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08-30-2016 01:38 AM
Loachutus Catching up on some reading.

Theme music for this thread, ?

No line nor dot is wasted when it is laid with passion, intelligence and wit.
Yes, yes!! So let's hear about some of those projects!
08-22-2016 07:29 AM
Maechael DK this thread is as to you what a blank page was to Shakespeare.

No line nor dot is wasted when it is laid with passion, intelligence and wit.

A bit of humor never killed a Danish royal family either.
06-09-2016 11:48 AM
DKShrimporium OOp. Yeah, it's been so long that I by accident just found my notification for this post in my server spam folder!

DK's been insanely busy doing insane projects... just none of them shrimp related.

If ya wanna know about those projects, lemme know. I hate to clog up my thread with non-shrimp stuff if nobody cares!


PS I now have two tanks pretty full of Mermaids. I guess the trick is to totally ignore them, then they get real bizzy partyin'.
06-07-2016 09:07 AM
Maechael DK you there? This cave is awful quiet lately.
04-04-2016 08:43 AM
Maechael This looks like a good time for me to monitor this thread closely.

I have heard rumors to temp control affecting spawns, but not with shrimps so interested.

I don't think I have come across anyone who intentionally keeps their shrimp up in the 82 degree region. Most people I know aim for the mid to low seventies, and one breeder I have seen in person keeps his tanks closer to 68 whenever he can, with temporary gradual heat spikes.
04-04-2016 02:58 AM
Nuthatch I'm sorry about Angus. The difficult part about having pets is that we love them so much, but they leave us too soon.

A question came up on another board, and I wonder if you might know the answer. There was a discussion about the right temperature for neos to be kept, and that spawned 2 other questions! If the temp is warm, say about 82 degrees, does this affect the sex of baby shrimp? Also, do the shrimp (in general) benefit from a warm temp (82ish) or a cooler temp (72ish)? From what I understand the shrimp grow faster but have shorter lives at higher temps. They apparently live longer at cooler temps but grow to maturity slower? Folks claim that they breed like rabbits no matter what the temperature! LOL

I understand that the 'right' temperature to keep the shrimp at can be open to interpretation; the question that I am really curious about is the affect of temperature on the sex of baby shrimp. If you have any experience that you would be willing to share I would love to hear about it!

03-24-2016 09:23 AM
Maechael Dk, have you ever put leeks into bacon grease for a stir fry?

On of my favorites, is leeky bacon.
Cook a pound of preferred bacon, chop to size 2 whole leek stalks, separate into bowl, toss pre steamed or boiled rice into greasy pan, brown to flavor, generously dousing with soy sauce and or other flavors, add 2 whisked eggs on high heat, add bacon and leeks back into pan, toss and serve.

As for shrimpies, The time approaches for me to perhaps invest in some of DK's shrimps, as I will soon have my 110 community tank setup and cycled in anticipation of the raise that will allow a healthy population of shrimpettes and shrimpies.

I need to break the habit of only viewing this site on my phone as it is quite limiting compared to a laptop for this view of the critters contained herein.
03-22-2016 05:43 PM
DK's latest

Ennyone else out there LOVE stir-fry and wish they could make GOOD stir-fry at home? SEND DK YER RECIPES. SEND. SEND.

DK's latest is just this project. Here is the lunch she made over her smokin' hot stir fry pan:

These are handfuls of Costco veggies tossed into her new technology to sear and slightly carbonize in a mix of peanut and sesame oil (see pea pod in lower left corner - how it's sligtly carbonized from the smokin' searing heat?). Then mixed into a delightful cheater lazy bones sauce of a dollop of Costco organic peanut butter, spash of oyster sauce, splash of Rooster sauce (Sriracha), handful of minced ginger root, and splash of soy sauce.

Oh boy. Bliss. And this is only the maiden trial of her new setup. It will get exponentially better as she learns it.

She asked for this near-commercial induction cooker (a true commercial unit would be 220 volt but this one is 110 so she can use it as a homeowner) for her birthday. Don't let the price or ugly looks fool ya. This thing is a one knob easy to clean jet fueled workhorse on the cheap. Remember: DK likes industrial strenght but she also likes cheap. Score for both.

Recently, she treated herself to this MONSTER induction ready clad pan which is basically ten cents on the dollar for
something like this something like this
. There it is in the picture, next to a Costco gallon jug of milk, for scale. This thing is HUGE 11 inch diameter and sports a half inch thick induction plate with aluminum core at the base.

Marry the burner to the pot, and you have a PORTABLE stir fry setup. The beauty of which is she takes it out on the back porch and there is NO GREASE MIST MESS TO CLEAN UP afterward. Park that baby on the side wing of the gas grill and you are good to go.

The burner is surprisingly light weight and stows away easily on her 15 buck Costco pull out cabinet shelf. Gotta love Costco.

So, here's the drill: (this is important for lah-zhee folks, this part)
  1. Put the burner out on the grill and plug in.
  2. Put monster pot on burner with a few drops sesame oil and some peanut oil to coat the bottom. Fire her up on high.
  3. In a large bowl set out earlier to thaw are yer handfuls of frozen Costco veggies. In DK's case, these are green beans, stir fry mix, and broccoli florets.
  4. Dump thawed veggies into smokin' hot pan and put the lid on.
  5. Quickly take now emptied bowl and put in your sauce ingredients in the bottom.
  6. Return to the outdoors to tend the stir fry. Now you have steamed the veggies a minute or so or just enough to finish thawing them.
  7. Take the lid off and now stir fry until desired done-ness. DK likes em charred on the outside and crunchy on the inside, if'n ya KWIM.
  8. Dump finished veggies back into bowl and toss with saucy ingredients until coated.
  9. Eat straight out of the bowl, with chopsticks.
  10. Afterward, you have only one large bowl to wash, one huge pan, and you spritz the burner with windex and wipe down with a paper towel.
  11. Easy peasy, fast, lah-zhee, and tasty.

And with that, she now goes off to open the box with her new piece of industrial strength equipment...

Stay tuned. The Industrial Strength Equipment does actually have to do with shrimp.
03-21-2016 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by Maechael View Post
Whoah boy, has it ever been a while since I posted here, and after stating that I was going to try and be on more frequently.

Well I have been on, more or less stalking the threads looking for beautiful shrimps, awesome rockwork, interesting ideas and strange concepts.

All of which I'd normally just come to this thread for.

Hope all is well with the D.K. And that we shall have an update and a ton of pics, and like a video tour of the shrimporium, perhaps some glamour shots of those pesky mermaidens you've been breeding.
Thanks for the post - DK's been off in other realms a while, now. Since she hasn't really been doing much with the Shrimporium (that's how fully automated it is - make shrimp juice concentrate every 3-12 months - depending which flavor of sauce - and it's good to go!) and she's not sure how many posts to make about (not-yet) related projects she's been up to, she's been AWOL here.

She's doing fine.

The mermaids have populated the second tank to where both tanks have the same populations, now!

She's just ordered some industrial equipment for her latest venture - pics when it arrives.


Unfortunately, Angus the German went over the rainbow bridge recently, so that's a sad time.

RIP Angus - no, actually, play ball and run and play over there with the other Germans!
03-13-2016 10:44 AM
Maechael Whoah boy, has it ever been a while since I posted here, and after stating that I was going to try and be on more frequently.

Well I have been on, more or less stalking the threads looking for beautiful shrimps, awesome rockwork, interesting ideas and strange concepts.

All of which I'd normally just come to this thread for.

Hope all is well with the D.K. And that we shall have an update and a ton of pics, and like a video tour of the shrimporium, perhaps some glamour shots of those pesky mermaidens you've been breeding.
10-30-2015 11:12 PM
Maechael DK long time no chat.

How goes it? Hoping to be on the site more frequently in the near future.

Missed so much here from working haha.

About to start a new job/old job and buy myself back into the hobby big time.
10-27-2015 12:41 PM
So... ja. Found 'em.

Yesterday, after other stuff, DK forced herself to study the abductee tank, because those microbabies were due, and overdue.


She did find them! 2-3 mm size in there.

A couple pictures from the ones she saw up on the front glass.

As you can see, the glasses have slimed over again, bad for taking pictures.

But great for Mermaids, as they pretty much dine on slime.

10-26-2015 01:32 PM
Never a dull moment, here

Tolja there would be jack hammering.

Also... SOMEBODY might have fallen through the ceiling the other day. Just sayin'. It WASN'T DK. Nobody was (seriously) injured, and now there is a LOT more bathroom ventilation, even on top of the Mother-Of-All-Ventilation-Fans that DK and Other Geek just installed.

We've added to our collection of ceiling drywall holes. First there was the chunk in the kitchen ceiling. Next the den, where the yellow jackets' MONSTROUS nest in the bay roof ate completely through the drywall, leaving only a paper skin between house inhabitants and thousands of venomous stingers, this summer. And now, we add the lovely statement of bathroom ventilation.

Drywall work is in our future. But first, we install the second Mother-Of-All-Bathroom-Fans, and make sure there aren't any MORE holes in the ceiling.



Equipment malfunctions, in the Shrimporium.

First, it was a light timer gone bad.

The good news is after a prolonged period of darkness, where the Mermaids REALLY came out to graze, DK discovered more of the batch of youth in the Abductee tank than she had ever seen. Up until then, she had only ever seen one of that batch at any given time, which led her to wonder if there were what she calls "capture" issues in that tank. "Capture" to her means, if you have a batch of ten babies hatched, how many survive to grow into juvies, what is the "capture" rate of that batch.

So the capture rate was greater than she had seen, fortunately.

Next, in the original Mermaid tank, a heat controller went out. So DK had to throw in an alternate heater. It's still a temp solution in there, but both Mermaid tanks are doing well. She hasn't seen the microbabies from the new batch of knocked up females in the Abductee tank, yet.

Other than that, DK has barely looked at the Shrimporium for weeks, bizzy doing - ahem - other things.

09-29-2015 12:25 PM
More Mermaid Bah-Beeze shots from yesterday

Pictures aren't award winning, but bah-beeze are cute!

Behind the slimy glass, the tank is actually crawling with bah-beeze.

09-28-2015 12:42 PM
DK forced herself to clean the Mermaid glass

Now that the Water Factory is on re-set with the corrected recipe, DK expects a lotta action coming up.

It takes about 2 weeks transition to correct water in the tanks following a water factory adjustment, due to the gradual changeover.

But often times, shrimp will "read" the water conditions changing TOWARD more correct water, and respond. DK is ever fascinated how shrimp bodies "read" water chemistry and get in gear, even before water conditions are optimized. If water has been non-optimal, and the ion ratios begin to move TOWARD breeding ratios, shrimp will often jump the gun and molt, so when water conditions are ripe, they are ahead of the curve to drop young in survivable water.

Ennnyway, DK digresses.

She knew her calcium ratios were off, due to her tank metrics. When ratios are correct for a species, the population shows a pyramidal structure, with more tinies at the base, and a relative few full adults at the peak. When breeding conditions are so-so, you see an even spread. When conditions aren't breeding conditions, you see only older juvies and adults, finishing out growth from last time the water was good for breeding.

So, she had been watching metrics in the Mermaid tank, behind slimy glass, and hadn't seen much of anything except adults. She has been juggling some technical problems getting the pH stabilized in there, and when she juggles pH, it throws her calcium ratio, because pH is adjusted via mag carbonate in that tank, and when DK needs higher pH, she dials in higher mag carbonate, which decreases her calcium to mag ratio.

She thought the water was more messed up than it turned out to be. She knew it was improving, based on berried females, but she didn't see babies much, until the other day when she posted.

So she finally decided to get off her duff and clean the glass in that tank to see what was going on in there.


Here's a lesson learned: just 'cause you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there.

She thot she could see well enough across the slime-glass to determine that there were almost no babies in there.

But she just couldn't see them.

Here's a shot taken this morning in the front couple inches of the tank. That tank has already started to ramp up. It's not pyramidal yet, but headed that way, hopefully.

One reason she believed there weren't going to be many babies is that one of her biological indicators she uses - pond snails - were tracking high. When pond snail populations spike, it often means chloride levels have fallen, because when chloride levels reach a certain level, it inhibits pond snail breeding and growth.

All of her tanks were showing too many pond snails, so DK knew her chloride levels were dipping, which is an indicator that calcium levels are too low, as calcium tracks with chloride in her system.

The good news is that things are correcting, and as of this morning, there is a good indicator things are doing ok and heading toward better breeding conditions.

These are about 6 mm bah-beez (except the tiny one upper left), and DK couldn't see them across the slime-glass!

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