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04-13-2011 05:45 PM
MrJG Heeey folks! I've been really busy lately so not much time for surfing and updating threads but I'll see what I can do. Thanks for pinging me with some replies!

Tank is still up and tooling along. The mini pellia didn't take off quite like I'd hoped but its still there. Added some bits of fissidens in as well as some kind of gnarly red algae that I grew in another tank. Heck it looks kinda coral like so I threw it in there.
Currently its a bit of a mash of plants. I put in 4 different types of ground cover type plants to see what would do well given the lighting (eleocharis 'belem', dwarf sag, staurogyne 'repens', and crypt 'parva'). Seems like the parva and sag is going to work best, the others are just barely hanging on.

I'll try to get some pics in the near future but the tank is just as I wanted it. No maintenance. Top off the water once a week and let it roll. It hasn't had a single water change since the first fill-up.

I finally decided on a baby dwarf honey gourami to inhabit the tank along with a few female cherry shrimp.

Originally Posted by shane3fan View Post
Oh, and what the heck is up with the Braves? They look like last years team losing all of these close games.
Ahh we'll come around. Its early in the season. At least we didn't get a start like the Sox.
04-13-2011 03:08 AM
akdmks Update!!!!
04-08-2011 01:39 AM
Originally Posted by VaultBoy View Post
This tank looks great would love to see it now that it has had a chance to mature any new pics/news?

I never noticed this thread before, but I'd like to see an update as well. Looks cool.
04-07-2011 11:14 PM
VaultBoy This tank looks great would love to see it now that it has had a chance to mature any new pics/news?
04-07-2011 10:21 PM
shane3fan Did you ever do anything with this?

Oh, and what the heck is up with the Braves? They look like last years team losing all of these close games.
12-03-2010 03:47 AM
Pooky125 What about a Sumatran Blue Neon Goby or two? They're pretty saltwater looking... And can be found at

He doesn't have any in stock at the moment, but he can probably get his hands on a few different species of freshwater bumblebee gobies as well. They're on his list most days.

A small school of Boraras brigittae might be my choice though. They get some really incredible color.

Personally, I think it's begging to be a sulawesi shrimp tank. They're relatively new to the hobby, and probably on the pricey side, but definitely have the right look for a mock saltwater.
11-22-2010 03:47 PM
Sushieraser Also to give that SW feel, you could get a nice knobbly piece of wood, paint it a high gloss red and have it as a stand in for real coral while adding a pop of color.

11-22-2010 02:32 PM
MrJG Thanks for all the kind words folks.

Originally Posted by MARIMOBALL View Post
If there are not gonna be plants why not use plain white sand instead if substrate?
Mainly because I was trying to use what I had lying around for this setup instead of buying new stuff. I really only made the decision for the reef concept after monkeying with the stone in the tank for a while and once it was set I didn't want to have to redo it.

On that note after looking at the tank for a few weeks it seems too plain with just the MP on the rocks. I think I'm going to get 2-3 pots of Crypt 'parva' to plant around the base to get a little more greenery in there.

Still not in a huge hurry for tank stocking as I'm off of work for three weeks out of the next six. If I can get them I'll throw a few amanos in to help keep things tidy in the meantime.
11-22-2010 05:11 AM
Fat Guy really diggin this. looks awesome
11-19-2010 06:28 PM
MARIMOBALL If there are not gonna be plants why not use plain white sand instead if substrate? I think It would look more like a SW tank. Maybe some dario dario for fish or harlequin shrimp but not both together. A small school of embers maybe. If you could find some blue axelrodi. Axelrodi would look like chromis and are nano fish so 10-15 would be ok. The hard scape looks great BTW. Maybe stacked to create shelfs like the reefers do.
11-10-2010 04:01 PM
monkeyfish I want some clown killies myself. Definitely jumpers though, so no good for open top tanks. I have no experience with star moss, just thought the look would fit.

Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
11-10-2010 03:04 AM
OoglyBoogly Those lace plants remind me of some sort of weird coral but they get huge if I'm not mistaken. Endlers definitely have lots of color but they breed like they are the last of their kind in existence and it is their duty to repopulate the world. LOL I took lots of endler pics if you want to take a looksie:

Recent pic in a different album:

I've seen some crazy looking killifish pics on aquabid from these sellers that sell killi eggs + artemia eggs. I never see anyone bid on the ones i've checked out and they seem to expire without any bids.
11-10-2010 02:58 AM
defiesexistence Some shrimps could look like lobsters/ other shell fish combing along the 'reef'. Maybe one of the bumblebees (if that is the black and white kind?), or a red shrimp?

Love the current rock layout, but maybe if you added some porous-y pebbles (like lava) of varied colors and hid them so they made a subtle effect in the rocks? This is an interesting idea, and I like how it's coming along

Oh, and yes, Marimo balls are a type of algae. They'll grow flat if you don't turn them.
11-10-2010 02:16 AM
MrJG Thanks for the suggestions all!

Originally Posted by Jorge_Burrito View Post
What about dwarf puffers? I have seen some real brightly colored exotic looking black/yellows (of course I have also seen some that look quite dull).
I've had the pea puffers before and this layout doesn't really have much cover for breaking up sight lines which would be needed with more than one in such a small tank. The larger puffers I think prefer brackish.

Originally Posted by monkeyfish View Post
I like the goby or puffer suggestions. Not sure about tank size requirements, and possibility of jumping out, but what about some killifish? Some, like gardneri,certainly have the saltwater coloring. Cool idea btw, subscribed. Maybe some star moss, disguised as some polyps?

Funny you should mention killies. I'm picking up a few pairs of clowns from a local breeder at our meet this weekend and they might make their way in here. The star moss would be awesome but from the things I've read the stuff doesn't do well submerged long term. If you have some exp. with it otherwise definitely let me know as the look of the stuff would be a sure add.

Originally Posted by shane3fan View Post
Endlers have some cool saltwaterish colors. I have some in my cube tank and dig em
Endlers! yea thats a good thought too. I think there was someone in our club keeping some registered ones... Black bar N? don't know much about them.

It doesn't appear at the moment that the peacock gudgeons are going to work out. My pair came in today and they look great. Currently tooling around in my 10 gallon 'tiger in my tank' layout. They may just be settling in but I've seen both of them slam hard right into the top rim already. So much so that I'm considering moving them again tonight into a half filled 29 gallon with some clown plecos and pygmy cories. Its too bad because I though they had the most potential for being saltwater fakers.

Some other nice suggestions from folks in my local club. Dario Dario aka scarlet badis, other darters/shiners, microfish like boraras.

Now that the gudgeons might not work out I may switch up and try to do a micro community (within reason of course). I think the hardest thing to get a line on is Brachygobius xanthomelas. Both of my lfs don't have them on their order lists and Franks is out of stock. Of course they may not fit into a community very well either. I'll have to sleep on it a while. The fortunate thing is I have quite a few empty tanks at the moment so I can afford a few mis-firings.
11-10-2010 12:51 AM
shane3fan Endlers have some cool saltwaterish colors. I have some in my cube tank and dig em
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