Egeria najas, Narrow leaf Elodea (Egeria najas)


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Egeria najas, Narrow leaf Elodea (Egeria najas)


Common Name: Egeria najas, Narrow leaf Elodea
Proper Name: Egeria najas
Category: Stem Plants
Temperature: 20 - 32 C
PH: 6-8
Lighting: Low,Medium
Growth Rate: Fast,Very Fast
Difficulty: Easy
Origin: South America
Position in Aquascape: Background
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Egeria najas has really beautiful deep green color, lovely leaf pattern, particularly on the tips. The leaves curl down, some specimens more than others. The narrow leaves are edged with small "teeth." The stems curl downward at night like a fiddlehead fern. There are about 5 leaves per whorl. Each stem is smaller than those of Egeria densa.

It can remove carbonate ions from the water as a carbon source. (calcuim collects on the leaves without additional CO2, as in the picture) It quickly re-grows side-shoots and the top can be easily replanted as well. Egeria najas is a fast growing, easy stem plant , but each stem won't grow more than 2 or 3 shoots at a time. It can grow in as little as 1.4 watts per gallon...(possibly less) It can grow in a pickle jar on the windowsill, with nothing more than a bit of sand and a culture of daphnia. Basically really easy. If it is missing some sort of mineral, the newest leaves become quite small.

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I will add that this plant does not grow well under lower light. I currently have a strand floating in a 1G betta tank under an LED light. In the almost 3 months it has been in there, it hasn't grown, it hasn't shot off any shooter, and it's leaves don't look at strong as the ones in my tank at home (which has med/high lighting-they are growing fast). Some of the leaves have gotten some brown on the edges and it looks a little weak. It has, however, a root growing out the side of the bottom of it. And it has held its green color well. So it wont' necessarily die in low light, but it won't grow or look nearly as healthy
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i have it in a 10 gal shrimp tank and it is awesome. it came to me not looking very healthy(a little yellow with smaller leaves), but after a month in eco-complete it has beautiful dark green leaves and stems. very easy to grow and like it info said, it grows fast. mine have reached the surface, and continued growing along the surface. it is almost to the glass on the other side.
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I just love this plant! :D


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