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Thread: Johnson18's 20L Riparium w/Planted HOB ~ New Substrate and layout Reply to Thread
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03-13-2015 02:52 AM
Originally Posted by rodahl View Post
I suggest you try some emergent pennywort. It would make an interesting texture with your other plants.
I've had some on a few different occasions, though I don't currently have any in this tank.
01-15-2015 04:20 AM
rodahl I suggest you try some emergent pennywort. It would make an interesting texture with your other plants.
10-07-2014 11:06 PM
johnson18 Tank's still growing well. Haven't made any major changes. I lost one Ember Tetra not long after adding the last batch. I would like to add a few more and some shrimp. I've not been focusing too much time or energy into any of my tanks since the start of classes. I do water changes or top offs when needed. There have been far more top offs than actual WCs, due to a lot of evaporation occurring. The plants are doing well above and below the water. Honestly, all of the riparium plants need a hell of a trim, although they probably won't get one right now.

Gotta love being super busy with school and such. I joined the U of A TriCats, which is the triathlon team, so I've been spending most of my spare time training. It's all good because it builds strength prior to having back surgery... I see the surgeon this Friday so I'll finally have a date set. Hopefully I finally be able to lift 5 gallons of water to do WCs without needing help or having to take some extra narcotics after finishing up.
08-12-2014 09:38 PM
johnson18 There are now 10 ember tetras in this tank now.

Plants are all growing like crazy. I find the submersed growth impressive considering the light is ~44" above the substrate! Hygrophila sp. 'Araguaia' has been growing well and has some incredible coloring. It's a really dark red/maroonish, which considering that this tank is fairly low tech(no co2/no fertz) I think is impressive! The roots of the Pothos have been going crazy in the water. Not the prettiest sight but the fish seem to be far more comfortable since they've really started growing.

Well here are a few recent pics!

07-03-2014 01:10 AM
johnson18 Just got back from the lfs, picked up three nice little E. parvoflorus that I added to the tank as mentioned a few posts up. Also got four Ember Tetras. I know, not really enough but that was all they had. I was surprised to learn that they actually have a second facility where they quarantine all fish at least two weeks prior to bringing them into the store! I personally think it's awesome! The other times I'd been in ANA I was amazed at the quality of the stock, not a single dead fish, not even any sick fish!! Well, now I know why, pretty cool. Prices are actually competitive with. The big box stores like petsmart. They are moving over more embers on the 9th, so I will go pick up another ten to fifteen then, as well as some Otos. I got the last two he had but they are going into the 55.
07-03-2014 12:51 AM
AquaAurora I tried maidenhair fern in my HOB, it did not do well but I think i was too rough on the roots
07-02-2014 09:04 PM
johnson18 Well, I added a nice chunk of Spider plant, Chlorophytum comosum, to the HOB on Saturday. We have a large pot hanging in the front walkway of the house. This was a big chunk that my sister's Great Dane knocked off with his tail, which is a fairly regular occurrence. When I checked yesterday, this plant had already put out close to 3/4" of new healthy white roots. I was unable to find any Fittonia at Lowes or one of the best local nurseries. I was able to find Polka Dot Plant, Hypoestes phyllostachya, which seems very similar to Fittonia in structure and somewhat in appearance. I figured I would give it a shot. It is spread out with plants being both pink and white in color. The last plant I added was an Arrowhead vine, Nephthytis hybrid. I stuck it in the back corner of the HOB filter. The plant is a light green color with pinkish veins and a small bit of a darker green around the leaf edges.

I still haven't added any wandering jew yet. I will probably do that at the same time I add the creeping jenny. I also still need to add some of my emersed stems.

These additions still leave me with two empty planters. Haven't decided what I would like to do with them yet. I am thinking about maybe putting some variety of Maidenhair fern in one... not sure about the other. I'll have to dig through some old PM's and see what Devin might have that I would like to try. I do have a couple colocasia and alocasia species I have thought about putting a small chunk of rhizome into a planter, just to try out. My concern with this is that they have all been suffering from a spider mite infestation since the move. I don't want to introduce that into this system.

The moss in the planters is Xmas moss. I used to have a ton of it in this tank but most of it got disposed of due to it being mixed with a massive amount of algae(don't go out of town for a wedding and leave your new BML fixture running at 100% for 4 days straight! whoops!) I usually just dice it up with some scissors so it's just tiny pieces, 1/8-1/4", and spread it out on whatever surface I want it to grow on. I use it on the substrate of all my emersed pots too. It helps keep algae and fungus from growing.

As far as covering the black rim with moss, I'd probably be more likely to remove the rim, or even just the front section of it, than adding moss. Although that is a pretty neat option, I feel it would draw more attention to the front rim than the plain plastic.
07-02-2014 03:03 PM
AquaAurora Very interested to hear what the new plants are you put in up top, be sure to update on how they do with the transition from soil to riparium! Is the moss aquatic (if so what species) or a random grab from the yard? I'm tempted to pull a little moss from the front yard and see how it does on top of the gravel of the riparium planters.. might even try to stick it on the black rim on the front of the tank like [THIS] to hide the plastic
07-02-2014 06:21 AM
johnson18 Here are just a few shots of the tank as it is now. Definitely very much still a work in progress, as far as the emersed plants are concerned. I've added some plants, still have a huge pot of golden creeping jenny. I think this(rip plants) might get rearranged a little. I kind of feel like the planters need to be spread a bit so there is a little room in between them. I will list the new plants later for now just a few pictures.

Oh, on a side note, this tank is a total pain in the ass to photograph with the light colored wall behind it....

The submersed portion of the tank still looks empty & boring. It should eventually fill in to look decent. As you move from right to left the plants get smaller going from C. wendtii & nurii to C. x willisii 'lucens' to C. Parva with some MM mixed in. Mostly planted in diagonal rows going from the back befit to front right. The front left corner is a patch of Hygro. sp. 'Araguaia'. The area in the back where the black background ends has a few Hygro. sp. 'brown'. I would also like to put a nice grouping of E. parvoflorus in the same area. I'd also like to work in a few more patches of stem plants.

I know the 3/4 black background looks quite odd but the goal is for this tank to be visible from two rooms. This is also the reason I decided on this particular planting layout. I hope that eventually the background will be mostly covered by plant growth anyway.
07-01-2014 04:20 PM
johnson18 Heading to lowes in a bit to see what plants I can find to add to this system. I also think that the next time I can make it over to ANA I'm gonna pick up a few E. parviflorus for one area of this tank.
06-27-2014 06:54 PM
johnson18 Thanks! No worries on the meds, been there done that, can't stand being on them. They are lucky they didn't hit me further forward or their little car would've been toast with them in it. I was going pretty slow, maybe 25 max as I was just about to enter a narrow construction zone. Like I said, we were all lucky it wasn't worse than it was. Now I just gotta get down to the police towing lot to get my water jugs out of the back of my truck so I can get on with that WC/top off! hahaha!
06-27-2014 05:51 PM
AquaAurora Ouch, glad you and your buddy (dog) made it. Surprised the [cesnor] that hit you didn't just hit-n-run. Enjoy your meds, but don't get addicted!
06-27-2014 05:30 PM
johnson18 Haha... No worries, the aluminum plant kinda gets lost at that height. It needs a big trim. The Ruellia 'Katie' gets lost too!

The rest of this is only partially planted tank related.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much work this tank will have done to it in the next few weeks.... Wednesday night about 8:20 I headed to the drug store(about a mile from home) to fill a couple jugs full of RO water in preparation to do some tank maintenance. About half way there I got hit by a guy speeding through a stop sign(he didn't stop.) He t-boned my truck at the rear passenger wheel, sending my truck into a spin & flipping it once my wheels caught the pavement going sideways. Luckily no one had any major injuries. I had my oldest dog, Gonzo, in the truck with me & both front windows rolled down. Once I knew we where headed over my only thought was to hang on to Gonzo to keep him in the truck and off the pavement. I was fortunate enough to be successful at this, though he did hit the windshield hard enough at some point to break and leave an indentation in it. I've got some pretty bad road rash on one arm, cuts, bruises & extremely sore all over but no major injuries, though I'm sure this will aggravate my already messed up back. After an ambulance ride, several hours in the ER & CT Scans of my entire body I was released, heavily medicated. So, like I said, not sure how much work will be done on this or any of my tanks for a while. We're lucky that we(Gonzo & I) both walked away(or climbed out as the case may be.) The other guys insurance should take care of everything, hopefully, if not we'll take the necessary steps to get things taken care of. At this point I'm not super stressed about it, I'm so medicated that I won't need to drive anywhere for a week or so. Here are a couple pictures my family snapped shortly after it happened.

06-26-2014 03:28 PM
Originally Posted by johnson18 View Post
Devin(hydrophyte) is awesome, always a huge help. I've got the original wandering Jew that I started this tank with cuttings from, it's just a matter of going & getting some cuttings to add. I haven't really been home much so I haven't had much time to play with this tank.

If you look closely, I've got a decent bit of aluminum plant in there already, it's almost as tall as the umbrella sedge! Definitely needs a trim. I still have the pink Fittonia that I added not long before leaving SC. It got knocked down in the bucket during the move and lost a big chunk of it. The rest has been moved into the hob. I had some creeping jenny that didn't survive the move. I've gotta see if I can get some more soon. I'll probably skip the submerged stuff & see what I can find at the garden center/local nursery.

I'm trying to figure out what sort of Fern Don is using in his 200g riparium. It looks awesome!
Whoops sorry, can't beleive I did not see it when I looked earlier, damn yours is tall! Mine freaking short (aluminum plant). Yeh getting garden variety would probably go better than submerged or high humidity emersed grown creeping jenny, most of mine withered so far even with misting to try to make the transition easier :/
06-26-2014 02:59 AM
johnson18 So just a few basics of the new system that I wanted to cover.

The filtration was switched up when I rebuilt this tank. I added a second dual sponge filter and replaced the air pump I was powering the single with a Topfin 4000 to power them both. The filters are stuck to the back underneath the rip planters, so the outflow runs under the planters & floating trellis rafts.

So far there is no heater being used, which is the same as my 55. Though there is actually a heater in the back of the 55.

The plants used in the submerged portion are as follows.
Narrow leaf/needle, trident & regular(very little) Java Fern
Anubias barteri var barteri
Anubais barteri var barteri 'nana'
Crypt. Wendtii 'green gecko', brown
Crypt. nurii
Crypt. x willissii 'Lucens'
Crypt. parva
Hydrocotyle tripartita
Marsilea minuta
Hygro. sp. 'Araguaia'
Hygro. sp. 'Brown'

I added a 6500K 3w DBP Solar Flare micro led today that shines on the portion of the JF that is shaded by the trellis rafts. Don't expect it to make a huge difference, but I've got it and wasn't using it elsewhere. I'm sure eventually it will be moved onto my vase, whenever I actually set it up.
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