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Topic Review (Newest First)
04-14-2014 03:50 AM
So this tank needed a nice trimming when I came back home to it. Thinking about other fish to add to it, thinking about pygmy cories or rosy loaches for the bottom…waiting on the shrimp population to slowly increase and for the Japan Blue Endlers to start popping babies as well.

This Madagascar plant is doing pretty well, it’s a bit of a weed though. Pretty soon I’ll be cutting it so that I only keep the tops since it grows so fast and does seem to like branching. I hear this stuff is fragile shipping wise though, and that’s a shame since its so nice. I might try the extras in a soon to be started project…or see what they do in my 75 (seems like a bad idea though)

Amano close up

Sparkling gourami close up

Japan Blue

Ember Tetra

Espie Rasbora hate the camera it seems

I heard mini Myrio is hard, its doing okay for me. Looks a little bleh though but I’ll give it more time to fill in. Its growing though so I’m not worried.

Overall, I’m happy with this tank, but I think I’ll start dosing PPS Pro liquid stuff from Nilcog soon as I saw some pinholes in the older leafs before I started trimming. I also have a few more plants I need more of, such as the Rotala indica, Rotala Butterfly, Rotala Pearl, UG, and the Limnophilia vietnam that I’m trying to grow out for my 75.
04-06-2014 01:08 PM
The Plantman I like this one a lot as well. Very nice!
01-30-2014 04:39 PM
HybridHerp Guess who did a re-scape? This guy, that's who. Started the process shortly after christmas.

My main goal was to do a lot of colorful, moderately fast growing plants, with my java fern kinda swaying to the side and arching over. That plant has been through hell and back for me so I figured I'd make it pretty prominent in the tank. Also, just couldn't resist the look.

I also wanted to not deal with wendtii in a dirted high tech tank anymore. It took over and became a hassle. I re-did the substrate in order to remove the plant...

Which meant that I managed to find and salvage over 250 trumpet snails while re-scaping....Damn, thats a lot of snails.

And here's the tank as it is now. I want to add a few things, mostly UG for a carpet, and maybe another stem or two and some blyxa in the back right corner, but I'm pretty happy with how this is looking.

The specs:
Current Fish/Inverts
• Poecilia reticulata – “Guppy” 0:1
• Hyphessobrycon amandae – “Ember Tetra” x2
• Trigonostigma espei – “Lambchop Rasbora” x5
• Otocinclus cocama – “Zebra Otto” x2
• Caridinia japonica – “Amano Shrimp” x2
• Neocaridina heterotopia var. “”
• Cambarellus shufeldtii – “Cajun Dwarf Cray” x2
• Neritina natalensis – “Tire Track Nerite” x1
• Planorbis rubrum – “Ramshorn Snail” x#
• Physa sp. – “Pond Snail” x#
• Melanoides tuberculata - “Trumpet Snail” x#

• Current
o Foreground
• Echinodorus parviflorus – “Tropica Sword”
Front right
• Lobelia Cardinalis var. 'Dwarf'
In front of L. sp. ‘Red’
• Pogostemon helferi
In front of wood
o Mid-ground
• Rotala mexicana var. ‘Araguaia’
Left of C. becketii petchii
• Cryptocoryne becketii petchii
• Ludwigia sp. ‘Red’
• Ammania sp. ‘Bonsai’
Left side of M. pteropus
o Background
• Lagarosiphon madagascariensis
Back middle
• Alternanthera reineckii var. 'Mini'
Back middle
o Non-Substrate
• Hardscape
Microsorum pteropus – “Java Fern”
• Back left
Anubias barteri var. ‘Petite’
• In front of M. pteropus
Fissidens splachnobryoides – “Mini Fissidens”
• On yellow spongy rock

• Marineland Penguin 100 x2
• None
o Use heater from quarantine tank if dire emergency
• Ray2 Ultra Slim 24” DS
• Substrate
o Dirt with Black Sand cap
• Hardscape
o Rocks
• Yellow and Spongy
• Red and Brown
o Driftwood
• One main piece
Smaller ones surrounding it
o Fertilizers
• PPS-Pro
• Carbon Dioxide
o Dual Stage Regulator on 20lb tank
• Atomic Diffuser
Replace with an atomic diffuser eventually
• GLA Atomic Check Valve x2
• Drop Checker Color: Green
• Bubble Counter: 6 per second
Filled with Mineral Oil

The downi will look nice once it fills in, as will the Bonsai. I'm not sure how much bonsai I want to let be in the area though, as I want enough room to balance that and the UG I want. I'm also thinking about doing some flame moss in-between the fern and the anubias on the wood.

sbj1987 hooked me up with a ton of nice stems. This is Rotala mexicana 'Araguia', can't wait till it settles in for me, its really pretty.

And who doesn't love Ludwigia Red?

And of course, I love me some amano shrimp and dwarf sword.

MonsterFish gave me some Lagarosiphon madagascariensis to play with. Not sure how it will do for me (I almost think the amano shrimp might have picked some leafs off) and not sure if I want it here, or in that hole in the wood. Its a pretty plant though, and I'll be sure to make some sort of use of it in either this tank or my 75.

My one oddball shrimp that popped out from my fire reds in my 5.5. Its brown with dark blue sides...I think its cool but we will see what happens. It had eggs when I moved it and those eggs hatched in this tank so I'm curious to see what will come of that.

Mini reneckii below ember tetras. I need more of the tetras, but I'll focus on fish more after I get the plants in order.

Espie are doing well...I might want a few more of them though, idk

I am loving these zebra ottos

In the spring I'll be grabbing more plants for my tanks, and seeing what I want to fit where. I was thinking about doing Mini Myro in place of that madagscar plant and moving the madagascar up front or into another tank, and also considering Muridania sp. Red in the hole in the driftwood depending on how big the leaf size is.

And as this grows I'll try and update at least one every 2 months if not once a month :P And definitely as soon as possible after any significant changes.
12-02-2013 05:35 PM
TheRiverRat i had guppies in a tiger salamander tank once (when the salamander was in the aquatic stage) they absolutely flourished in the dirty stagnant water, best i have ever seen them do lol.
12-02-2013 05:16 AM
HybridHerp No pics, but this tank is now 90% crypt wenditii. I kind of don't like that look, as it shades everything else a heck of a lot and is hard to trim, so I'm thinking about doing a re-scape, using a smaller growing crypt species (petchii maybe) and doing new stems, making a real nice scape and all in the process.

Honey gouramis are no more though . I'll get something to replace them, and also add some sort of neocaridinia and maybe pymgy cories or something similar to this tank. Might have some nice guppies as well, or just throw endlers from my 5.5 in here, as they have been breeding.
08-18-2013 08:30 PM
HybridHerp So I was feeding this tank today and OH MY GOD, I didn't realize just how many ramshorn and MTS snails are in this tank lol (hint, its a lot)

Also, I'm getting annoyed at guppy keeping. Endlers are doing just fine in my 5.5 but regular guppies don't do very well for me in this tank. I have no idea why. However, there are some guppy babies in this tank now that seem to be left alone by the other fish and aren't doing badly at all, so we'll see.

If at some point all the guppies die on me, I'm just going to maybe try a different sort of fish in its stead, because this has been a problem for me for years. Ugh

Also, no pics because the tank is in terrible need of a trim job.
08-18-2013 06:08 PM
HybridHerp Okay, and I got my hands on that plant already, just decided to use it in my 5.5 instead.
08-18-2013 06:03 PM
Originally Posted by HybridHerp View Post
Lol, alright, sounds like a plan. Did you label the extras?

Also, I was looking for indica?
True rotala indica (ammania sp bonsai)

No but when you get them ill let you know what they are... I think I put them in separate baggies
08-18-2013 03:57 PM
Originally Posted by sjb1987 View Post
Id remove the atlantis and throw some ludwigia sp red need some easy color in there... I sent some extras stuff with your package so youll have some stuff to play with... I wish I would have seen you were looking for some r. Indica I would have threw a few in there too
Lol, alright, sounds like a plan. Did you label the extras?

Also, I was looking for indica?
08-18-2013 01:43 AM
sjb1987 Id remove the atlantis and throw some ludwigia sp red need some easy color in there... I sent some extras stuff with your package so youll have some stuff to play with... I wish I would have seen you were looking for some r. Indica I would have threw a few in there too
08-17-2013 10:37 PM
HybridHerp I'm debating and I want an opinion on this.

I have some Ludwigia sp. 'Red' coming to me in a few days, and I am unsure where to put it. I could keep it in the 5.5 again like I used to, but part of me feels that it might be a good plant to use in this tank....where Atlantis is.

I'm thinking of removing the atlantis in here, and keeping atlantis solely in my 75 gallon.

07-27-2013 08:27 PM
HybridHerp I honestly don't even remember...
A few days at least, a week or two at most...managed to survive enough though during 2 weeks of no light with sandy I guess...jeez
07-27-2013 05:52 PM
hambone870 Very lush, well done

10 gallons are fun and you have done nice with this one. Can't believe that java moss bounced back. How long was it dry?
07-27-2013 04:19 PM
HybridHerp So, I just realized something today....on my wood....Java Moss is must not have died after Sandy and after having been dried out for days on end. Wow.....

The Xmass moss is still there, but it hasn't attached itself to any wood now I'm I try and remove the java moss, or do I remove the still on the mesh xmass moss and have it grow in my 5.5 or 75. I'll probably decide on that tomorrow when I do water changes.

Also, side note, netting shrimp out of this tank is super difficult.
07-27-2013 01:28 AM

Some changes, nothing drastic though. Fixed the coral for the RRF so that's always nice, although I'm noticing that they aren't doing as well in here as they are in my 5.5.....I might add some dwarf water lettuce into the mix as well, debating that.

I removed a ton of this. It was getting on my nerves, sort of just growing everywhere and being a mess. Of course, it will still do so, but it seems more controlled now.

Crays <3

I gotta get my TDS to stay down, also bought a new gh/kh test kit so I can get a better reading, as I realized the ones I had were 3 years old....oops. Honestly though, I'm happy as long as the shrimp are alive and healthy, in a way I almost don't care about breeding. That being said, if my 5.5 somehow has better conditions for TT's than my 10, you bet I'm going to try and breed them in there.

On the subject of shrimp babies....I present to you, guppies. This might annoy those of you who are into shrimp only, but I'm not, its just not my thing. If a few babies survive for me great, awesome, but I'm not looking into trying to keep a huge colony. I just want a nice looking tank. And these guppies....are nice looking :P No special variety that I know of, but I just loved the colors and flare on the males I saw, and the females were nice and beefy, and already preggers. Which is great because I can then raise some nice males out for myself/feed baby guppies to my larger fish.


I hacked back the Colorata and the Red Cabomba....trying to get denser, new growth. Its slowly comming back to its fuller glory. L. Atlantis laughs at any and all attempts to curb its growth.

Oh yah, I have a bit of UG in here now too, thanks to h4n (he gives me lots of goodies). If this does well, I might carve out a space for it to carpet the front of the tank, even removing H. 'Japan' and some of the dwarf cardinal plant.

Also, like my 5.5, this tank is going to be dosed using a PPS-Pro method. The ferts come in tomorrow, and I am excited.
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