Corkscrew Val (Vallisneria asiatica var. biwaensis)


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Corkscrew Val (Vallisneria asiatica var. biwaensis)


Common Name: Corkscrew Val
Proper Name: Vallisneria asiatica var. biwaensis
Category: Rosette Plants
Temperature: 65 - 83 C
PH: 6 to 8.5
Lighting: Low
Growth Rate: Medium
Difficulty: Medium
Origin: Asia
Position in Aquascape: Mid-Ground
Planted Tank Guru
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This Vallisneria prefers plenty of light and nourishment along with slightly hard water, but can manage quite well with less. Vallisneria americana var. asiatica has twisted green leaf that make a beautiful contrast when planted in groups. Its shorter leaves differ from most other Vallisneria-species and do not overshadow other plants in the aquarium. An easy plant that readily propagates via runners.
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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It does not do well in my tank where other plants flourish. My water is soft, I must add stones to have a GH of 5-6. It grows slow, grows runners, and algae somewhat attach to it. Substate is a mix of flourish and sand, with ferts in the water column.
Algae Grower
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In Las Vegas, 26 years ago, I had a 55 gallon tank that was thick with these great plants. It received about 2-3 hours of sunlight a day. It was a mixed community tank with no added fertilization and this plant flourished, sending runners out daily. I used to harvest it for the local fish store. I do think it prefers a slightly hard water with lots of light. Great pond plant also.
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This one looks great - it's doing fine in my 29 gallon (medium lighting, co2, and ei dosing). I wish it grew a bit faster so I could fill in a bit more with it and replace my jungle vals.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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I'm not sure if this plant melts like Jungle val does , but mine seems fine. I love the plant. It looks really neat. Running 6500k LED's (36 PAR) and the plant is doing well. Careful when adding Excel! There's a big chance it will kill off the plant. Half, slow, initial doses is strongly recommended
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Quite the warm water plant. "Temperature: 65 - 83 C" I think there is a minor typo there. ;-)
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