Orchid Lily (Barclaya longifolia)
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Orchid Lily (Barclaya longifolia)


Common Name: Orchid Lily
Proper Name: Barclaya longifolia
Category: Water Lilies
Temperature: 23 - 32 C
PH: 5.0 - 8.0
Lighting: Medium
Growth Rate: Medium
Difficulty: Easy
Origin: Southeast Asia
Position in Aquascape: Mid-Ground
Planted Tank Guru
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The leaves on this plant can get very big- 10" to 12" without counting the stems. I often see it in the front of a scape as a young plant- that is where I put mine and now I have to dig it up and move it because it is so monsterous. Paula Benyei
are you experienced?
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These are great centerpiece plants, they can get 30" tall and monsters. I had a few they got big but took about a month from bulb to get 10-12" tall. They are like crypts they dont like to be moved or they will shed some leaves. very nice red color becomes green under lower lighting levels.
Algae Grower
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Barclaya longifolia also has a distinctive flower. The flower is among the images shown. An impressive plant.
Algae Grower
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A very nice plant to have.. Flowers up the water too.. Should get some again...
Algae Grower
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where can i get some of these?
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Got my bulb from arizona plants its been trying to grow for 3 monthsleaves are only 1" x 1/4" hopefuly it will get established update it is now established and looking beautiful has 2 flowers on it --trying to find out how to harvest the seeds
Planted Member
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As already stated the leaves will acquire a deep green color in lower light/shade. Will grow slowly under lower light conditions but thrives in moderate to high light. The red coloration has a nice iridescent greenish hue. This plant seems to be sensitive to replanting or uprooting. The leaves often exhibit what I've mistaken as a nutrient deficiency after being moved; some leaves develop holes and torn edges before eventually being shed completely. Undisturbed, old growth does not seem to brown or die off. With time, this plant becomes a very attractive, large bush.
Algae Grower
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This is a great plant. Color is hard to even show with my camera. I haven't moved it since planting it in my 33 gallon shrimp tank and it's done stellar. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiJytIqojho
Algae Grower
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Great plant! True green seems to be harder to find than the red. Both are beautiful. To keep the leaves, make sure and cut off the stem of the flower when it starts to rise a few inches above substrate. If allowed to flower, will drop seeds and leaves and then go dormant for a few weeks before growing again.
Wannabe Guru
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Bought a puny leaved bulb, went dormant for 6 months. It kept going from full light to shade. Once I kept it clear of other plants shadow, it grew. Its a very fast grower and gets very big.



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