Fissidens fontanus (Fissidens fontanus)


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Fissidens fontanus (Fissidens fontanus)


Common Name: Fissidens fontanus
Proper Name: Fissidens fontanus
Category: Ferns and Mosses
Temperature: 23 - 28 C
PH: 6.0 - 7.5
Lighting: Medium
Growth Rate: Very Slow,Slow
Difficulty: Easy
Origin: North America
Position in Aquascape: Mid-Ground,Foreground
Planted Member
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Fissidens fontanus which originates from USA. It is a very nice fissidens species and it is truely aquatic. The best part is that the rhizoids of Fissidens fontanus cling on readily to the woods or stones after a while. This fissidens is small in size and not very fast growing
Wannabe Guru
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It is rather a slow-grower, but the good thing is that you don't have to attach it to the driftwood, as it will cling itself.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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I love my fissidens. It grows in thick and full. Super easy to care for.
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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I have had no luck with this moss. I can grow all other types of moss no problem but this will not grow I think part of the reason is I had a half dead plants to work with. Its been 2 months and still no growth. I might try again but buy from a different source. I love how this moss looks. Updat. Turns out I was trying to grow Fissidens splachnobryoides under water. I now have real Fissidens fontanus and this is a great moss. Grows very in high tech or low tech. Growth rate is no slower then other moss. It's bee 2 weeks and I have lots of new growth. Very cool moss
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I am looking for a good ground cover for my new 2.5 gallon betta tank. Betta's don't need a lot of CO2 in the water so planting lots of live plants helps control algae. But having lots of plants also fills the tank and makes it look cluttered, so I was thinking a ground-cover will leave plenty of room for little Guppy to swim in while giving him a nice carpet. Would you recommend this plant for a betta tank or is there one that might work better in a small space and fairly low light (I have on LED)?
Algae Grower
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From my experience, this moss requires more CO2 than light. I would say at least one level higher, i.e. high CO2 med light, med CO2 low light, etc. I got just a little from moss sampler and put them in a NPT, it just sit there doing like nothing, for over half a year now. When I planted it, I dumped couple loosed leaves to my high light tank. At that time the CO2 of the high light tank is not very stable, and soon it flowed out of sight and out of my mind. But recently, after I figure out the CO2 dosing, I was surprise to find a golf ball size of it in a heavily shaded area, looks amazingly healthy. Algae does seem to be easily growing on it, so I think that's why controlling light will actually help it grow.
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Lovely little moss, undemanding and looks quite impressive if you have a large stone completely covered in it. It grows fine in a variety of conditions for me. I find that while a high-humidity dry start is not necessary at all, I get more new frond growth points and it will fill in more tightly; however, the total time to get the same amount of growth would probably be similar once wet-dry and dry-wet conversion times are factored in. This is a true aquatic plant, but it can dry out completely for long periods of time and come back to life once put in water as long as it's not kept in a place where it can mold or decompose. I had some dried in the bottom of a jar for seven or eight months and it came back and started growing within a few days of adding water to it. I assume this is an adaptation to accommodate the dry season when water levels in streams or lakes would be substantially reduced or absent.
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I started out with about a quarter size piece of this about a18 months ago.I put it in a low light low tech 75 gallon tank and it is a beast,grows like a weed.It has grown to cove about a 24"x6"piece of driftwood so dense you cant see through it.Everytime I give away plants people always want some so I reach in grab I section and give it to them.A week later you cant even tell where I pulled it out,this grows very fast for me.


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