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06-21-2012 05:12 AM
ArchimedesTheDog I'm very sad, one of my female CPDs died, and I have no idea why. I moved the tank upstairs last week, which involved draining it a great deal, moving it, and then refilling it. I was pretty sure I counted all four last night when I fed them, but tonight only saw three, then I saw something stuck to the bottom of the prefilter. Particularly sad considering I was intending to move them all to the big tank soon.

Only other change recently is I added new BioMax filter media today, but that shouldn't do anything. I didn't remove the existing media, just added more.
06-06-2012 01:24 PM
FISTER_ Nice tank, just wish mine looked as good as yours.
06-04-2012 06:09 AM
ArchimedesTheDog Eight weeks in, and the tank is doing relatively well. One of the plants I got at the SFBAAPS swap meet melted (don't recall the plant name), but in general it all seems to be going well. I wish I had known how to add moss to the log before I populated the tank, but now it's too late, what with the crab living in it.

06-04-2012 06:06 AM
Originally Posted by philemon716 View Post
just watched your microcrab video - they look pretty cool...albeit in a creepy kinda way.
Yeah, it can be startling when i am not expecting to see him, almost like finding a spider in the tank.
06-01-2012 11:59 AM
philemon716 just watched your microcrab video - they look pretty cool...albeit in a creepy kinda way.
06-01-2012 06:29 AM
ArchimedesTheDog I've got more snails than a French restaurant these days.

And the Water Sprite is trying to put down some roots:

05-28-2012 05:34 AM
ArchimedesTheDog Seven weeks in, and I got some new plants at the SFBAAPS swap meet thos weekend. Too bad Carlos couldn't make it! Anyhow, I've already forgotten what the plants are, but the red leaf things are some sort of cross, and they are just camping until I get the 29g set up.

Did a water change tonight after 6 days, and the water was much less dirty in the bucket. I didn't hit the gravel much with the vacuum, so less mulm should have been in there, but it still seems like improvement from the last couple changes. New leaves on all the Anubias. Java Fern seems to be the same size as ever.

The smaller Amano has turned a brownish hue as of this morning, but he seems as active as ever. I have LOTS of tiny Ramshorn snails at the moment. Fish all seem good. The Thai Micro Crab is active first thing every morning when the light turns on, now, and fascinating to watch. I wish he was diurnal.

05-26-2012 05:22 AM
ArchimedesTheDog Both Amanos molted today right in front of the glass, then sat on the log behind. Wish I had been able to see it. Last time one of them molted, they ate the molt overnight, we'll see how two go, hope the crab gets some.

The CRS hasn't molted yet, starting to get a little worried he isn't getting enough food.

05-23-2012 05:32 AM
ArchimedesTheDog After a few weeks with extra foam in my filter I decided to try what it was like with extra, superior bio media, so I put an AquaClear BioMax bag in the filter. We'll see how it does. I rinsed it quite a bit but it still put dust all over the water surface.

05-22-2012 03:21 AM
ArchimedesTheDog Six weeks and 2 days in. Lots of new growth on the smaller Anubias, some minor growth signs on the large. The Java Fern is stagnating a bit, and the micro swords are pretty stable. The Java Moss is pretty, no idea if it is doing anything at all other than occasionally releasing a strand. The Crypts are melting and sprouting simultaneously.

Water pH had climbed again, I have done two 50% water changes in three days to see if I can get back to better water, my experiment with not changing the water midweek failed, basically. I am considering adding Aquaclear Biomax cylinders to the filter, maybe I should swap out the filter entirely. I have a vacation coming up and may spring for the expense after that.

The CPDs (the Dalton gang) are fun: one of the males, I call him the trail boss, bosses the others around but is actually kind of timid, and never gets as much food as the others, because he prefers to stay behind the big Anubias or under the filter intake. The Clown Killies (Needles (m) and Pins(f)) are spawning constantly but the CPDs go for the eggs minutes later. The crab is getting more active, meaning that I see him twice a week now. The Oto (Lefty) is diligent as always, the Amanos are very fun to watch (especially tugging on opposite ends of a shrimp food piece), and the Cherry Red Shrimp is kinda boring, he swims around a lot but doesn't do much to add to the fun factor other than looking pretty. The Amanos scrape the wood a LOT these days, too. Still have some Hydra and the Ramshorns are mating again. I decided not to medicate the Hydra yet because I don't want to kill the Nematodes that the CPD have so much fun hunting.

05-18-2012 06:02 AM
ArchimedesTheDog I had some thread algae show up. I'm cutting back on Iron dosing to every other day and squirting Excel on it. The crab continues to be slightly more present. I added an additional Amano last week thinking the original one had died, but he was just hiding and getting ready to molt. Both of them have been really interested in the bigger piece of wood, and they ignore the CRS. The CPDs hang out most of the time behind the foreground Anubias with occasional foraging runs; they decided they didn't like the weekly frozen Daphnia this last time, not sure why. The Killies continue to go spawning around the tank, sorry the eggs won't survive the rest of the tank denizens.

I'll do a big water change Saturday, I tried not doing incremental changes this week and am trying just the big change to see how that goes. Three a week will become tiresome quickly, TBH.

05-16-2012 11:01 PM
ArchimedesTheDog My Thai Micro Crab was uncharacteristically active this morning. Normally he hides when the lights are on. Behavior changes are always a worry, but it's fun to see him, I hope he's okay. I've been worried that as the water quality improves he would have less to filter feed, maybe he feels the pressure to forage more.

I captured some video:
05-16-2012 01:54 PM
ArchimedesTheDog Thanks! I'll have to try that.
05-16-2012 08:15 AM
Originally Posted by ArchimedesTheDog View Post
No major updates. I added an Amano to help with Algae cleaning. Water quality is much improved, Nitrates now around 5.0. My pH dropped to 7.2 with a major water change Friday, but are back up to 8.0 or so today, not sure how that is happening.

I decided today to stop feeding Cyclop-Eeze: I put a tiny amount in this morning, but only the Clown Killies would eat it, the CPDs repeatedly would grab a piece then spit it out.

This morning I managed to accidentally get the female Clown Killie into the API test tube for the pH test. Then she kept trying to swim back in when I dipped the test tubes for the other tests.
Ph swings can usually be narrowed down with a bucket of tap water a couple test tubes and ur tank items.
Test tube one:tap water(test water)
Now empty the test tube or use another and scoop tap out of bucket and put a small amount of gravel in the tube with it.
Test tube two: gravel or sand,tap water(test ph)
Then put in any rocks that u have in bucket and wait a little to see
Test tube three: tap water with potential rock bufferings/particles(test)
Then if none of those are responsible add some ferts to bucket usually calcium and magnesium ferts will buffer
Test tube four: fertilized water.
Truly it's prolly not a big deal but constant sways can cause stress on fish.
Also if U ever aim to lower ur Ph peat pots/peat moss is usually equally used in gardening as it is aquatics. Cost cut in half for that.
05-16-2012 03:44 AM
ArchimedesTheDog I added a black background to the tank tonight based on a clubmember's adivce and I like the improvement.

In sad news, I left the feeder door open in the canopy, and the Otocinclus is missing. Unless he has a spot to hide in a 5 gallon tank -- and I'd be shocked if he did -- I suspect he jumped out and the dog ate him. The dog eats just about anything, so a fish is certainly on the menu. I am so very sad. Update: He was hiding somewhere, because he turned up when I started feeding the other fish!

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