Aponogeton boivinianus (Aponogeton boivinianus)


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Aponogeton boivinianus (Aponogeton boivinianus)


Common Name: Aponogeton boivinianus
Proper Name: Aponogeton boivinianus
Category: Aponogetons and Criniums
Temperature: 73 - 83 C
PH: 6 - 8
Lighting: Medium
Growth Rate: Medium
Difficulty: Medium
Origin: Madagascar
Position in Aquascape: Mid-Ground
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Moderately easy bulb plant. Wide crinkled leaves. Impressive in tall tanks, as it can grow over 3 feet tall.
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This is one plant in my tank that seems to be doing well under med/high light with co2 and ferts. It grows quickly and new leaves form weekly. Its great in the back corner of my 60g. Leaves easly reach the surface. The only problem I have is that the older leaves get holes and brown spots.
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Great Background plant. I thought its a crypt before because it grows well in low light! :))))))
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Grows well in the two low tech med light tanks I have it in, no issues at all, root tabs deepen the color. Cool looking plant, grows to the surface quickly and the ease of growing it makes it a desirable one.
Algae Grower
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You might want to correct the temperature information for this plant.
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