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Today 03:46 AM
Originally Posted by johnson18 View Post

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
UH OH!!!!! This Nymphaea rubra must've enjoyed the dose of macros a lot or finally hit an O+ root tab, or both. I came home this evening and these three leaves have easily DOUBLED in size AND there is a new surface leaf that is probably 6 inches BELOW the surface!! Damn!

I'll probably trim the surface leaf off tomorrow, if the lights are still on when I get home. I want to try to get it to produce more submerged growth.

The other SUPER exciting news of the day, I found a berried female! YAY for happy shrimp!
01-17-2017 12:13 PM
johnson18 25 Painted Fire Red Shrimp arrived the middle of last week. They look amazing!

Added four more Amano shrimp on Sunday! This will be the last livestock added for a while!

The current stock list:
40 cherry shrimp, mostly PFR grade
6 Amano shrimp
3 nerite snails
Lots of ramshorn & pond snails(too many)

Out of all the shrimp there have been several recent molts and probably 10ish saddled females!

I planted a small portion of Marsilea minuta throughout the "carpet" area on the left. There was a small amount already there but I wanted to mix a bit more in!

Since I was home today(sick af) I sat in front on this tank and ate my lunch. It was so fun to watch all the otos swim around together or play in the outflow.

I dosed some macros today(on both tanks). I drastically reduce EI. I don't plan on dosing regularly but I wanted to see how things went. I'll dose micros later in the week.

So... if you made it this far, thank you! Please let me know what you think or ask any questions you may have. Now here are a few pictures! I've only got my iPhone for pics, so that's what you get.


A couple shrimp pics...

Plant pics! This group of Anubias has been growing well & the shrimp love it!

"Carpet" area. You can see all of the crypts surrounding this area.

The "carpet"mix!

I guess I didn't take a fts, just this one that was only on my SnapChat

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
01-11-2017 10:01 PM
johnson18 I'm planning on added quite a few more crypts to this tank. I would like to go for more of the rarer types. The plan is to get a couple of each for this tank and get a couple for the emersed set up. I miss having rare crypts around. This tank currently only has a few C. nurii and a C. affinis 'Metallic Red', the rest of the crypts are fairly basic & found almost anywhere. If anyone has some rare cryptocorynes they wanna get rid of let me know!
01-11-2017 05:06 PM

The unknown crypt

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
01-11-2017 04:57 AM
johnson18 Added two Amano shrimp and ten Otocinclus today!! The PFRs have finally shipped, the seller chose to wait until the nasty cold weather had passed in his area of the country. I totally respect and appreciate his decision to do so! If all goes as planned with the USPS the PFRs should be here Thursday!!

I planted a bunch of the Hydrocotyle sp. 'Japan' to the left side as mentioned in my previous post. The previously planted Hydrocotyle has switched to submersed growth and is growing well. I would guess it will need a trim within a couple weeks.

Today I also picked up some new Crypts that I planted in this tank. They were marked as C. willisii, but are quite obviously not such. They are a brownish red color with bullated leaves, possibly Crypt. beckettii but more heavily bullated. Once they grow out a bit, I will take one of the baby plants and toss it into the emersed tank to flower and properly identify.

I will try to get some pictures within the next few days. Maybe I will remember to snap some pics when the PFRs arrive!!
01-06-2017 03:33 AM
johnson18 Today I picked up two of the spotted nerite snails, and three horned. The spotted ones are about a half inch in diameter, I put one of them into my 20L. The horned are the smallest nerites I've ever seen! They might be a quarter of an inch, but that's probably on the large side! I placed all three into this tank. Twenty minutes after adding them I could only find one in the area I originally placed them. I located one like halfway across the tank!

All of the shrimp I added yesterday are looking happy and healthy today. I went ahead and ordered 25 PFRs from a forum member!! I'm looking forward to getting them into this tank. When these shrimp arrive, they will be the last livestock addition to this tank for a while.

I'm thinking about adding more Hydrocotyle sp. 'Japan' to the left side. I'm hoping to create a kind of carpet look with it. I've got more than I could ever use in my emersed 55. Seriously, it is at least 4" deep all over and some places is more than half of the overall depth of the tank! I can definitely spare some more for this tank! The Dwarf Sag. appears to have begun growing. The biggest surprise of all is that the MM which was formerly part of the carpet prior to the neglect, has started to pop up in places!! This is a surprise to me as there was absolutely none left!
01-05-2017 01:43 AM
johnson18 After a trip to ANA & a nice convo with Ben, I added 15 nice looking Red Cherry Shrimp to the tank this evening. I will be grabbing a few Amanos next week when he gets some more in. My current plan is to order more shrimp from one of the members here this week. This will let me get a little diversity into the gene pool. I'm thinking that I'll probably order some PFR shrimp. I don't plan on adding the ember tetras for a month or so to really let the shrimp colony get established. I've never successfully kept shrimp so any advice or tips would be welcome!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
01-04-2017 08:12 PM
johnson18 I've done a bunch of work to this tank over the last month. A couple different deep cleanings. Added a bunch of new plants into it. There is still mulm on the substrate in places, which I've been unable to suck out during water changes. There's also a bit of hair/stringy algae in places. Most of it it left from when the tank was neglected & on slow growing plants like anubias. It seems to be slowly going away though.

Most recently (Monday) I removed the two pos fluval submersible filters that I'd been meaning to take out forever. I also replaced the Eheim 2215 with a new 2217. The 2215 got moved over to the 20L. I took about half of the media from the 2215 & swapped it for new media, placing the removed media into the 2217. I expected the tank to have some sort of cycle but I don't see much evidence of that after two days.
I tested the water today. The results are as follows:
pH 7.4ish
Ammonia 0ppm
Nitrite 0ppm
Nitrate 0ppm
Phosphate <0.5ppm
KH 6 drops ~107.4ppm
GH 5 drops ~89.5ppm
TDS is 158
I use ro water on the tank but this is Tucson, we've got liquid rock for water. Super high pH here too, the tap water is crazy.

I think I mostly just want to toss some red cherry shrimp & ember tetras in the tank.

Here is a picture from almost two weeks ago. The plants have been growing great since then.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
12-12-2016 08:36 PM
johnson18 I'm finally going to get a little bit of time to focus on my tanks. This tank has seen months of neglect. I struggled with huge quantities of algae for months, it covered everything. I think it was a combo of unable to do water changes as often as it needed and the use of way too many root tabs with the brand new soil. even though I was getting some fantastic plant growth the amount of nutrients in the water was too high.

Unfortunately, I was unable to actually do much about it. I've got a bunch of back problems, so spending a lot of time bent over into the tank wasn't an option. I finally just shut off the lights, and left them off for about the last five months. Much of my house is windows, so the tank received some residual light but nothing else. The algae died along with a lot of the plants. I didn't originally set out to leave the lights off that long, but this fall semester kicked my ass. I was pretty much only home long enough on a daily basis, to sleep a little, shower and leave again. I finished my semester Friday, I spent several hours working on the tank Saturday but had to take a couple extra pain pills in order to do so.

I siphoned out more than 50% of the water, along with much of the degraded plant/algae material. I manually removed as much crap as possible. The tank looks better but still not decent. I plan on doing a water change at least weekly for the next month & sucking up as much junk as I can with it. I discovered part of the issue was that the filter out flow hose was kinked which reduced the flow to almost nothing. I have fixed that issue, hopefully in a permanent manner.

I added a few bunches of NL Java Fern & Windelov from the local petsmart. There are some remaining dwarf sag plants that I'm hoping will repopulate a new carpet. I also trimmed a bunch of the Hydrocotyle sp. 'Japan' out of one of my emersed tanks, and planted in as a carpet which should spread well.

I guess it shouldn't be much of a surprise that the Crypts are pretty much all still there, though their growth has been limited. I have no doubts that they will quickly rebound with fresh water and the return of light. From my last picture of this tank, the amount of Anubias has at least doubled! Most of the Buce. is also still around with stunted growth.

The lights are currently set on a three hour photoperiod. I will see how that goes and adjust from there.

Trust me, you don't want to see a picture. I will update with one soon though.
10-09-2014 02:33 AM
Johnson18's 55 Gallon II-Gettin Dirty

There's been a lot of growth since this picture. The Aponogeton in the middle has close to doubled in size. It's also got a shoot growing babies. A lot of other growth too. Like I said, I haven't had much time to pay attention to the tank, unfortunately. It's still only got a couple otos, like two black neon tetras and two clown plecos as it's inhabitants. I've would really like to add some more life to the tank. I've really been thinking about Rainbows lately. No, not just because of the article in the most recent edition of Amazonas, though it has made me think about adding them even more. My largest concern though is the amount of time I've had to do maintenance since school started. No point in adding more fish if I'm not gonna be able to keep up with the maintenance.
10-09-2014 01:45 AM
tattooedfool83 [censored][censored][censored][censored] man looks so green and lush
10-08-2014 08:33 PM
johnson18 Here's a crappy one from about a month ago. You can see some of the algae in it. Most has been removed by hand since then. I think I might have some time to clean it up some this weekend and do a WC. I'll try to get some new pictures!

10-08-2014 10:58 AM
tattooedfool83 Any pics man?
10-08-2014 12:11 AM
johnson18 The growth of this tank has been incredible. It looks nothing like the above picture. I've had a little bit of an algae problem. I think I will have to split the photo-period, which is still only 4.5 hours. The water changes probably need to occur more often as well. Been pretty hard to do that with the back issues I've been dealing with. I see the surgeon to schedule a date for surgery this Friday. There's a little more about that in the 20L journal.
07-20-2014 09:49 PM
Johnson18's 55 Gallon II-Gettin Dirty

Haha, he was definitely interested in everything, always is! Oh yeah, all three of my dogs get regular nail maintenance! Although it's been much easier since the move. There's no grass, so everything they walk on is hard, like rock, cement, kool decking, it all helps keep their nails short.

I'd probably go for the elbow if I were you, but that's just personal choice!

I got the filter installed, I haven't figured out the end layout of the system. I want to play with a few different options. Overall, I like how the tank is looking. Most everything is growing well. I've gotta figure out something different for the back left side of the tank, next to the Anubias covered driftwood. I've got a couple marbled queen radican swords there that seem to want to stay low to the substrate. I don't think they like the low tech environment. I think I will pull them out and stick them in an emersed tank and find something else for that spot. There is also a C. affinis "Metallic Red" growing right in front of the swords. I think it was being shaded too much by the larger swords when I first planted the tank. I recently trimmed the sword leaves back some and the affinis has started growing more. I would like something in that spot that will grow taller but also add another color to the sea of greens. I'm probably going to take a look through my Cryptocoryne collection and see if there is anything that would work well to fill the spot, if not I will look around. If I do go with a Crypt I want something with a little different color and texture than the other plants in the area, probably something with heavily bullated leaves. I've not already got anything specific in mind. The right side of the tank has a nice patch of C. nurii that has been doing well. It's starting to get a little bigger. There is also, at the base of the right end of the driftwood, two Red Tiger Lotus plants. They are still fairly small but I doubt that will last a whole lot longer. When these plants get larger the tank won't seem like such a sea of green, which has been kind of bugging me lately. lol.

Here's a picture I took last night. It's overexposed but it's the best I've been able to do so far with my iPhone. I spoke to my dad this morning, who has been a hobbyist photographer for 40+ years(I grew up with a dark room set up in the bedroom next to mine!) he is going to help me get some better shots of the tank tonight. We will bust out the tripod and a real camera and see what we can do. Might try for some shots of the 20L too!
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