Crypt Wendtii (Cryptocoryne wendtii)
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Crypt Wendtii (Cryptocoryne wendtii)


Common Name: Crypt Wendtii
Proper Name: Cryptocoryne wendtii
Category: Rosette Plants
Temperature: 22 - 30 C
PH: 5.0 - 7.0
Lighting: Low
Growth Rate: Slow
Difficulty: Easy
Position in Aquascape: Mid-Ground
Planted Tank Guru
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This is a good plant under high or low light. It makes a wonderful foreground plant, and has strong roots so clown loaches can't rip it out. Oto's like to rest on the leaves, and under higher light it grows faster. Watch out for leaf melting problems if it can't get any light. carry I have a variety of this that has very reddish-bronze colored leaves. I had to move tank and found I had quite a few runners and had more plants than I knew what to do with when replanting. They done quite well since. Give them plenty of light and let them be. Dean A tough one to transplant once it's rooted, so beware. I lost my main crypt as well as all the young plants when I had to transport the tank. However, when not moved and kept under bright light, this beautiful plant thrives and propagates beautifully. Jen G
Wannabe Guru
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I find this to be pretty much a fool proof plant for me and find that it fares better and proves hardier in my tanks than even anubias and java ferns. For beginners to planted tanks I would highly recommend this plant.
Pelvicachromis Lover!
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Excellent for beginners. Extremely hardy plant. Does well in just about any setup. I have the "bronze" variety (although, I think it could be the "red" one). I planted it in a 20L tank with 1.8wpg light, no ferts, no CO2 (not even Excel). They just grow and grow and grow! Very pretty color, as well. I've harvested some for my 75g tank with 2.44wpg, EI ferts and injected CO2, and it's growing very well there, too. It does appear to grow taller, more upright in lower light while it stays lower, more horizontal in bright light. It also seems to have more color in lower light, but that may be due to the bottom of the leaves not showing as much in high light. I disagree with the person who said it is a difficult plant to transplant. This is a really tough plant that will thrive where most other plants refuse to grow. If you have to transplant it, trim the roots to about 2" and plant. I have not had them show any ill effects from this. They regrow their roots quickly and continue on as if nothing ever happened. Sometimes one or two of the bottom leaves will melt, but that's it.
Algae Grower
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perfect for beginners as said. very little melting problems for me when purchased or moved.
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One of the few plants that thrives in my goldfish tank- 68-70 F, low light, no CO2, no ferts.
Wannabe Guru
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Can I drag a plant along substrate instead of pulling it out? It is a Wendtii Green
Algae Grower
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Had no issues with melting even after being shipped interstate in Australia. Doing very well in my tank at 2.9 wpg with ferts and glut. As the plant ages it starts getting the brown/red colouring on leaves.

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