African Green Hygro (Ammania gracilis)


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African Green Hygro (Ammania gracilis)


Common Name: African Green Hygro
Proper Name: Ammania gracilis
Category: Stem Plants
Temperature: 20 - 28 C
PH: 6.0 - 8.0
Lighting: Medium
Growth Rate: Medium
Difficulty: Medium
Position in Aquascape: Background
Planted Member
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Beautiful background plant. When this plant gets close to the surface it will put off more stems and the leaves will develop a red hue to them becoming a very attractive plant.Under the proper conditions this plant will grow upwards of 6" per week.
Wannabe Guru
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East to grow fast growing plant. Will turn pink and dark red. When you prune or cut off the stem, you will see the white grainy interior. Smaller shoots will start growing from the stem cut off point but after a while the stem will turn black and die.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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For me this plant along with "Neseae" are harder to grow than pogostemon stellatus. I have 3WPG, 30ppm Co2, 1.4DKH 6.6pH 2.8GH eco-complete and AquaVitro liquid ferts and it is growing, but very slowly, I believe you need to have very acidic soil and soft acidic water-which I have, but my substrate may need to be more acidic and possibly shoot for 3.5-4.0WPG T5HO. My tank is a standard US 55 Gallon Long. I hope it keeps growing. Try aquasoil or adding peat to help the substrate become acidic.
Algae Grower
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I swear this plant will grow in a toilet. Easiest plant I've ever kept. Needs iron supplements to get that nice red color but, holy-moly is it prolific!
Algae Grower
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I've struggled with this plant for years. It is prone to twisted and stunted tips if you don't give it the right conditions. Leaf tips stunted even with EI, low KH, high CO2 and high traces, eco-complete substrate. Too much iron (in an effort to boost red coloration) burned the tips - like you torched it. But switching to a rich, acidic substrate (Aquasoil) seemed to help. But what REALLY helped was switching to Aquasoil plus giving it the right Ca:Mg balance. Leaves stopped twisting only after I started dosing 15-20 ppm Ca and 5 ppm Mg. Now the plant has turned into a weedy monster, growing 6-8" a week and putting out leaves that are almost 5" long and finger-thick stems. I've heard it is sensitive to high potassium and high nitrates, but I have not been able to confirm this - my levels for both are in the 15-20 ppm range.


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