Nurii (Cryptocoryne Nurii)


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Nurii (Cryptocoryne Nurii)


Common Name: Nurii
Proper Name: Cryptocoryne Nurii
Category: Cryptocorynes
Temperature: 20 - 26 C
PH: 6 to 8
Lighting: Low
Growth Rate: Very Slow
Difficulty: Medium
Origin: Sri Lanka
Position in Aquascape: Foreground
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This Cryptocoryne is relatively new and is a very attractive species but is also one of the slowest growers you will find, the leaves have subtle but beautiful patterns and colors that are delightful. This plant will do well in most water & lighting but will not tolerate the use of Excel and Nurii does seem to be on the delicate side and susceptible to Crypt melt. This one make a beautiful addition to the aquarium and is a plant rarely seen, so if you want something different this is it.
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Well this picture is of Cryptocoryne nurii "Pahang Mutated". there are several different varieties of this cryptocoryne, including this one and two other different ones (at least that I have seen), but there is probably more. Now this seems to be a easy cryptocoryne to grow, at least for me. I have mine in a ten gallon low tech tank and it stays looking nice, but seems to be slow at producing runners, though unlike most crypts this on will push them out laterally instead of right beside the crown. now my C. Nurii (regular form) seems to send runners up right beside the crown and produce a huge plant mass. grows in high or low light.
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It is without a doubt one of my favorite plants - a beautiful plant with wonderful coloration, tolerates low-to-high tech tanks and co2-excel-el natural, easy to grow, and it is a small plant with low growth which is excellent foreground plant in my large aquarium though could be used fore or mid ground plant in smaller tanks. With regard to my experience with Cryptocoryne nurii "Pahang Mutated," I have found the species very easy to grow and have had success in CO2, Excel, and el Natural. I have pretty soft water (KH 2-5). In my experience, C. Nurii "PM" maintained good growth rate 'medium' and sent out plenty of runners as one might expect in CO2 Tank. In Excel and el Natural, C. Nurii "PM" grows at a slower rate. As my experience is limited to the C. Nurii "PM" variety, I cannot comment on the C. Nurii (regular form); however, I have found regardless of the rate of growth the runners and resulting daughter plants are very tightly clustered.
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Ooooh these are exactly the crypts that I have. They grew into a carpet very easily. I started with about 8 plants and I currently have about 30. I have them mixed with green wendii crypts and it is absolutely beautiful. Growth is indeed very slow though. The coloration is extremely nice.


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