marble queen (echinodorus cordifolius)


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marble queen (echinodorus cordifolius)


Common Name: marble queen
Proper Name: echinodorus cordifolius
Category: Echinodorus
Temperature: 18 - 25 C
PH: 6.5-7.5
Lighting: Medium
Growth Rate: Fast
Difficulty: Easy
Origin: farm raised,USA
Position in Aquascape: Mid-Ground
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Make the description as long and detailed as you want. It is recommended but not required.
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BUYER BEWARE! This plant is not a good fully submerged candidate. It prefers to grow emersed and most of the time I have found it will only survive a few years submerged before the plant will start dieing and producing long stems which reach out of the water and sprout many babies. Usually, unless vigorously pruned 24/7 this plant will keep on trying to grow out of the tank, it is very obstinate, it just wont stop. I ended up killing mine trying to get it to stay compact.
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I have had one of these for about 7 months and have been very disappointed with it.
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Echinodorus cordifolius, also known as "creeping burhead", is a native North American species that can be found in marshy areas and along waterways, and ranges from Iowa to Kentucky, east to Virginia and Maryland, south and west along the coastal and gulf coast states to the eastern half of Texas, then northeast back to Iowa. Legally, it is noted as "extirpated" in Indiana, and "endangered" in Maryland. Authorities note that it can be considered "weedy or invasive", so care should be taken to assure it is not introduced into non-native areas. I have collected a few wild, emersed specimens from the Pearl River recently, and will note how they adapt to the aquarium.
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