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04-24-2017 01:25 AM
mbkemp Thank you for sharing those pictures

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04-24-2017 12:32 AM
johnson18 Here's a few pictures I've gotten recently.
The pair of Apisto. erythrura

The male:

The female:

In the sunlight.

A. australe - The killis

A couple shots of the males in the bit of early morning sun this tank gets briefly this time of year.

Now for some tank shots- this thing is getting packed full of plants!

The male Apisto. is also in this one

The same end under normal lighting

The other end

Everyone followed me to this end for these pics

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04-17-2017 06:00 AM
Johnson18's 20L- New Apisto Pair!

I'm not sure how y'all get decent pictures of your Apistos. I've cannot seem to get a good picture of my male! Even with the lack of pictures, I'm fairly pleased to say that the inhabitants of this tank seem happy. All of the fish are out and about, showing good coloration, along with eating well. I'm really enjoying my choice of the Dwarf Pencilfish. They are quite an interesting little group.

I've pulled out a few different stems to throw into my 55. They have been replaced by a variety of Crypts and some dwarf sag. I think this change along with the fact I've stopped dosing Excel regularly, has lead to a slight increase in diatoms on the front glass. No big surprise there. I've got some metricide 14 that arrived over the weekend. I'll be dosing that now, diluted of course.

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04-05-2017 05:19 PM
johnson18 Finally saw the Apistos. I decided to feed some frozen bloodworms last night and boom, there they were! Having gotten them in a breather bag I knew they were small.... Until I got to see them in the tank with some of the other fish as reference, I don't think I realized quite how small they really are!! The Sterbai corys made them look tiny. The female is maybe 0.75 inches & they make is probably 1.25 inches! She was smaller than most of the Pencilfish in the tank, about the size of the smaller female killi!

I didn't get a pic of the male. He was looking good though, a nice red tail, really coloring up. I know he has a way to go until he is fully developed.

Here's the female:

Here's a Cory & both female killis w/the female Apisto. It kinda looks like she's super far back from the others but she is less than an inch from them!!

This female killi has been getting nice and orange! If you look at the first few pics of them they were almost white! Now they are both a nice orange color with that bright blue-ish colored eyes! The pic doesn't fully capture the orange color!

Random Dwarf Pencilfish

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04-02-2017 09:19 AM
Johnson18's 20L- New Apisto Pair!

Originally Posted by BettaBettas View Post
hm, uncommon fish, I like it

I'd originally been looking at Microdevario kubotai but the more I looked I decided I wanted something from the region. I know these are not actually from the same area as the A. erythrura but they're both South American & the same water types. My LFS usually has a couple different Pencilfish species in stock, today it was five types, I believe. He also had some new Apistos in stock, four different species! He did tell me at one point that his Apistogramma list was a full page long.

I was absolutely amazed! Within 3 hours of releasing this crew, the female Apisto was out swimming around! I didn't get my camera all in her face today, there will be more time for that in the future!

This pretty much finishes out my stocking of this tank. Here's what I've got:
2(1m/1f) x F1 Apistogramma erythrura
4 x Corydoras sterbai
13 x Nannostomus marginatus
6(I think?) x Caridina multidentata
3(1m/2f) x Aphyosemion australe
Cap Esterias BSWG 97/24

If anyone has thoughts or comments about my stocking list, I am open to thoughts and discussion.

The killifish will probably go to their own tank soon, but my first priority on the killifish tank goes to getting the other species outta my shrimp tank!

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04-02-2017 02:24 AM
BettaBettas hm, uncommon fish, I like it
04-01-2017 10:15 PM
johnson18 Added 13 Nannostomus marginatus, the Dwarf Pencilfish, to this tank as dithers! Hopefully they will help the Apistos feel more at ease.

In the bag:

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
03-30-2017 10:08 AM
johnson18 Got home from the library a bit after midnight, second & third rounds of midterm exams this week & next. After taking the dogs out, I noticed movement in this tank while walking passed in the dark w/just my phone flashlight. I took a closer looks & it was the male Apisto!! He was on the far side of the tank from his caves. Rather than duck back into the heavy plant growth right next to him as I peered in, he came closer flaring out all his fins. Nice to see him out and about in the tank, even if it was in the middle of the night!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
03-28-2017 10:31 PM
BettaBettas absolutely stunning fish! also was that an in tank shot???
03-27-2017 04:40 PM
Johnson18's 20L- New Apisto Pair!

The A. australe trio went into this tank along with the Apistos. I know this isn't ideal and I should have qt tanks running. All of the fish looked healthy(which doesn't necessarily mean a damn thing) and I'll be keeping a close eye on things. If I keep the killis in this tank in the long run, I'll probably add at least another trio. If I don't, I'll probably get another trio & put them all into a 10 gallon tank. The Killifish were donated to the auction by another Tucson hobbyist, so I'm fairly certain I've got a source for more.

I saw all of the new fish yesterday, to some degree or another.

The killis were out swimming around. They had already colored up significantly since the night/morning before(it was well after midnight by the time everyone was acclimatized and into tanks!) The male was enjoying the current around the far end of the tank from the outflow. Every once in a while one of the females would show up there and his colors would get super intense. She would also start to show her colors too, but not as much. Otherwise the females mostly stayed fairly drab, although looked much nice than the scared white minnow look of the day before. All three are fairly young, so I'm sure it will take some time to fully color up!

Here is what a full grown breeding pair of these killis looks like.

Male- this dude doesn't ever stop.


The Apistos were a different story. I saw the female out in front of the moss covered wood arch. That area is heavily planted so my glimpse was through the heavy plant cover just above the substrate level. She looked good though, was much darker than the day before. The male, well, I saw this tail. Hahaha.... I was checking the sponge filters, which are in the back right corner behind the driftwood. I had stuck my head along that side to see the condition on the sponge & his tail was visible on the far side. I'm sure they just need some more time.

In the bag:

Collection habitat data:

I'm sure me messing around with the tank off and on all day didn't help anything!

I took two huge portions of subwassertang and covered the huts using plant weights. I know the weights aren't ideal but I had them & it meant the least amount of time spent with my hands in and out of the tank. A few stems on Ludwigia repens went in this tank as well. Mixed with the repens were a few small bits of Salvinia minima that I tossed in.

The biggest thing I did to the tank yesterday was build a cover. Killifish are known jumpers. While this species is not a huge jumper, I'd rather be safe. Plus it'll cut down on the massive amount of evaporation as well as reduce the light levels just a bit.

Covered for the night! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

New cover! It was an old remainder piece of a larger sheet & is a bit warped.

Here's a random shot from me trying to photograph the male... it catches the tannins that my normal tank pictures don't!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
03-26-2017 01:32 PM
SteppingStones Looking forward to seeing some pictures! Once things get acclimated of course. I frequent fish auctions, so I know how hard it is to go without leaving with a couple bags of fish lol. I have Microdevarios in my 20H, great little rasbora for sure.
03-26-2017 05:25 AM
johnson18 Some of this I posted into the Apisto thread....

I picked up a pair of Apistogramma erythrura that are F1 from a collection trip to Bolivia by Drs. Tom Wilkinson & Ron Harlan in August if last year! I'm sure those names probably don't mean much to y'all, they certainly don't really to me. Tom's a long term Apisto collector & Ron seems to be all about the Killifish. They put on a presentation about this specific collection trip. Seems they've both collected fish from places all around the world!

These are fairly young Apistos but easily sexed and already showing great colors( & that's inside a breeder bag being looked at by everyone!)

There were two pairs there, I considered picking up both. I let the first pair go at $45 bc the pair I really wanted was this pair. I even got them for less than that.

I was amazed at the prices that everything went for! It was my first fish related auction.

Picked up a couple big lots of subwassertang, some Ludwigia species & one huge Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia(it's gorgeous!!)!! The other thing we thing we picked up(my dad just had to have it!) is a Dragon Fruit plant var. 'Physical Graffiti'.

I'm probably gonna try to use some of the Subwassertang to cover the terra cotta huts.

I also picked up a trio (m,f,f) of Aphyosemion australe BSWG 97-24 Cap Esterias, along with two pairs of Aphyosemion cinnamoneum Kurume APL 13-35. I've never owned any Killifish, so this will be a new one for me. The trio may go in this tank & the others in my 55 as the water in each tank suits those species requirements. I will probably set up tanks for both individual species. Mostly because I really, really want M. kubotai for this tank! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji7][emoji7]

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
03-25-2017 04:15 AM
johnson18 I've got a bunch of peacock moss in the tank already, none to spare though. There's a bunch growing out in my 55 that I might be able to cover them with. I may just have to deal with the color for now.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
03-25-2017 12:06 AM
Originally Posted by bobriley2345 View Post
I think that tank would be suitable for Baenschi or Erythura after second thoughts. Both I have seend doing well in other systems!

Those are the main two I was interested in from that list that didn't seem too extreme in parameters. I like the looks of both. I was able to find far less basic info on A. erythrura than A. baenschi though.

I picked up these two hut/cave things. The smaller one listed as an "apisto hut" and the larger as a "cichlid hut." I will get them in the tank tonight. I'll probably try to hide one behind or near the current wood arch that creates a nice dark area under and behind. The other I'll place surrounded by some of the dense plantings.

The couple IAL in the tank need to be replaced so I will do that tonight too. I also picked up a little assorted bag of goodies like leaves and alder cones. Part of that will go into the tank over the next few days.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
03-24-2017 05:54 PM
Originally Posted by bobriley2345 View Post
Rarest is Apistogramma sp Abacaxis. I would go for that species, but definately not in the heavily planted tank. Most abacaxis---if truly identified correctly are found in pH's of around 3.9! My friend who got me my new pair actually was the first importer of Abacaxis in the United States, simply due to their rarity. Read up about their requirements as they are demanding fish, but very very very rewarding!

If you are unable to purchase them for under 45-60 at the auction, I would purchase them from PureFishWorks on Facebook. They are the only other place to find wild caughts. The Cichlid Garden may have them as well, but I have never ordered through them!

Bump: What I meant by not in a planted tank was that the wilds really love extremely subdued lighting... and my guys hide all day if I increase the lighting past their "limit"... good luck at the auction!

Thank you for the information. While I'm definitely interested in the abacaxis, I am definitely aware I don't have the correct set up to house them, along with some of the other wilds. This tank currently only has a 5.5hr photoperiod & I really do need to reduce either the length or light intensity. I will probably end up doing a little of both.

Depending on the outcome of the auction, I may end up grabbing a gorgeous little pair of A. borellii that my LFS, Arizona Nature Aquatics, has hiding in a black water tank, separate from the his main sales tanks.
As I stated, I'm finishing up building some shelving, so I'll have 8' x 2' worth of room for tanks top and bottom! I will definitely be looking into a few more appropriate tanks for wild Apistos.
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