Common Watermeal (Wolffia spp.)


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Common Watermeal (Wolffia spp.)


Common Name: Common Watermeal
Proper Name: Wolffia spp.
Category: Floating Plants
Temperature: 17 - 26 C
PH: 5-8
Lighting: Low
Growth Rate: Very Fast
Difficulty: Very Easy
Origin: Worldwide
Position in Aquascape: Floating
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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The world's smallest flowering plant! It has no roots.
Algae Grower
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Where can you buy these?
Algae Grower
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Sweet! i have never heard of it, i will have to check it out.
Wannabe Guru
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These plants are said to be very difficult to maintain in an aquarium with livestock - practically EVERYTHING, herbivore and otherwise, will snack on them due to their size. Not necessarily the best choice for a fish tank for this reason, although their close relationship to duckweed leads me to suspect that they would grow like a weed if they weren't so small...
Algae Grower
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Well I have a tank with Tetras and Dwarf cichlids and none are interested in the plant :D In my tank it grows out the duckweed and is really hard to control.
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