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07-27-2012 06:00 AM
HybridHerp I have a glass top, although there was a shield that is available for the fixture I bought, I just don't need it though.

Random little update nugget thingie...I finally figured out what I am doing for dry ferts and am waiting on them to get to me. I'll try and get more pictures and an updated stock list before I start dosing the ferts, then I will try and update at least monthly so that I can keep track of my own progress (or lack thereof lol)
Although, I won't be super excited about this all until I get some CO2 running around christmas time. At least I can get the ferts now so that I can make sure to teach my family members how to do everything while I'm away at college (although I won't be too far from home so its not like I'm leaving completely for months on end)

My hope and prediction, is that I can be fully satisfied with how this tank turns out by the time I have spring break. By then, I am hoping I have all of the plants I plane don having (and then some) alongside healthy growth in everything so that I can trim plants and get things looking how I want them to. Knowing me though, this tank will probably get more on the wild side than the manicured side XD
07-27-2012 02:53 AM
aquatickid Hey, does your light have a shield from the water or do you have glas tops?
07-23-2012 04:45 AM
HybridHerp tbh, mine have been leaving most plants alone now
They don't bother swords or hygros much, nor do they touch java fern, madagascar lace, willow moss, or many other plants
I think I will do better though when I can get better plant growth however, because as of right now my plant growth stinks XD
07-22-2012 08:21 PM
dannylc I am surprised you have any plants left with the rainbows lol, I fed mine vallisneria to prompt breeding and they loved it!
07-22-2012 08:14 PM
HybridHerp So, quick little update, I'm going to be ignoring this journal for a bit until I get some things with the tank straightened out. I really wish that I had bought ferts before I bought the plants, because I am notching that my plants, though surviving, are not really doing as well as they could be.

I think I'll be waiting on buying more plants until I at least have my fertilizer regime down, and some plants I won't bother getting until I get a pressurized CO2 system going (which probably won' happen until winter time). However, I did get timers and a nice Korolia Pump (just got back from vacation so I haven't set the pump up yet) so once I have the ferts the only element that I will be missing is the CO2 :\

Lesson learned, buy pressurized CO2 first, then buy ferts, then the lighting. I also lost 2 of the smaller angels for unknown reasons, so I only have 4 atm (but they at least are all doing fine). As far as plants go, I got some H.heteroclita that could be doing better (I need to buy more eventually) and some Aflame Swords that are hanging in there, along with a ton of willow moss and some more anubias. I'll update the list of what I have once I am satisfied with how plants are growing, since I feel the need to replace some of what I have and supplement some of my stem plant groupings with fresh new stems.
Learning experience I guess.
06-22-2012 07:55 AM
HybridHerp ^thank youuuuuuu
I get the feeling that this journal will not only be for my fish tank, but also for my ability to use online forums :P
06-22-2012 06:23 AM
Anyone care to help me figure out how to intertwine the pictures into the text?
you upload the pictures to a website, say, photobucket or tinypic, then get the link to the image only or get the [IMG] [/IMG] code from the site you upload to and paste it into your text. if you get the link for the image, then just add those tags on either side of the link in your text and you're good to go.
06-22-2012 03:21 AM
HybridHerp I'll get new pics in a few days?
Anyone care to help me figure out how to intertwine the pictures into the text?

Also, as far as the tank goes, anyone have any recommendations for what to do about dry dosing and ways to get more surface agitation/overall flow? I'm also going to play with the lighting period once I get my timers. A side note as well, I am going to hopefully be cleaning out my Eheim filters as well, and I want to get ride of the carbon and replace it with something else. I figure I could use something that helps polish the water and remove little particles, I thought I heard about something that people were considering using in their filters but totally can't remember what that was. Any suggestions from my Eheim peoples?
06-19-2012 06:54 PM
HybridHerp Can someone tell me how to intertwine the pictures into the text? That'd be great to know how to do lol.

Anyways, here are the current specs of this tank

75 gallon tank
Light: 4x54 watt Catalina T5HO - I need to buy timers still but I only run one bank of lights for about 10 hours currently, I know this might seem like much without CO2 but I will cut back when algae starts becoming an issue, I will also be doing burst lighting with the second bank once I have timers I can play with
Substrate: 5 bags of Eco-Complete, mix of red and black, along with some of the original gravel ontop of this, mainly just for the look of it
Heater: I forget what exactly but it is by eheim and is inline, I have it set at 78 because I don't want to go higher, but I can if I ever need to due to disease or anything
Filtration: 2 eheim 2217, I also have 2 airstones on a 60 gallon airator pump that I run at night and feel like mentioning, I also do 30%-50% water changes at least once weekly, though sometimes more if I just feel like it (never a bad thing to do really lol)
Ferts: Currently none, anyone want to recommend to me some dry ferts I should purchase? I am planning on getting some eventually, but should I wait to get CO2 first? I need opinions on this. Speaking of CO2, anyone have any opinions on how I should accomplish this? I have never messed with CO2 before, but I really do want to/know I should with these kinda lights.

Now for the fun part, the plants and the fish I am keeping :P

1 Blood Parrot @7"
6 Angelfish @4" and then 2"
3 Rainbow Cichlids @4"
1 Geophagus Brasiliensis @6"
5 Pearl Gourami @4"
1 Endli Bichir @15"
1 Albino Sen Bichir @8"
1 Mystery Pleco @7" (he's been this size for years, and I know he is a species that stays this size, I looked it up on planet catfish once but totally forget which Hypostomus it is )
16 Mystery Snails, mostly quarter sized
100+ MTS (I am prepared for the inevitable invasion of the snails...though tbh I don't even see them at night so :shrugs

Dwarf Hairgrass (that is currently under the gravel and I am waiting for it too root and spread and take over, or just fail epicly XD)
Red Tiger Lotus (that I kinda want to grow taller but its been spreading out horizontally and simply looking nice so its all good)
H. araguaia (that I got for free with an order so I'm not exactly sure what to do with it)
C. wendtii (I am making it form a ring around my not doing so hot Rose Sword that is soon to be accompanied by an Aflame that will be doing much better lol)
C. calaminstratum (I had it under low lights, it wasn't doing well, but it is starting to put out roots and beginning to perk up, even though it looks rather sad and depressing now)
Banana Plants (there are doing incredibly well though I am still waiting for them to try and send leafs up to the top, but thats fine if they don't as well, leafs are bigger than my hand)
Rose Sword (used to be impressive but then ALL the leafs rotted off from the root ball and now it has 2 new really small crowns and not very impressive root growth, I will see if this can make a come back or not)
Ludwigia repens (its doing alright, but some of it gets uprooted every now and then so it could be doing better)
Ludwigia glandlosa (same deal as the repens but is doing significantly better and is not getting uprooted as much, I have high hopes for this plant)
H.corymbosa (its big, its beefy, and once it roots I am going to be estatic, some of it still comes up a little bit but I know what these plants can do, some of my leafs are even a little reddish, which I'm hopping will only increase when CO2 and ferts are added)
Rotala macrandra (its pretty and pink, I hope I eventually get it to be a vibrant red but for now I just want it to take root better, since stem plants get knocked loose in this setup, but I know its not impossible, just difficult)
Madagascar Lace (these plants have a story for sure, the first one I had to essentially remove the bulb but shockingly the plant is recovering and spending out leafs and even seems to be forming a new bulb, and I hope that the high lights and the eventual CO2 and ferts make this a lush plant, my second lace plant is sort of okay, sending out new leaves and roots and all, but parts of the bulb began rotting so there is some exposed white in the bulb from where I had to remove the mush stuff, and is it just me or do lace plants have a really bad smell?)
Amazon Frogbit (I need to give some of this to a friend to help them deal with green water, but the plant is doing well)
Red Root Floater (same as the Frogbit)
Java Fern Windelov (I've had terrible luck with Java Fern in this tank, but Windelov seems to be doing okay for me, once I add ferts and CO2 I hope this plant begins to take over the wood its on, some of it has already rooted into it as well)
Anubias Barteri (its rooted into the wood and the roots are even sinking into the substrate, its growing, I am happy)
Anubias Nana (its rooted, tied the roots up a bit to get it more firmly rooted, but its growing and I am happy)
Anubias Petite (this has a story, originally I bought this years ago as a Nana or Barteri and my silver dollars destroyed it, I then placed it in my low tech 10 gallon and it didn't do anything, so I then grew it emerged in a little cup for a few months and it didn't do anything really either, just put out a few really small leafs, then I put it into this tank and it started putting out more leafs and growing out its roots, though the roots are still looking for a place to attach into the wood, however the leafs are now growing like anubias petite and it has been putting out a good chunk of little mini leafs no bigger than a pinkie nail, so why it decided to become a petite idk, but I like it and its doing well)

I shall do updates on this whenever something new happens. I have a good chunk of plants left that I want, and I need what I have to root better and fill in, and then I can start trimming and re-planting eventually. I do want opinions on CO2 and dry ferts, but I also want opinions on increased flow and surface agitation. I am considering changing out my spray bars on the eheims to lilly pipes, would that help with flow and agitation? Or should I just get a few power heads to break up the water surface? I run the air pump at night so I get more than enough aeration then, but I am slightly concerned about the day time, especially when I get CO2 involved in the mix.

Again, how do I put pictures within the text? Lol, thanks for looking through this and reading the massive walls of text I produce :P
P.S. excuse the water marks, I'm bad about that or don't notice until after the pictures have been taken, I'm still learning with pictures here lol
06-19-2012 06:15 PM
HybridHerp So, about a month ago I joined these forums. While I can say that it doesn't look like a lot has changed in terms of this tank, believe me, the core of what makes it all run has

I realized that before, my tank was only running 2 t8's, with a poor reflector, and that I needed higher lights for the plants I wanted. So after intense amounts of research I managed to get this monster from Catalina. 4x54 watt t5ho with 8 led moonlights, 48" across. They threw the legs in for free for me, along with the moonlights which was very nice , I'd recommend these to anyone. The lights can light up practically my entire basement, and I love it :P.

After the addition of my lights, I decided to finally start pursuing the addition of plants to this tank. As much as I like the tank, I know its no where near where I want it to ultimately be. I started using aqua bid for the first time ever, and have bought a nice little hoard of mystery snails and various stem plants to try out, along with some nice floating plants.

Then, a few weeks after that, I managed to finally figure out what I wanted to do with my one lone angelfish, and how I wanted to add new buddies for the old bloke. I decided to experiment and see what he responded to, and ended up buying these from the lfs, 3 little guys and 2 adult golds. My original angel can be told apart due to the orange dot on his snout, along with the fact that his right gill plate is a little messed up and exposes the gill a tad. As far as the other 2 golds, one of them has a black splotch under his eye, kinda reminding me of Rocky a tad :P, while the other has no real identifying features. As far as the 3 little guys, I know one is just considered a silver, but the other 2 are considered ghosts right? I know one of them is a half black, by the looks of it anyways, but and both ghosts have some hints of blue and a steel blue/grey going on, which I really like.

Phew, finally, everything is more or less up to date. I'm still buying more and more plants and waiting for things to grow in, along with getting timers and eventually a pressurized CO2 system. There are a few fish I plan on adding as well, nothing much but just wanted to mess around a little bit. I actually have an order from gordonrichards that should be here in a few days, which I am excited for

I'll post the specs and stock list of this tank in the next post

P.S. Aside from richard, whom I mentioned already, I would like to thank the aquabid users Archaquatic, Gu2high, and P_volitan for their excellent service and stock .
06-16-2012 07:11 PM
HybridHerp thanks,
Sadly, I have one more post to go before this is all finally up to date lol, but my tank still has a lot of work it needs done anyways, and even after I get everything in place I'm going to have to wait a while before I feel accomplished with the full effect
06-16-2012 03:04 PM
GMYukonon24s WOW that is alot of reading lol. Great looking fish!
06-15-2012 11:51 PM
HybridHerp It was while I was at college that I learned something the hard way. WHile I'm going to class, I have my dad call me and he tells me that my flag tail is dead, to which I am both saddened and perplexed as to what could have happened. When I later on come home, I clearly see the cause. Ever since the heater I used to have bumped the temp up to 98, I decided to not use a heater, having trust issues with them now. The combination of not heater in the winter/early spring and new plants from a lfs equaled ick in my tank. Prior to this, I had also added 3 rainbow cichlids, which were fine for a long long time, and 6 pearl gouramis. However, while battling ick I ended up loosing one of my angel fish, and one of the 6 pearl gouramis as well. This was a set-back but caused me to re-evaluate my fish keeping methods a little bit. I wound up getting an inline heater that has since been keeping the tanks temperature stable, and which also helped in riding my tank of ick. For about a week or two, I kept my tank at a solid 86 degrees, and while the plants were less than happy I managed to save the rest of my fish. From there, I slowly backed the temperature down to where it is to this day, at a solid 78 degrees (I dare not go further due to some of my plants but I will get into them later)

It took me to this summer to start to fully realize my plans for this tank. I started realizing that the combination of plants and fish that I had required something more than what I was giving them. I fleshed out an idea in my head of what fish I wanted in this tank, what plants I wanted, and their placements. I realized that in order to keep some of the plants that I wanted, I would need to change my lighting from the old and outdated 2 t8's that were hanging over my tank and get into higher light, as well as a fertilization schedule and pressurized CO2. The bellow pictures are what my tank looked like before I joined these forums. Black Beard Algae began covering my plants and hardscape as well as filter tubes. Some plants were growing well but others were withering away quickly.

Again, I will continue this in the next post, but this is everything about my tank since before I joined the forums, I promise that my next post will be more relevant to what is currently happening
06-15-2012 10:04 PM
HybridHerp I am bad with getting back to things lol

So, a little history, feel free to tl:dr me if it gets too boring :P. For those that do read, I'll try not to make this too long.
Way back when I was but a wee lad we had been keeping a little 20 gallon tank. At the time, I was too young to understand how to properly take care of anything so it was left in the hands of my dad, whom really doesn't know or understand how to take care of fish, even though he thinks that he does. Many years pass, and the tank finds itself in our finished basement, which also was the entertainment area of the house. One day me and him were buying fish at a more or less local Petco and we started buying fish that we were told "go together". Sure, they "went together" but not in a little 20 gallon tall. I don't remember the specifics but I know it involved at least 1 oscar and 2 blood parrots, and maybe a severum or two. Eventually, the tank just kinda went to hell, but there was one fish that ended up surviving the neglect, a lone, bright yellow blood parrot that I had named Sunny. We eventually decide that sunny needs friends, so at a garage sale we picked up a little 30 gallon tank, and once that was all set-up we placed Sunny in the tank, along with a small pictus, a geophagus brasiliensis, a fire mouth, and a convict. Well, over time, we noticed that Sunny was getting bullied, and so we eventually re-homed him. However, the geophagus grew and grew until both the fire mouth and the pictus were dead, and the only other fish living with him was the lone convict, which happened to be male. Eventually, as I was getting older as well, I had gained enough knowledge to realize that this fish needed a tank bigger than a 30 gallon.
To this end, we bought what I consider my first serious fish tank, this 75 gallon tank. This was roughly 5 or 6 years ago. At the time, I had stocked the tank with the original geophagus and a large oscar, alongside a decently sized pleco. Shortly after getting the tank, the geophagus developed pop eye and died shortly after I noticed this issue. So the tank was simply just the pleco and the oscar, to which I then added a large blood parrot, a jack dempsey, and an endli bichir. The tank ran like this for a long time, until I realized that the oscar was developing hole-in-head, and me and my father decided the best course of action was to treat the poor thing in a little 10 gallon quarantine tank. Which had worked well enough to have let the poor fish heal. It was many months later that the Jack Dempsey found itself scared with an open battle wound and then placed in the 10 gallon. I kept him in there for months waiting for the wound to heal, probably mistaking scaring for actual damage. In the jack dempsey's absense, the blood parrot and the oscar were getting into fights, and stupid me decided at the time to add a rose queen to this mix. That lasted for about 3 days, because WWIII erupted the moment the fully grown rose queen hit the tank. THe result of this was to place everything but the rose queen, endli, and pleco into quaintness. Due to ammonia spikes however, I lost both the parrot and the jack dempsey, and not too long after that I lost the oscar due to his jumping out.
I was left with only the pleco and the endli bichir, along with 3 silver dollars that had become part of the tank at an unspecific time. That was the tank about 5 years ago.
Later on, when re-stocking the tank, I decided to throw in 3 new fish, a young flag tail prochelodus, a bright red baby blood parrot, and a small little electric blue jack dempey. A few weeks later, I added 3 angel fish as well, which became two after the subdominant male angelfish ripped the eye out of the dominate male and left him for dead. The tank lasted like this for a good 4 years. The baby cichilids grew up alongside the endli bichir, and eventually a little albino senegal bichir was added to the tank as well, affectionally named "phallic" by yours truly due to my mother looking at me when I wanted to buy the fish and telling me it looked like male genitalia, and promptly having a discussion about this with the old fellow working at the lfs. I experimented with rainbow fish, and they worked for a few months until my endli bichir realized that they made a good snake.
Then, last summer, I leave the country for the first time, a good 2.5 week trip to Europe. My parents are left at home to take care of my pets, since I keep many other things aside from my fish and this particular tank.

The picture of the tank above is from prior to my leaving the country, housing my now 3 year old ebjd, blood parrot, and flag tail prochelodus, along with my original endli, and pleco, a school of silver dollars, an African Black Ghost Knife, and a pair of angelfish. The tank was fish only, and I was confident that I was able to take proper care of my fish.

So I come back from my trip, and what do I find except for my prized ebjd to be slowly dying, having been in perfect health when I left. I was furious, and it was only 3 days later that I had to bury the fish that I raised from a small fry to a large and proud fish. Then came college, in which I was living away from home, though still able to come back every other weekend or so. However, I get a call from my parents telling me that the tank looked like it was a little warm, to which I told them was fine since I liked keeping the tank at about 84. It had been working at that temperature for years, so I figured it would feel warm. I come back home a few days after them mentioning this to me, to find that " a little warm" turned out to be 98 degrees. My fish were in that for at least 4 or 5 days without anyone having done anything about it. I come home to find the skeleton of my Knife, and all 4 of my silver dollars dead. At that point, I was furious as anything. I think this is what caused my parents to start paying more attention to the fine details of my tanks.
Because of this rather major toll in my tank, I decided that I may as well do something different with the tank. Prior to this, I had been experimenting with a low tech planted 10 gallon tank, and decided to convert this 75 into a planted tank as well, while still keeping the surviving stock list. The change happened over christmas break, and it took an entire day for me to switch out all the gravel for brand new eco complete (about 5 bags of the stuff, sprinkled with some of the original gravel on top) and for my initial plants to be placed.

(Too be continued in the next post)
06-12-2012 04:57 AM
My 75 gallon hi-tech idkwhattocallit Tank

This is just a teaser for now

Not sure if I did this right with posting the pic or not, my first time doing this mind you so I might need some help lol.

Anyways, this is my 75 about a year ago, back when it was an all fish tank
I'll post stock later, and I'll bring this up to date later as well.:big grin:

(yay, it worked :P)

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