Eriocaulaceae sp. Type 2 (Eriocaulaceae sp. Type 2)


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Eriocaulaceae sp. Type 2 (Eriocaulaceae sp. Type 2)


Common Name: Eriocaulaceae sp. Type 2
Proper Name: Eriocaulaceae sp. Type 2
Category: Stem Plants
Temperature: 21 - 29 C
PH: 5-7.5
Lighting: High
Growth Rate: Medium,Fast
Difficulty: Medium
Position in Aquascape: Mid-Ground,Background
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I got a small 2" cutting of this plant with some shrimp I bout it came along free . I now have this stuff growing like a weed in my tank. It just took off in my light light tanks. It is a messy looking plants sending out roots when floated. It's fast growing and very easy. I love to have it floating my my betta breeding tanks. This stuff grows in any condition I had it goring fine in a plastic bag. A true handy weed.
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