'Bamboo Sparks" (in Asia) (Hydrothrix gardneri)


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'Bamboo Sparks" (in Asia) (Hydrothrix gardneri)


Common Name: 'Bamboo Sparks" (in Asia)
Proper Name: Hydrothrix gardneri
Category: Stem Plants
Temperature: 20 - 32 C
PH: 5.5+7.2
Lighting: Medium
Growth Rate: Very Fast
Difficulty: Easy
Origin: Ceara (Eastern Brazil); cultivar
Position in Aquascape: Mid-Ground
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Hydrothrix gardneri is labeled, erroneously, as H garderi in several sites (most from Asia). This beautiful, dense, green fast growing stem plant origins in Eastern Brazil yet most specimens available in the trade are like cultivar. It benefits from high light (62 micromoles/m2/s), CO2 injection, and regular fertilization although I've been able to grow it healthy in mid light (38 micromoles/m2/s), Excel dosing, and "light" EI. It benefits from enriched mineralized soil yet it develops secondary roots that will uptake nutrients from the water column. Being an annual plant, when trimming it may be better to replace the rooted part with the upper part (the one with the crown). Once it reaches surface it will produce ramifications which are easily cut and replanted. In nature it shows in dense groups (reported over 30 specimens) in shallow streams of both "quiet" and "moving" water. If looking for a definitely different looking stem plant for both background or midground this may be a pretty good choice. Got 6 cuts from Tom Barr a few months ago. It has adapted pretty well to my soft/acidic tanks, both with and without pressurized CO2.
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Wow this is a gorgeous plant. I'd love to have some!
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agreed. very nice looking plant and not something that I have run across in my area. Would love to have some of this when you are ready to part with it!
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