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05-31-2015 05:14 PM
Scenes around the place

Smoke and mirrors. These are pics to divert the readers, 'cause DK is too bizzy staring at all the action and changes in her tanks to take DECENT pics. She has actually cleaned the front glass of three neo tanks recently. She ONLY does this when there is some great action a-happenin'.

Now, she waits for the adjustments to take hold and settle in. In a couple weeks, she'll know if she overshot her settings or not, but for now things are lookin' pretty darned good.

Last picture is her latest batch of Mermaid cocktails. Those are some partying girls.

05-27-2015 09:37 PM
wicca27 oh DK i dream of being a shrimpturn. one of these years it will happen for sure. it will some some big buck a roos since im back in oklahoma now but i will make it.
05-27-2015 07:45 PM
So, ja, DK ended up spending the past few days...

Doing the below.

Yep, she ended up where she started. Except fatter.

After doing a full injector workshop (take apart, service, lube, etc.) and switch out (she was attempting to switch out the Dosatron and put in the Minidos), she could not get the Minidos to actuate under that stream's conditions, so she had to take it BACK out, and put the Dosatron BACK in. Eerily similar to the problems she had recently with the Microdos that she sent back. Under higher flow conditions, both would actuate, but they would not actuate under lower flow conditions, even though all the parameters were within specs.

At any rate, the first approach ended up in failure. DK hates failure, so she battled on.

She has designed multiple duplicities into her systems, so if one approach fails, she has about 4-5 other ways to accomplish making water. She has the ability to make custom, unique water for each tank in her racks - hundreds of combinations.

Here's how she makes water:
  1. She starts with RO, which is empty water - her blank slate. She uses RO to mix with shrimp juice concentrates, to make feed streams.
  2. Shrimp juice concentrate recipes. Y'know "pinch of salt, eye of newt, two shakes of a lamb's tail, three spits into the vat" - that sort of thing. By changing her recipe, she can change what feed stream she makes from it, after it is mixed into RO.
  3. Injector dilution fraction - each shrimp juice concentrate is then sent through an injector and is proportionally diluted into a feed stream. The injectors are generally adjustable, EXCEPT for the dosatron, which is a fixed ratio injector only. The problem DK had run into was that her shrimp juice recipe going through the dosatron was at full saturation, so she couldn't make it any richer. Her Dosatron injector was fixed ratio, so she could not increase the injection fraction. She needed a higher feed stream concentration coming out of the injector, but couldn't get any higher because her juice was at highest concentration and her injector couldn't be adjusted higher. So she tried switching to the Minidos, which in theory has the ability to run a higher injection fraction than the Dosmatic. Except it would not actuate under the parameters.
  4. Now, once DK has a feed stream to her liking, then she blends several of these DIFFERENT feed streams in different proportions at each tank, to make custom water. She can make stronger water, weaker water, water with a higher mag ratio or lower pH, etc. by choosing how to blend her feed streams. Like making a cocktail: three parts coke, one part rum. If you want a stronger one, then two parts coke, two parts rum. Then you can get fancier with three or four or five ingredient blends. Problem with this is that whenever you change the proportion of one, you change the proportion of the others also, so you have to be careful.
In the end, she got her higher carbonates into the neo tanks by changing her blends at the tank rather than increasing her injection fraction into the carbonate feed stream. This messed with the calcium and other feeds a bit, so she also had to adjust them. But in only two cycles of water, her neos are looking markedly better.

So today, she took herself and Other Geek off to a day off, and had a gourmet ice cream at Maplehofe dairy store.

Raspberry cashew over triple chocolate.

She is quite good at ice cream, so when she says that was good stuff, she means not twix or snickers, but hand dipped Belgians.

At Maplehofe dairy, you can sit on their porch rockers out front and stare at the Amish farm across the street. Today the draft horses were out plowing with Dad Amish driving next to Teen Son Amish. Little sis and brothers Amish followed behind in their bare feet, bending over every so often. We guessed they were picking rocks from the dirt that the plowing dug up.

Maplehofe has a network of local dairy farms from which they get their milk. You can buy milk in the old fashioned bottles there, and return the bottles for your deposit.

The ice creams are made from their milk and local produce, such as raspberries or strawberries, etc.

So DK's raspberry cashew scoop was unbelievable. And it had whole cashews every bite, none of these tiny ground up bits. The triple chocolate was amazing, too, and should be named something much more exotic to do it justice.

If you become a Shrimptern, DK will take you there, and buy you ice cream, so you can see for yourself.

05-24-2015 12:13 PM
Originally Posted by wicca27 View Post
thats awesome thanks DK that made my day. i cant wait to have shrimp again i miss seeing the babies
Oh, yeah. Mermaid newborns are the ultimate "Where's Waldo" hunt, in a tank. Almost as fun as puppies.



DK, once again, lied. She is only about a quarter of the way through her 34 ounce Bubba mug of joe this morning, NOT enough to energize her up to the point of switching out an injector. At least yet, today. And, she's kinda conserving her energy this morning, 'cause later she's gonna burn a lot of it masticating, and undergoing peristalsis.

So, to stall time, here are some shots of one of the least appreciated beautiful shrimp, the Blue Bees. The three ladies are about to pop! Pics taken 2 days ago.

05-24-2015 06:20 AM
wicca27 thats awesome thanks DK that made my day. i cant wait to have shrimp again i miss seeing the babies
05-23-2015 03:23 PM
From Snickers to... Ferrero Rocher

These are for you, C. Just taken in the last 24 hours.

They are SO SMALL you have to know to look for them to even see them.

First composite picture, I have used the same picture in 3 magnifications to try to show just how tiny these new babies are (these guys are BRAND NEW and probably from the female shown a few posts ago, and are a different batch from the 3 mm picture shown last post). These guys are 2 mm length. They are all over the front of that tank. The upper right inset tries to show my finger actual size, so you can see the baby actual size.

The eye candy part of this is that the females won't drop their young up front in that tank until the population is large enough that they feel either crowded toward the front, or comfortable with enough "friends" around that they venture more front-ward.

The three arrow picture is on the left front of the tank, while the ruler picture is on the right front of the tank.

Mermaid babies of this size pick a "territory" and stick within a few cm of it for the first week or two. They do not move around the tank until they get 5-6 mm size.



With the macromatic in and the Mermaids successfully switched over to the global calcium stream, DK now focuses on adjusting her carbonates for the Neos. She has had technical hurdles to getting her water blend correct for them and the other day realized she now has the minidos injector not in use and she can switch out the dosmatic injector for the minidos and get her injection ratio up in this way.

05-23-2015 05:42 AM
wicca27 thanks for the gsd pics good looking dogs they are. yes mine is happy and pretty well behaved now that she has settled in.

its so good to see babies. and mermaid babies are even better. your getting pretty good with pics DK keep it up lol

Bump: thanks for the gsd pics good looking dogs they are. yes mine is happy and pretty well behaved now that she has settled in.

its so good to see babies. and mermaid babies are even better. your getting pretty good with pics DK keep it up lol
05-22-2015 11:43 AM
So, when Gremlins get into the system, time to think.

DK's Wet Wedding has had Gremlins, lately.

The system is set to turn on at about 23 PSI, when tank pressure dips to that level. Then, it runs a film wash cycle for about 2 minutes, blasting clean her RO mother membranes. Then some valves close, ending the wash blast, and the real RO work begins for a couple hours. At the end of the couple hours, the tank is refilled with RO water and reaches its other control pressure of about 40 PSI, which signals the system to stop.

Most of these phases have a distinct sound, usually a sort of click, associated with the change of phase.

The system has been in hiccup mode, clicking and clicking until the phase change happens. The phase changes were happening at wrong pressures and were taking a LOT of clicks to finish the phase.

So DK was thinking her pressure switch, the thing that is the brains of the thing, was going bad on its calibrations, sorta wonky.

But then she forced herself to think of the system as a whole, and how it all works together, and she came up with a theory.

The system is contingent upon a free flow of water into the pressure pump. If the flow were not able to keep up with the need for volume, to maintain the pressure output from the pump, then the pressures would be all over the place, despite the pump's trying to boost pressure.

If the pressures are all over the place, the pressure switch iz a gonna go bonkers, as will every transition relying on input FROM the pressure switch.

SO, DK got to lookin' at that pre-filter run, and saw it was looking rather clogged in the 5 micron pre-filter, although the 1 micron pre-filter still looked good to go.

She decided it was time to change them.


  1. The view of the pre-filters. You can see the left 5 micron one is asking to be changed, but the right 1 micron one looks pretty good.
  2. 5 micron filter, much dirtier than she even thought
  3. 1 micron filter, probably clogged!!
  4. The super-duper special lube DK uses on all her stuff
  5. One of the MANY tricks she has learned, in all her failures. Remove the O-ring, clean it, and lube beneath it in the groove.
  6. Then, re-seat the O-ring and lube it on top, as well. This prevents the need for excessive force to re-open the filter in the future, and prevents the tearing of the O-ring if it gets stuck and shear force upon re-opening the filter housing tears the O-ring. This solves that problem, if you use the right lube.
  7. System back assembled, slowly filled, air bled out, re-pressurized fully and leak checked. Now, DK uses labels on the filter housings. First, the position of the lable tells her how much to tighten the housing, where to stop. Next, the labels remind her not to switch the filters order by mistake (DK makes a lotta mistakes). And finally, the labels tell her when the filters were last changed.
  8. And then, she scheduled the next due change into her electronic calendar, so this doesn't happen, again!
  9. Visual inspection is not good enough! Filters will now be on a fixed schedule so they don't get this clogged.

Wet Wedding was screaming at her with all the clicks, and she wuzzn't listening very well!

Yes, once she did change the pre-filters, the system is back to purring like a kitten, with sharp transition phases.


And a Friday eye candy shot, DK's version of eye candy. This is a shot of a 3 mm Mermaid baby. What is eye candy to DK is the fact that this baby is up on the moss in the front of the tank. This only happens when the population is rising in that tank, and the shrimp see other shrimp and get more bold up and front in position of the tank. WHERE you see shrimp in that tank is an excellent indicator of the population, DK had learned.

So she started looking around much more patiently, and sure enough, there are a buncha tiny bah-bees in there poking up from the substrate in the front half of the tank.

05-21-2015 01:00 PM
Originally Posted by wicca27 View Post
really looking good DK. hey any new pics of the GSD? its been a while for them as well. here is a shot of my new girl in the house. we have had her right at 10 months now and happy to say she is finally up to weight. she will go first of the week for a weight check but she is over 60 lbs now and no longer can you feel any bones. when we got her you could feel them all, i cried
She looks SO happy and content, C! Great job!

I took some more shots of the Germans for you. DK's version of eye candy!

LOL, you can see where The Germans lie wait, looking out the front door sidelite, their toenails scratching off the surface of DK's baseboard. She has a re-paint job of the house trim due, but doesn't want to do it until AFTER she's finished (refinished) her hardwood floors. She has the first stage done, but the second stage needs 3 days of no traffic and she can't figure out how to swing that!

05-21-2015 05:42 AM
wicca27 really looking good DK. hey any new pics of the GSD? its been a while for them as well. here is a shot of my new girl in the house. we have had her right at 10 months now and happy to say she is finally up to weight. she will go first of the week for a weight check but she is over 60 lbs now and no longer can you feel any bones. when we got her you could feel them all, i cried

05-20-2015 04:41 PM
Originally Posted by AoxomoxoA View Post
Likely to keep the inhabitants of Gideon off her trail. In addition to the aforementioned reasons of course...


Today's candy, mebbe an upgrade from Twix to Snickers. Thing is, you can't make fine French cuisine with only a crockpot, if'n YKWIM. DK doesn't have the camera, the macro lens, the lighting in her tanks, or the skill to make kweez-zeen.

One shot shows (future) bebbees, the other is just better focus. Hey. We'll take what we can get.

One shot of... yellow. Pretty color. Water is murky because DK just cleaned the biofilm off the front glass (thus why she HAS a picture of yellow) and while in there she rototilled the substrate, so it will take a few days to clear.

05-19-2015 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by treyLcham View Post
why do you talk in third person?
Likely to keep the inhabitants of Gideon off her trail. In addition to the aforementioned reasons of course...
05-19-2015 01:12 PM
Wow, more than dripping

Such a rare event! More than s...l...o...w... dripping, there is nearly a conversation in the cave!


Why does DK speak in the third person? Hm. Dunno. Mebbe she's khrah-zhee as well as lah-zhee. Or mebbe she doesn't want to own all her failures, so she uses third person, along her treks. Or mebbe she cannot stand first person in an (apparently, if you watch page view numbers) very public place, in this present age of narcissim. Mebbe she finds it distasteful to write all those "I"s. Who knows WHAT goes on up there, with all those voices and conversations (arguments, quite often, if you must know the truth), in DK's mind. It's a bizzy, cluttery, chaos-ey place. Full of steampunk-y fixtures to trip over and konk one's head upon when wandering around in the hazy dimness.



Yesterday, she spent her shrimp time doing a surgical excision and re-implantation of ballast into one of her fixtures, that had gone bad. Patient survived and is doing well, back to functioning.


More of DK's dreadful eye candy. It's more on par with a Twix bar than a fine Belgian hand-formed chocolate. Barely in focus, that sort of thing.

After Shrimpmageddon, she had only a HANDFUL of stock left. This morning, here's a shot of some Black Tigers.

Coming along.

05-19-2015 01:20 AM
treyLcham Lol =') I guess it can be a book knowing how many posts on this thread their are

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
05-19-2015 12:34 AM
wicca27 its her alter ego doing the talking hehehe
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