Christmass moss (Vesicularia montagne)


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Christmass moss (Vesicularia montagne)


Common Name: Christmass moss
Proper Name: Vesicularia montagne
Category: Ferns and Mosses
Temperature: 15 - 28 C
PH: 5.5-9
Lighting: High
Growth Rate: Slow
Difficulty: Hard
Position in Aquascape: Foreground
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Sorry, this is the real name of xmass moss.. Vesicularia montagnei, not from genus Taxiphyllum sp. A special moss originally seen in Japanese aquariums and known as ''Amazonia Willow Moss''. Also called ''Christmas tree moss'', because of its side branch structure which distinguishes it from ordinary Vesicularia dubyana and looks like fir tree branches. It is more demanding than ordinary Java moss and grows more slowly. It attaches readily to roots and stones, and as it spreads in the water it needs pruning to keep its shape attractive. [TROPICA]
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