Shoreweed (Littorella uniflora)


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Shoreweed (Littorella uniflora)


Common Name: Shoreweed
Proper Name: Littorella uniflora
Category: Rosette Plants
Temperature: 1 - 25 C
PH: 5.5 - 7
Lighting: High
Growth Rate: Slow
Difficulty: Medium
Origin: Northern Hemisphere
Position in Aquascape: Mid-Ground
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this is a very cool plant if you can find it. it grows slow, and only to about 4 to 5" tall. can't say it's to demanding, i use it as a textural contrast plant. it might be prone to bba on tips of needles if co2 is not in order.
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Strangely the petsmart near me carries this. In fact half of the petsmart near me is dedicated to tropical freshwater fish and plants. I've never had any problems with this plant. It spreads slowly. But it grows really well in all of my tanks. And those tanks have almost no lighting, and no fertz and supplements.
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