Najas sp. Roraima (Najas Roraima)


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Najas sp. Roraima (Najas Roraima)


Common Name: Najas sp. Roraima
Proper Name: Najas Roraima
Category: Stem Plants
Temperature: 21 - 29 C
PH: 6 to 7.2
Lighting: Very Low,Low,Medium,High,Very High
Growth Rate: Medium,Fast
Difficulty: Very Easy
Position in Aquascape: Background,Mid-Ground
Planted Tank Guru
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Super easy plant for anyone to grow.
Planted Member
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Easy to grow, will turn a redish color in the center. I had it growing just fine, in my 29 gallon with 38 watts, light EI dosing.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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This plant is actually Najas marina.


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