towards the sides due to how light works and an addition of Frogbit, will probably grow a bit taller and leggier and be something nice for the D. Dario and H. Jerdoni to root through and hide in.
    ---> Just read someone had serious issue with trying to grow it in sand, but I think they were trying to grow it in finer sand than I'm wanting.....
    ------> Might just toss this idea in favor of a nice layer of leaf litter along the bottom. The H. Jerdoni would appreciate this.
  3. Some kind of Moss to go around the base of the driftwood. I'm thinking maybe Java or Taiwan, especially since my tank is going to be cooler than my Betta tanks and so ought to grow well. I'm just not sure though :/
  4. Blyxa Japonica is an option for the back of the tank, I'm still looking for something that will make a nice forest back there :/
  5. Water Wisteria (Hygrophila Difformis) is also an option for a background forest, so long as I make sure to keep the forest on the brighter side of the tank. I would thicken the growth by topping and replanting until I have something nice and bushy back there. Planning to add ferts anyway, which would keep it healthy, but again, the lack of CO2 would keep the growth manageable.
    ---> Limnophila Sessiliflora was a brief option for the forest. I think I've decided against it, as it would grow faster than I care to trim.
  6. Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus) will be attached along the line of the driftwood, maybe make a sort of Java wall along the top. Might use some of the baby plants I have, but will definitely be wanting a few that are a bit larger.
  7. Anubias barteri var. Nana 'Petite'is definitely something I want to attach around and on the base of the driftwood. I think it would look really nice, and add some fleshy variety to my plants :]
  8. Anubias barteri var. Nana would go on the other, darker end of the tank, and assist with some of the shading I'm wanting in that corner.
  9. Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum), as mentioned above, is definitely on my shopping list.
I think this is all? Dunno, my brain stopped working at around 1AM.

In other news, the Great Substrate Debate has ended, and I've settled on AquaQuartz pool filter sand. I've also stumbled across a fertilizer that tickles my fancy, Pfertz aquarium products, and I'll be honest and say that I like it because it is pretty, is easy, and had lovely reviews. And it is pretty cheap right now.

Just wear gloves for there may be some kritters in there that could give you a nasty sting.
Teehee, gloves. Good advice, it really is. *Remembers fondly rarely, if ever, wearing shoes in said creek*

The best bet is to buy plants from fellow hobbyists here on TPT. Not to violate the law and face extreme penalties on the federal and state level.
The community is definitely a great resource. I'd have to agree
Yup yup yup, and when I get the moolah, I'm gonna make a wonderful little WTB thread, and hopefully I'll get some offers :3

OFF TO BED NOW. Night sweetlings, let me know what you think :]
10-13-2012 12:37 AM
nerdariostomp The community is definitely a great resource. I'd have to agree
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