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12-21-2012 12:05 AM
JRMott Updated pic on pg 1.

11 months, and two 3 week vacations later, the tank as undergone more changes. Lost all fish except for 1 tiger barb while on vacation. Plants were worse for the wear too. I've since picked up more fish, current stock:

10 tiger barbs
1 Firemouth Cichlid

Plants were rearranged, added some marselia minuta today and some currently unknown plants. Hoping to maintain this for a while and let new plants thicken in, but my track record hasn't been great.
01-06-2012 12:30 AM
JRMott New year new pic (see pg 1). Still too much wisteria, I'm working on getting rid of it.

I've started getting this after about 4 hours of lights on:
10-11-2011 03:07 AM
JRMott Update:

I did a big clean of my filter over the weekend, rinsed all the filter media in tank water, removed the nasty filter floss, and cleaned the intake and outflow tubes (the tubes haven't been cleaned in almost 4 years, and it showed). In the process, I cracked my acrylic lilly pipe so I put the old outflow head back on. It took some fiddling but I think I got it set up for good surface agitation.

I also recently got a Koralia Nano 240 that I'm running to try to bring extra flow across the front bottom of the tank.

Whether it was CO2 bubbles collecting on leaves, or it was pearling, all I can say is that today I noticed tiny bubbles on many of my plants. Most surprisingly, was the BBA infested micro sword had collected bubbles too. Regardless of what it was, I think the added flow is definitely helping to move things around better.

Tank is going through more algae, GDA at the moment, but I'm going to let it take its course for a few weeks and see if it vanishes on it's own.
09-25-2011 12:53 AM
2in10 Looking good, nice selection of plants
09-25-2011 12:47 AM
JRMott 10 week update (new photo in first post)

I recently did a small re-scape, moving the ludwigia from the left of the tank to the back right and I propagated a very small amount of bacopa australis I had and turned it into a pretty healthy bunch which I planted in the back left.

The H2O2 did the job and got rid of 95% of the BBA on the driftwood. I ended up having to hack back a lot of the lilaeopsis mauritiana as it was covered in BBA. The BBA has come back on much of the lilaeopsis, so I've been increasing the CO2 rate and will give it another trim.

The lilaeopsis hasn't grown much, if at all, but I'm being patient.

The tank needs a bit of a trim esp the bacopa, which I will replant in front of what is currently planted.
08-23-2011 11:12 PM
JRMott Quick update:

I've had the co2 atomizer from The Shrimp Lab running for just about 3 weeks now and have been very pleased. It really does a nice job creating tiny bubbles of co2, and I managed to adjust the positioning of my filter outflow to blow the bubbles all around the tank.

Without a bubble counter I've had to take my co2 adjustments slower as I don't know how much it's actually changing. I think I've got it as high as the fish can tolerate, its to the point that they aren't gasping, but they were kind of sluggish so I backed it off just a bit and they seem happy now. Drop checker seems to be a nice shade of light green.

I also did a small rescape on the tank by repositioning the driftwood on the right side of the tank back to how it was in the photo from 9/25/10. I also am trying to recultivate what bacopa australis I managed to keep alive. Time will tell if I can turn it into something more or if it's a lost cause. I also transplanted some of my narrow leaf microsword from the front right of the tank to other areas and filled the front right in with some shortly trimmed rotala indica, hoping to create something there.

Last but not least, I've been treating my BBA with H2O2 for several days now and it seems to be taking it's toll on the algae. I've been spot dosing 50-60ml of 3% H2O2 onto my driftwood every day, I am planning to continue this until the algae is gone or until I see anything in the tank responding negatively. I tried dosing the microswords directly but it didn't seem to be as effective, so I trimmed some of the worst effected plants and will do more trimming of effected microswords this weekend.

The tank isn't looking a whole lot different at this point, so no photos right now. I'll post an updated photo once things are taking better shape.
08-05-2011 03:17 AM
JRMott What a night!

Got my bazooka co2 atomizer from The Shrimp Lab today and had quite the hassle getting it set up. I'm running an Azoo regulator and had to adjust the working pressure from about 20psi to 40psi. Then, the lid on my bubble counter popped off. Twice. I removed the bubble counter and ran it with only a check valve. Tubing popped off then a few times as well.

Eventually, I replaced the silicone tubing with standard aquarium tubing. Seemed to work much better, everything's tight though I didn't hook the bubble counter back up.

Tomorrow I'm going to move the location of the atomizer to a spot with better flow. So far though I am very impressed with the diffusion. Very tiny bubbles, much better than my old glass diffuser.
07-31-2011 11:38 PM
JRMott Update 7/31 (no new pics)

Did a water change today, trimmed my wisteria back, but left the other plants alone for now. I cleaned out my filter as well, and added 250ml of purigen to the filter. Supposedly that amount will treat 250 gallons for up to 6 months. I dont know how long it will actually last, but I'm guessing it will be well over a year before I need to recharge it.

I also upped my co2 a bit but noticed my barbs gasping at the surface, so I dialed it back. I ordered an atomizer from the shrimp lab as well, hoping to get that later this week.

I'm getting some BBA on my narrow leaf microswords, and brown algae there and on the glass. While the tank is now new, I have been increasing the bio load. This is what I blame the brown algae on, and expect it to go away once the tank stabilizes.

As far as the BBA, once I get the atomizer I will fine tune the co2 as high as I can w/o hurting the fish. May try to spot treat the plants with h2o2, or just trim away the tips w/ the BBA.
07-26-2011 08:46 PM
JRMott Update: 7/26/11 (see new photo in first post)

You can see from the last two photos how much the tank has grown in just under a week. The ludwigia are starting to send two sideshoots off from the places I trimmed them, but that growth has been less noticeable.

My concern at this time is that the brown algae has started getting worse and I've noticed some BBA appearing on the narrow leaf micro sword. I'm attributing the BBA to the increased lighting and fertilizing less as I was away. In hindsight, I shouldn't have increased the lighting when I wasn't going to be around for a few days.

I've moved the drop checker from the right side of the tank (where the diffuser and filter are) to the left, to see if I get any different co2 readings.

I'm going to go back to eliminating the burst, and just run the 6700K 96W 8 hours a day. Depending on how my drop checker is looking today, I'm going to try and increase the co2 a little more in hopes of driving back the BBA. The drop checker previously appeared to be greenish yellow and the fish showed no signs of stress, so I think I can slowly try more.

The wisteria looks like it could use a trim, but I don't really have time until later this week. I'm planning to put more by the filter and co2 tubing to help hide that equipment, and will rearrange my rotalas a bit to bring those a bit more forward.
07-26-2011 08:34 PM
JRMott Thanks WaveSurfer.

You're right, it is hard to drop the hobby! Before this planted setup I kept cichlids for almost 4 years. After my they died while I was on vacation (I think due to a heatwave though it's possible the automatic feeder malfunctioned), I set out on the course for a planted tank.

I really can't imagine some other piece of furniture in my living room replacing the location of my fish tank. I think that's what inspired me to keep it going after the cichlids died, and to reboot the tank after my 1st planted attempt failed.
07-26-2011 01:55 AM
WaveSurfer Nice densely planted tank!

Originally Posted by JRMott View Post

Looking at the pics from June 2011, you're probably wondering what the heck happened. Well, I had quite a problem with algae in Nov/Dec and then I was in the midst of changing jobs. Some plants died and the DHG never took off. This resulted in a combination of discouragement and neglect.

I (finally) decided to get back on this tank, after several months of neglect which led it from an algae farm to what you see above on 6/4/11. I spent about 2 hours cleaning the tank last night, you can see the results in the photo from 6/16/11.

CO2 tank is getting refilled tomorrow, plants are being ordered online, and some more fish will be picked up soon.
Guess it's hard to completely drop our hobby with the tank and fishes in our possession. Welcome back to the planted tank hobby!
07-25-2011 09:06 PM
Originally Posted by Jeffww View Post
...That is some seriously uniform planting lol. At first I thought you photoshopped in some plants and then I realized how neat your rows and trimming are. Nice work. I wish I could plant neatly. I just end up cramming them all in the dirt randomly.
lol, thanks. No photoshop involved, just organized planting. When I planted everything I did so in bunches, basically split the back of the tank in 1/3's and put one type of plant in each section. As everything in the back is stem plants, I think it will be easy to maintain.

I'm sure there's a lot more work to be had with plants that propagate through runners since you can't control where they grow.
07-25-2011 09:03 PM
JRMott I bumped up the burst to 10000K for 3 hours (while continuing the 6700K for 8 hours) towards the end of last week. I wasn't home this weekend, so am curious what the tank is going to look like tonight.

I'll be posting some new pics sometime within the next few days, depending on whether or not it's due for another trim.
07-20-2011 01:13 AM
Jeffww ...That is some seriously uniform planting lol. At first I thought you photoshopped in some plants and then I realized how neat your rows and trimming are. Nice work. I wish I could plant neatly. I just end up cramming them all in the dirt randomly.
07-20-2011 01:07 AM
JRMott Decided to do the trim...see first post for updated photo.

Took out most of the remaining bacopa australis and a java fern I had hidden in the tank. Chopped off a lot of the ludwigia, left the bottoms in the midground and replanted the tops in the back. I did a little sculpting on the Wisteria and had enough trimmings to fill in the co2 diffuser area more. I also did a hackjob on the rotalas, but trashed what I cut. I also added some rootmedic complete tabs under the Lilaeopsis Mauritiana.

Lets see how this grows in...
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