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04-24-2017 04:17 AM
johnson18 Oh, these four damn killifish have done a number on the population of shrimp in this tank. I'm just waiting for their 10g to be fully ready. It's pretty much good to go, but I see no real reason to rush it. Not to mention there is absolutely no way I'd be able to net those speedy little things with my back in its current condition. Hopefully after this insanely busy upcoming week I'll be able to get them moved. They've turned into quite good looking little fish, I don't think their eggs will successfully hatch unless they get a bit of a dry period, so not in this tank. Although, I will have to keep an eye on this tank for a while, as they've done PLENTY of breeding in here!
04-23-2017 11:06 PM
Johnson18's 55gal Dirted Shrimp Tank-Huge Update 4/8

Well, I think I messed up when I switched things up. Not because of the ACTUAL plants or anything, everything I got was awesome. Just stepping up to the more high tech, demanding plants at the time I did. Last week I scheduled back surgery for the middle of May, which comes with a huge recovery period that has many things heavily restricted. Maintenance throughout the summer is going to be nearly impossible for me to do, & will have to be done by my sister, who I live with.

No plans to actually get rid of the new plants. There are certain species that will probably get thinned out, going to at least one local hobbyist who I've swapped stuff with before. Besides, he currently has some Sunset Hygro that he is growing out to give me. Some might also go to the plant auction at the next local club meeting, which is conveniently three days before my surgery.

I guess I never fully updated this after switching this up. I'll put a picture up from my phone as soon as I post this. A couple members hooked it up. I never actually finished rearranging thing, busy with the last couple weeks of a hellish semester. Plus I threw my back out again & spent most of last week stuck in bed.

04-09-2017 05:05 PM
johnson18 Last night's final FTS

Crowding the Lagenandra meeboldii 'red round' a bit.

And finally, the whole reason I started thinking about rescaping a bit... the Cryptocoryne affinis 'metallic red' will now be getting some light!!

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04-09-2017 05:20 AM
johnson18 So..... I did a thing... I'm not done though. I'm mostly finished for this evening I've been at it for about 5 hours now. I'm not fast at the whole rescaping, especially since I've got a super bad back(I'll be scheduling back surgery next Monday.) I supposed I'll get to the changes now.

I yanked out like 98% of the Hydrocotyle tripartita sp. 'Japan' as well as almost all of the Dwarf sag. Most of the Hydrocotyle will go back into the tank as floaters for probably the next week or so until the new plants get adjusted. Well, that and I get all of the plants from the various places they are coming from. I'll be adding a few different stems to the tanks.

In place of the Hydrocotyle tripartita & Dwarf sag is a combo of the remaining Marsilea minuta, to which I added a bunch more ~100 nodes, and a bunch of Hygrophila sp. 'araguaia'. Part of the Hygro came from Burr & I had a few nice stems in my 20L. I think it looks a bit funky right now, but I'm pretty sure once both plants fill in it'll look good.

Just the MM:

Here's the carpet area now:

I thinned the Crypt undulata along the back wall. Moves most of them into other areas of the tank. I wanted to clear the back wall out for some taller stems. The Rotala sp. 'mini butterfly pink' that is already in the tank needs to be trimmed and replanted. I moved a couple from the 20L. Along with some Ludwigia Sp. 'Rubin'. There are some other things on the way too.

The killis have been crazy interested in everything I've been doing in the tank. Spending as much time checking out the tools and the plants in them as they pretty much could have! They've been spawning nonstop for a few days. The males have more color today than I've seen before! It's difficult to get the camera to show.

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04-05-2017 05:05 PM
Originally Posted by Greggz View Post
Great tank and journal. Plants look healthy, and I like the Killifish. I've never kept them, but they look like adult colors should be great.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks! I have been quite pleased with the plant growth lately. They've been looking great! I hope I don't mess it all up by changing the carpet plants this weekend!

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04-05-2017 05:02 PM
johnson18 I think the killis were breeding in the plants this morning.....

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04-04-2017 11:09 AM
Greggz Great tank and journal. Plants look healthy, and I like the Killifish. I've never kept them, but they look like adult colors should be great.

Keep up the good work!
04-04-2017 09:06 AM
BettaBettas green!
04-04-2017 08:57 AM
Originally Posted by burr740 View Post
Looking good! Everything is so clean and healthy too. Nice

Thank you Joe! I'm gonna try my hardest to continue the nice, healthy plant growth. I may have to float the Hydrocotyle for a few days while the tank adjusts to the new growth after replacing the carpet! We'll see though, definitely going to have to play it be ear for a bit.

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04-04-2017 08:43 AM
burr740 Looking good! Everything is so clean and healthy too. Nice
04-04-2017 08:10 AM
Johnson18's 55gal Dirted Shrimp Tank-Huge Update 4/4/17

This tank has been growing well! Over the past couple days I've snatched bits and pieces from here and mostly stuck them into the new Killifish tank #1. Probably the largest portion was wisteria, followed by a couple chunks of Anubias barteri var nana & nana petite, a little Peacock moss & some narrow lead Java Fern. Nothing that will be drastically missed for now. The two pairs of Killifish, Aphysemion cinnamomeum, that went into this tank are coloring up nicely but all of the shrimp have disappeared. I am pretty sure they're NOT being eaten, yet, but they're definitely being picked on!!! The killies should have they're own 10g tank ready for them within the next week at the longest!

The A. cinnamomeum:not my pic

One of the females

Males starting to get a little color.

At the same auction where I purchased the Killifish(and my new F1 Apistos!) I also got a few plants! The plant I'm probably happiest about is one of the older Cryptocoryne species in the hobby, while also being a Crypt. that is not seen as often these days! Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia! A gorgeous specimen too! For those not familiar with this Cryptocoryne species, it is one of the larger Crypts and probably the largest in the hobby, reaching up to 1 meter in length/height! This particular plant is not quite that large & of course has started to melt a bit after a week in my tank.

Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia

The other plants have been doing great. The Rotala sp. 'mini butterfly var. pink' has definitely been one that has impressed me! I started out with two stems in here, both tops that might have been 3 inches, if we're lucky! Now they're almost to the top of the tank, and have branched into like 9 or 10 stems! I'm seriously amazed! The branching has all been on its own too, I've not done any trimming to this cluster! I will probably trim some this weekend! There are also a couple stems in my 20g Apisto/Pencilfish tank that don't look anything like this, they'll be getting moved over as well!

The Lagenandra meeboldii 'red round' that I got from @burr740 a while back has been growing well! It has put out a few new leaves and has another nice big one on the way! This has to be one of my favorite plants, including my beloved Crypts! Unfortunately, my camera doesn't do it justice!

The lagenandra meeboldii 'red round' can also be seen in a number of other pictures in this post!

A few weeks ago I made a new addition to this tank! I added several more Cryptocoryne affinis 'Metallic Red' to the lonely one already growing within! Sadly, the mass of Hydrocotyle tripartita 'Japan' that has become the carpet hides them almost completely, as they're just behind it & I have to pull the Hydrocotyle off of them multiple times a week. It's quite a pain in the ass. I did plant a couple tiny bits right up front to let them grow & within a week they had new leaves popping up! Yay!

A leaf of the original visible just in front of the stems. The new C. affinis 'Metallic Red' run straight to the left in a line!

New baby leaf

Now for the new stuff & the changes to come!!! If you've read this far, thank you! I hope I've included enough decent pictures to make it interesting! Haha!

Why is it that as soon as everything in our tanks get settled in and doing well, we decide to make changes?!?! It seems to happen like clockwork EVERY DAMN TIME!!

Well, my carpet is a mix of Hydrocotyle tripartita 'Japan', dwarf sag., and marsilea minuta. It is a trio that I enjoy and have done halfway decent with. I definitely enjoy the mix of textures it offers, but there's a problem. My tank is just too freaking green!! Granted, it's a variety of greens, along with a bunch of textures... I just wanna try something different!

I'm going to ditch the dwarf sag & Hydrocotyle. At this point my plan is to keep the Masilea minuta, it's a cool little plant and adds a neat shape/texture combo. Actually, I'm adding more! The big change is that I'm going to add in as much Hygrophila sp. 'araguaia' as I can find! I've already got a small portion in my 20g long it's kinda hidden though! Time for it to come forth into the light in a more prominent position, plus getting that CO2 action!! I've got some more of it on the way & will be keeping an eye out for more! Surrounding this carpet area on all three sides(except the front glass) are groupings of different Crypts! Hopefully we'll finally be able to see them!!

Random internet pic of Hygrophila sp. 'araguaia'!

The tough part about this is reducing the amount of fast growing plants, such as the Hydrocotyle & replacing them with something that won't absorb nutrients quite as quickly. I've finally reached a point where I've got most of the algae under control. The hair algae is all but gone, the green dust on the front glass has finally subsided..... and now I do this! Ugh.... why do I (we!) constantly do this to ourselves?! "Oh, hey look! The tank is finally looking decent! What TF can I change now?!" Oh well!! It's all for fun! I like to think of it a never ending science fair project! [emoji6][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

Thanks for reading, or just looking at the pics! Lol. Let me know what you think! [emoji1360][emoji2]

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03-16-2017 05:57 PM
johnson18 I lost a shrimp yesterday. I probably should've done a second water change last weekend when I had the issues with the filter.

I tested the water last night. This was right at the end of the photoperiod, the CO2 had been off about an hour, maybe a bit more. Tests was done using the API liquid tests. I did notice that my phosphate test recently expired, I doubt it was far off though. I'll pick up a new one today.

3/15/16 eod
pH <7.4ish
TDS 152
Ammonia 0ppm
Nitrite 0ppm
Nitrate 0ppm
Phosphate ~1.0ppm
KH 4 drops
GH 4drops ~71.6ppm

Any thoughts?

I didn't have any ro water at the house last night, which is odd as I usually refill my jugs as soon as I empty them. I will do a WC today to try and get the phosphate level down a bit. I'm still running both the 2217 & 2215, yes, it's too much flow. While I did up the co2 a small amount recently, I don't think that it's an issue of too much co2 as I'm only running 1bps.

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03-14-2017 03:09 PM
Originally Posted by Pat24601 View Post
I've been reading your thread. Awesome looking tank!

Thanks! It has fun journey! I think I'm enjoying this current set up more than any of the previous that have been in this tank!

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03-14-2017 01:17 PM
Pat24601 I've been reading your thread. Awesome looking tank!
03-14-2017 05:29 AM
Originally Posted by BettaBettas View Post
Wow! tank is looking very very nice! At first it was so/so had potential, now you have really taken that potential and kicked its butt! Let that lily get some height in the back right corner I'd say, let that ar mini / the crypt (I cant tell if that's ar. mini or a crypt of some kind? either way looks redish brown lol) spread a bit more in that location its in to look slightly bushier. will look fantastic! is looking fantastic! Very good job! haven't seen this thread since the huge anubias was just sitting on a log in the middle. I think im getting to excited for your tank lol! good job

Thanks @BettaBettas! I appreciate your comments. It's nice to have the view point of another hobbyist. This tank definitely still has a long way to go! Things are getting there slowly though.

I'm really hoping that the lily will continue to grow and fill in the full height of the tank. I've tried hard to pack the whole area around and under the lily full of plants, mostly random Crypts. Toward the back there are some C. balansae, C. undulata, the front has C. beckettii, C. x willisii 'lucens', some random stem, baby tears... I don't remember the rest. I've just been trying to trim and replant all the stems to get thinks thicker. Plus I've moved some Crypts around in order to have more under the lily!

The AR that is behind the short end of the wood is Alternanthera reineckii 'cardinalis', it has been a slow grower but should eventually get pretty tall. These stems took a super long time to transition from the tissue culture to the submersed growth. Over the last few weeks these stems have really started growing well.

As far as more red in that area, I'm hoping the Lagenandra meeboldi 'red round' will fill out and provide a different texture above the carpet & a nice pink color! You can see the plant in the picture above

Also in this picture you can see a line of brownish Crypts running from front to back splitting the carpet off from the rest of the tank. This row is a combo of C. nurii & C. beckettii! I'm really hoping they will gain some height! I replanted this whole row about a month ago. All of the plants have at least one or two new leaves!

I added a couple stems of Ammania gracilis almost a month ago which have been growing slow but well. I'm hoping to use this to fill in the background of the left most portion of the carpet, just in front of the Crypts that are stuffed against the back wall.

Overall, I've just tried to add a couple different colors and textures that I plan on expanding into larger groupings of the same things. I know this is probably WAY more of a response then you excepted or wanted! Haha. Oh well, this is all gonna be going happening within the tank quite slowly due to the speed things are growing in the tank!

Thanks again for the comments and critiques!! I welcome them from pretty much anyone! I'd love to hear from more members on the forums!

Here's a random pfr!

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